Black clips at 85 for Dolby Vision output only **SOLVED**

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by OlivierQC, Oct 4, 2022.

  1. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    just ran the bias lighting tests on my Panasonic z1000
    DV i got 72
    HDR10 i got 74 in vs10
    SDR i got 64 in vs10

    changing from TV DV to LLDV made no noticeable changes (these are with the .40 patch )

    shame i hadnt brought the test patterns to try b4 the patch P
  2. Oldpainless

    Oldpainless Active Member

    @Markswift2003 - I have to say Mark, the change to both DV and the VS10 engine are game changers for me. I've installed the new f/w on my pro (thanks @McBluna), and yeah, DV is fixed, but....My LG is crap at handling DV at the best of times (lets be honest, how many panels on the market can do justice to DV content natively displayed?) . Using the custom EDID (600MHz BT2020 HDR10+.bin), and setting VS10 for both DV and HDR to output VS10 HDR, my HDR10 collection has never looked so good!, let alone the DV improvements.

    Please pass on my thanks to the Devs, and also everyone that chipped in.
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  3. kovacsgergely83

    kovacsgergely83 New Member

    Hey Guys, excellent work, I can also confirm that DoVi hard clipping at 86 is gone now, below are my own tests with FW 6.4.40 on my Z9X in TV-Led mode on an LG C1 (brightness was jacked up to 80 as I was upgrading in the afternoon).


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  4. maxhim

    maxhim Active Member

    I have a Samsung QLED. This solution change the HDR picture quality on my TV? Maybe it will be nicer?
  5. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Sorry, no - it will make no difference to HDR10(+) images.
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  6. maxhim

    maxhim Active Member

    No problem, thank You! It's also beautiful :D
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  7. Jason G

    Jason G Member

    hi all have a problem I can't figure out when I play the dolby vision test pattern on my lg nano90 2020 which has dolby vision if I set my z1000 pro to player led the pattern displays as it should with correct clipping info using latest firmware but if I switch to tv led I get the dolby vision sign on the tv saying it is in dolby vision mode but no matter how high I set the brightness no visible pattern is displayed. if I play the same file through Plex with the shield pro 2019 it displays as it should. I can also confirm when playing the file on the z1000 pro with it set to tv led tv info says it is getting rgb 8bit which is correct I believe but no visible test pattern. when played on shield pro file plays and shows the test pattern and also showing rgb 8bit. same file directly to tv with usb thumb drive tv info shows rgb 8bit and shows the test pattern. I only get no visual test pattern when z1000pro is set to tv led. any input would be great and thank you to all on here for some great info

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