Beta version v6.3.22 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000 released

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Jul 17, 2021.

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    thanks for the information Sledgehamma
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    Hello USA,

    except error of my part concerning the video part, they are identical.

    For your problem we can ask the question to Nice monkey who has an uhd3000 to see if he also has the problem.
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    MKV Dolby Atmos not have core E_AC3 so look like from ISO are play E_AC3 core from Dolby Atoms and not main track.
    With ISO try select other audio track then reselect Dolby Atoms to see if that give correct output.
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    I mean dolby atmos, dts-x, dts-ma and the like. as he picks up other data from the film itself
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    I have tried to selectdifferent audio tracks, and switch between them, without success. With the iso file, I also do not have the selection with Dolby True HD.

    I have now connected another Z10Pro with the old SW release. Everything works, just as the UHD3000 did before the update to 6.3.22.

    I will not update the Z10Pro or I might have the same problem.

    Is there a way to switch back to the old FW?
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    I think it be on next firmware at least one of the tick boxes work for me .
    Go on classic H.t.V4 and try the inf is displayed on poster wall chart etc
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    It's very strange...
    I have just updated my Z10PRO with version 6.3.22 and since then I have had some trailers (<10% of my films) especially on new films and series that I have just added after updating and on movies that I already had on my hard drive (8TB) connected by USB.
    CORN :
    1- The trailers are often very long to arrive (sometimes> 10 seconds) although I have set my Z10Pro to 3 seconds for the trailers;
    my connection is fiber though, and i didn't have that long delay when the trailers were running
    2- on the films that I had before and which have recovered the trailers I am not really sure that these are the trailers of the films but rather commercial information .. (at the bottom left of the trailer it is written "Loop".
    So, it's very strange ...
    here's a little video showing what's going on:

    I am wondering if I am not going to download movie trailers, I think it was Markswift2003 who posted two links to download the trailers and the process how to do it but I cannot find the link of the explanation. Could someone redirect me to the correct message?
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  11. pcristi

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    Trailers not working | Page 5 | msg 155289
    Good source also (HDTN)
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  12. Enet

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    No it's not. This is weird because it's always been there for me. So I'm not sure how they can add something that is already there on the z1000 pro?
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    Hi, I think it its unfair to call this a bug. Once you have titles added to a collection, the Wall sees it that way. If you want to act (in any way) on a single title (like moving to a category) you should before remove it from the collection (or disband the whole collection) and then couple it to a category. Or at least this is what logic would tell me to do. My bad if I misunderstood your point.
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    Frankly have my UHD3000 disconnected in favor of my Neo X. Will try Dolby Atmos on that one first.
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    I would like to pubblicly thank @bob for helping me with this issue, which I think was quite "personal" and due to the huge size of the shared folder (more than 70TB). After discussing and working on this privately for several days, tech support found a solution and it's now working! So issue solved (I suppose it will be officially released on the next FW) and thank you! :)
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    i just checked too

    The Hobbit iso
    plays fine in dolby atmos for me as well as the 4 or 5 different languages in 5.1

    Z9X on latest 6 3 22 fm thru denon avc 3700h to pana z1000 oled

    late to the convo but thought id check too since i skipped a couple pages
  17. Nicholas Hewitt

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    No its a bug. Selecting one movie to add to a category and having it move the whole collection makes no sense. Why would I want to disband it from my collection? Makes no sense if it's a atmos category or a dolby vision category. Why would I want to take 1 title out of an X-Men or Spider-man collection? If I wanted to move the whole collection I would have chose that option by selecting the collection instead of that 1 movie.
  18. giangi76

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    Sorry, I had misunderstood your point! But I actually just tried (I created a "test" category) and adding a single title within a collection just moved that single title to the "test" category. Maybe others can try too...but with my unit (Z9X) all good
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