Beta version v6.4(7).20 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000/NEO X/NEO S/NEO Alpha

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Jul 28, 2022.

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    It's not the fact that MLP Atmos is packaged in TrueHD, it's because the first Info screen shows no audio - something I haven't been able to replicate...
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    Happens every time I use it. I always do a re set and pull power after an update too.
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    I found the problem:

    In MKV file need track enable flag yes.
    Previous Fw is not problem.

    Sorry for mistake.
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    Nothing new... always the same problems for years now :
    - Micro-cut in sound when using the second HDMI port dedicated to Audio.
    - When USB audio is enabled (for example, playing music on a USB DAC), no sound comes out of the HDMI ports (when playing a video, for example).
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    I have a problem with the posters, I can't find anything anymore, any title I try to look for tells me impossible to find ..... all the new titles I add go to the folder without correspondence and I can't remove them from there because it doesn't find anything , someone encounters this problem? Do you know how I can solve it? I state that the internet connection works because I downloaded this new beta firmware via the network tonight .....
    Thank you
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    I've found something odd. In preferences, I've change Display rating to IMDB and the player is downloading the ratings for all Movies/TV Shows from IMDB.
    The request created by Home Theater is for example and the response from IMDB is HTTP status 308 (Permanent Redirect) with new location /title/tt12412888/. I guess it would make sense to directly add the ending slash to save 50% of the requests and time.

    The screenshot shows downloading the same data again and again for each episode of a TV Show. Maybe this could also be improved.
    Screenshot 2022-08-15 020912.png
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    Can anyone help me?
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    Sounds like maybe you use a network drive & it's changed its DHCP address?

    Need more information and screenshots.
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    I have always used a fixed IP address for the Zidoo and I have never changed it ..... and as I have already written the internet works since I have updated the firmware via OTA
    This is the first time something like this has happened to me
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    Happens only if the router/modem is power cycled. In my country that could take several years to happen if the main switch is not operated for other reasons.
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    I have multiple music libraries in different folders shared over SMB. All work as expected but when I open classical through the folder option it's always empty. I can find the files through the artist and album option. But not folder. I have updated and re-added the share to no avail.

    Any ideas?

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    It started working again without me doing anything so I think it was a server problem, I don't know ....
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    You didn't really explain exactly what the symptoms were other than "I can't find anything anymore", but if you got something like this:
    Then it just means the server fell off the network for whatever reason.
    Reinstating the connection immediately brings everything back online.
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    Not a bug but on the welcome page of HT, that could be nice to add a new raw of posters for the unwatched content, just above recommended for example.
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    HDMI IN port, post Zidoo Z9S models (CPU Realtek RTD 1296, Android 7.1)

    As I wrote, I haven't asked to Zidoo (or to anyone else) to bypass copyright protections such as HDCP, but what it's difficult for me is understand why, even using as HDMI input (source) a video created by me (and for this reason SURELY not protected in any way), the Zidoo Z9X goes on error.
    When I record the same video with my BlackMagic card Intensity PRO or Intensity Shuttle (the USB3 external version), I was able to complete the recording without errors (so seems that not all which goes over HDMI IN requires to be "copy protected", as user "myzidoo" reply to me about the same questions).
    For this reason I said/supposed (and I still believe...) that, anyway, the HDMI IN port of Zidoo Z9X (and later models too) not works as stated by Zidoo (and certainly not how it works, instead, on the mentioned BlackMagic peripherals).

    Talking about copyright, also in the past, e.g., the original videocassette were protected by anticopy protection (Macrovision, VHS) and was impossible to copy them 1:1, even having 2 VCRs, connected one SCART IN and the other SCART OUT.
    But, on other hands, with our VCR it was possible to record any program from TV/receivers, always respecting the rule of personal copying, not transferable neither free nor for a fee, for private and non-public viewing.
    Which is what I've always done and still do with my Zidoo multimedia players (X9S, X10 & Z9S).

    You wrote: "Maybe that's the explanation for the last Zidoo generations"... MAYBE, because nowhere Zidoo has ever written it explicitly or responding to the tickets that I've opened to them.
    Plus, you are saying that their previous products were not compliant?

    The fact that they produce MM Player with HDMI IN port and related "HDMI IN" app to record through this port, wants to inform (or lead you to believe it, which would be even worse!), that it's possible to record an unprotected HDMI audio/video flux.

    The HDMI IN port on models previous Z9X works fine (luckily, up to the Z9S model) :);)

    How come from later models (starting to Z9X...) no more? :confused:o_O

    The Z9X is one of the Zidoo's MM players with more BIOS versions released to date, even not considering the specific problem with the HDMI IN port...
    One wonders why... or is it a clue of a product developed a little too much in a hurry and with several bugs? o_O

    Thanks for your attention, see you next time.

    Best regards,

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    This is really wrong of you
    Anyone who buys Zidoo is never breaking the law :mad::(;):):p

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