Beta version v6.3.75 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000 release.

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Jan 22, 2022.

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    Did you try to PM @mirror a reminder? Usually it doesn't take too long for him to respond.
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    The key word is "usually" - but it does not work in my case.
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    He doesn't mean a forum message, or an E-Mail,
    He means a "Personal Message" (On this Forum it is called "Coversation"), and can be found on the top of this page under "Inbox".

    And you should use another translation page or program for translating Forum messages, from Russian to English, because the one you are using now translates into nasty words !!
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    I am looking for beta version v6.3.40 for my Z10PRO

    this version worked perfectly for me, especially the trailers. By mistake I updated to v6.3.60 and since then the trailers no longer work even with the latest version v6.3.75. So I would like to reinstall this version v6.3.40.
    can you give me the download link?
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    You can't go back to an older version of Firmware
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    I just checked my C1 and it actually exhibits the same behavior when Screen Move is enabled. When disabled, the full content is shown without any cropping/offset. I don't think there's any way to compensate for that while leaving Screen Move enabled unfortunately. The amount the picture is shifted does seem to be more than just the "few pixels" that the feature is described as cropping though, as per the RTINGS review of the C1: "The Screen Move setting, as the name describes, moves the entire image a few pixels to one side and gradually shifts it in a different direction over time. This helps reduce the effects of burn-in from very small elements, like fine lines in a game HUD. We recommend leaving this enabled, as the screen shift is not very noticeable unless you're using the TV as a PC monitor."
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    Bummer! Thank you for checking it tho! Very weired, it seems like it only kicks in when whatching SDR content. Tested it with a HDR10 and a DV movie yesterday and it didn't move the screen at all. In theory it only kicks in when the TV recognizes static elements/content on screen. Correct me if i'm mistaken. What type of content you did test with?
  10. jra85

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    I just observed the shifted boundaries in the Z9X's zoom adjustment function, like in your screenshot. I never noticed a picture crop/shift when watching actual content, though I almost always watch at night in the dark. I'm not familiar with it's behavior, but if you're correct that it only actually activates when static elements are observed, that's never been a use case for me. I can understand it being a problem for those using the TV as a PC monitor though, or playing games/watching sports or news with static overlay graphics.
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    Here I am again (unfortunately!).

    Nothing has changed with latest BIOS

    If I try to record an entire movie, a sport event and so on, for unknown reasons:

    - something happens after 00:30:00 (hh:mm:ss) that force the exit from HDMI record feature and back Zidoo to its "home page"
    - seems to completes his job, but when I try to play the resulted file, I receive a message that inform me that the file is corrupted/unreadable... :(

    Thanks in advance for the attention.

    Paolo Stanic
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    I made a thread about this when I first received my Z9x -

    "Just Scan" needs to be set to "On" - this will fix the slightly zoomed in issue.
  13. TifKag

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    Did you try this fix
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    Thank you, however the problem is not with Just Scan, but with Screen Move. Initially I can set the correct screen size, but once a content is played the picture moves left and right. Bummer since it's a good feature and I do game a lot, but makes movie consuming really bad.
  15. emb531

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    Screen Move setting on the C1? You really shouldn't be able to notice that from a normal viewing distance.
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  16. Hristo Makrelov

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    Hi all,

    i have a problem with automatic start of subtitles. My language is Bulgarian and I use Bulgarian subtitles. Strangely, even though Z9X is set to Bg srt language in the settings, it never starts them automatically. And when I open subtitle menu to choose them manually I find Bulgarian subtitles at the end of list, only they show as Russian ext srt. And player should say Bulgarian ext srt. And I think this is the reason Z9X cannot start Bg subtitles automatically.
    What might be the problem and how can I fix this annoying thing?
    Thank you.
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    User Delfanboy was actually describing a different issue that I believe is unrelated to the Just Scan setting. The Screen Move setting will position the picture slightly to the left or right of the frame (possibly depending on the content being shown), causing one side to clip and the other side to have blank space. I noticed this even with Just Scan set to On, as did he. Disabling Screen Move positions the image correctly/centers it on the screen, but this comes at the risk of burn in when showing static content for longer periods of time.
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    It is so noticable that even my girfriend noticed it LOL. Jokes aside, it is not just a couple of rows of pixels, but at least 4-5mm wide. Anyways, I turned it off for now.
  19. emb531

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    I have never seen that on my 65C1, owned it since October (1000 hours on it now). Are you running the latest firmware?
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  20. Delfanboy

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    Yep, running the latest fw. I have it since November and I game a lot and watched Netflix, but never noticed it until I bought the player in late January. Trust me when I say this, it is more visible in daylight, watching open matte, bright TV shows like Eureka for instance. The more I watch it the wider the bezel gets before it switches sides. Watching 21:9 movies in a pitch-black room, the issue is not that visible. Turning Screen Move off is also quite risky due to the minimal HUD games have.

    The weird thing is that, I think it is not working as it should.
    Open the Netflix TV app, then turn Screen move off and on while on the Netflix homescreen and you'll see that the TV UI won't resize. Do the samething with the Zidoo. Open the homescreen or anything really and turn the feature on/off. The UI of the TV will resize. I have an Xbox as well and doing the same test yields the same results as the in-built Netflix app. Does that mean anything? I don't know, but MAYBE it is fixable.(?)

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