Beta version v6.0.90 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000

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    Change logs:

    1. Fix the problem that some Dolby Vision videos are stuck (some MKV videos).
    2. Fix that some TVs cannot output 3D by default.
    3. Optimize online video streaming.
    4. Optimize HDMI IN preview.
    5. Fix the problem that the Blu-ray navigation cannot automatically frame rate switch.
    6. Add Dolby Vision compatibility mode (this mode for the latest SONY 9000H firmware LLDV is abnormal, and some old LG TV HDMI IN models only support 2160P30 DV)..

    1. Add UPNP video playback function.
    2. Fix individual movies will be rustle of PCM audio.
    3. Fix some videos cannot be played.
    4. Fix the problem of audio slow output when paused.
    5. Optimize bookmark playback function.
    6. Optimize the subtitle download function.
    7. Optimize the problem that the external srt subtitle will occasionally flash.
    8. Fix output information display error problem on the information display interface.

    Poster wall
    1. Optimize NFO analysis.
    2. Optimize part of the UI.

    music player
    1. Increase UPNP music playback function.
    2. Optimize lyrics function.
    3. Fix the problem that the song cannot be cut normally after playing from the file manager.
    4. Optimize information acquisition in detail page.

    File manager
    1. Increase UPNP function.
    2. Optimize NAS boot and mount speed.
    3. Optimize UI.

    Picture manager
    1. Increase network picture page.
    2. Add UPNP picture slideshow.
    3. Fix the problem that the system music does not stop when slideshow.

    Quick setting
    1. Increase the compatibility mode switch of transparent transmission power amplifier (for some power amplifiers).
    2. Increase the time setting of the bookmark function.
    3. Add Dolby Vision compatibility mode.
    4. Add resolution lock function.

    Mobile APP (scan the QR code of the machine to download and update)
    1. Fix the problem that the music search page cannot play music.
    2. File manager adds UPNP function.
    3. Optimize the cue music playback function.
    4. Optimize music favourite function.
    5. Added music play-list mode.
    6. Optimize some UI.

    v6.0.90(Without Google play)
    MD5: 20B87A79C5F46626C450B7F7371F0439

    v6.0.90_G(Build in Google play)
    MD5: DB3F350CA1001B1EB62DF02E5D4818E2

    Z10 Pro:
    v6.0.90(Without Google play)
    MD5: 9BCC4311FF818BD27C14E3F3D2C3ACB2

    v6.0.90_G(Build in Google play)
    MD5: C3D9D028D6F92B1E49CECBD56C091ECB

    Z1000 Pro:
    v6.0.90(Without Google play)
    MD5: 433F983521D9FCF04E9224954808379E

    v6.0.90_G(Build in Google play)
    MD5: 92F96C617370D71A848C90D84B5FC31F

    v6.0.90(Without Google play)
    MD5: C25559805AD181A6D72331774EB73AAD

    v6.0.90_G(Build in Google play)
    MD5: 1EBCD1E225686CA4A20C985DE7A0B172

    Happy new year!!!

    How to activate Google Play Store:

    1. Open Play Store, then close it - this generates the GSF ID
    2. Goto Settings/Other/About and take a note of the GSF ID
    3. In a web browser, goto, log in and enter GSF ID and hit <Register>
    4. Restart ZIDOO device.
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  2. afss

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    Outstanding ! Thank you very much !
  3. Polypenko

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    @mirror Team Thank you all very much for all your appreciated hard work.:):):)

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Thanks mirror & Team happy new year to you all .
  5. ammar11

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  6. RudoSK

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    Same version as 85?
  7. leonkoum

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    Tnx team for hard work.

    It’s time now to focus on VS10 capabilities and DV issues.

    Happy New Year to all fellas
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  8. Markswift2003

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    Yep - VS10 Engine, I'll second that!
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    its called 90 for a reason .
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  10. ammar11

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    I agree with everyone it’s time to focus on tuning up VS10 Engine and DV now.

    There are a number of new features and fixes i.e. resolution lock and flashing SRT subtitles.
  11. rozel

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    Nice one! I'm sure someone promised the Z10 & Z1000 Pro firmwares this year and they managed it :D A happy, Covid and Brexit free New Year to all !!!!!!!
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  12. ammar11

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    I hope v6.1.00 will finally take us out of beta versions.
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  13. Miguel Ramos

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    Happy New Year to everybody!!!
  14. mirror

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    Impossible! maybe 9.9.99:cool:
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    Thank you so much for your work :)
  17. Magyar Péter

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    Thank you all of developers and test engineers
    Happy New Year!
  18. Vinny4K

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    Again, thnx Team for this quick upgrade.
    Happy New Year to u all!
  19. boxerfan

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    Thank you & Happy New Year!
  20. JS_racer

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    Mobile APP (scan the QR code of the machine to download and update)

    is this the webpage or the app for android ??

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