Beta version v6.1.05 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000

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    Change logs:
    1. Optimize the smoothness of Blu-ray playback in LAN.
    2. Add DSD output mode selection for USB audio (D2P, DOP, Native).
    3. Optimize EDID analysis in LLDV mode.
    4. Fix the problem that Sony TV cannot wake up the device through CEC.
    5. Fix >12TB hard disk that blocks the device(for UHD3000)

    1. Optimized the occasional crash when playing 3D movie.
    2. Optimize the display of external subtitles.
    3. Add a corner mark to indicate the type of movie.
    4. Optimize the display of movie information.
    5. Optimize PGS subtitle setting.
    6. Fix the problem that some TVs cannot play 3D by default.
    7. Optimize bookmark playback function.

    Video Player
    1. Optimize the display of external subtitles.
    2. Add a corner mark to indicate the type of movie(Optimize position).
    3. Added the function of adjusting the audio offset using the up and down keys on the remote control.
    4. Optimize built-in text subtitle setting.
    5. Optimize the seek function of video playback..
    6. Fixed incorrect placement of left and right 3D subtitles.

    1. Optimize record function.
    2. Optimize scheduled record function.

    Home Theater
    1. Optimize automatic scanning function.
    2. Optimize the function of editing posters on the PC(added html5).
    3. Added multiple video format icons in the detailed interface.
    4. Fix the problem that the detail screen did not refresh after data update
    5. Optimize search function.
    6. Optimize interface display.
    7. Fix the problem of devices offline occasionally

    Music Player
    1. Add USB audio setting.
    2. Optimize favorite of all function.
    3. Optimize the playlist function.
    4. Optimize the acquisition of song name.
    5. Optimize the page key to switch song.
    6. HDMI audio supports up to 24bit output

    Quick Setting
    1. Add remote control up and down key multi-function setting.
    2. Add USB audio DSD mode setting.

    MD5: 2523B9D66D01179C313C57F274965D7C

    v6.1.05_G(Build in Google play)
    MD5: BDD41227A43C7D51171F3CDBB2495423

    Z10 PRO
    MD5: 751A178605303AADF1511C7B619E4529

    v6.1.05_G(Build in Google play)
    MD5: 8413A553425B163DDF2CF60EF64E17FD

    Z1000 Pro
    MD5: 88E8B08C632B04853FDBFAFCF22567C6

    v6.1.05_G(Build in Google play)
    MD5: 38604BBBE8914D95153E7F52B2C1B7D2

    MD5: 8F4A716F6B5875CA007737A859CD33FB

    v6.1.05_G(Build in Google play)
    MD5: 58B42E28BE3C6F353296FD821EE1D866
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Thanks mirror & team :)
  3. Mariusz

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    OO great!
  4. leonkoum

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    Fw update less than 24h :eek:
    Tnx but what’s the different from v6.1.03?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    5 Fix >12TB hard disk that blocks the device(for UHD3000)
  6. rozel

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    Nice one Team - thank you! :):):)
  7. Polypenko

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  8. boxerfan

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    Nice! Thank you!
  9. ammar11

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    Thanks @mirror . I guess “optimize position” means a fix for the DV logo being overlain by video info?
  10. afss

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    Thank you very much ! It's great we got the Z10 pro just 1 day after the Z9X !!
  11. ammar11

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    Z10 Pro will never get 6.1.03 now, but the good news is you get 6.1.05 at the same time as Z9X. :)
  12. OlivierQC

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    hello Mirror,

    For those who have z9x, we can stay in 1.03 ?

    I don't see any change except this :

    5. Fix >12TB hard disk that blocks the device(for UHD3000)
  13. Eleonor

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    I think there are more changes

    I wonder if and when it will be necessary to reset after the update - factory settings
    You can see that the changes are there, but will you need to reset Zidoo after the update?
    So far I have not had to do it - but to the future?
  14. Tawatchai Wog

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    Thank you.
  15. rickyb

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    Thank you
  16. Nice Monkey

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    I like that one very much as I got a bunch of those to upgrade my archive. :p
    Fix confirmed working!
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    Sure, for you this one is like a christmas present.
  18. OlivierQC

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    it seems that the juxtaposition of the logos at the top right of the screen is resolved...

    Zidoo has created HDR and DV logos to replace the 2160p display, maybe he could go as far as his idea and also propose a logo for 1080P (FullHD), 720P (HD), etc... ?
  19. Joao Franco

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