All you need to know about RTD1619BPD and RTD1619DR based players

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    come on man really ?`
    you've never heard of side room or from a climate cooled network cabinet ?
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    Did you take on a different complexion? I'm intrigued :D
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    this forum is all but fair ??? never !!!...
    it is only a fanboy forum as soon as a real criticism comes the fanboys get panic attacks:confused:;)
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    Where is that button again.....ah, found it. All better now.
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    Topic inclusive the title updated with now including:
    Everything new known coming with RTD1619 BDR versus RTD1619 DR

    Obviously the upgrade is very welcome but should not be reason to trade/swap the current generation.
    The new Z2600 is very nice for those looking for a model with Dual HDMI outputs.

    I guess they looked at the competition here.

    Please notice that the HDMI Input port is now gone on all Zidoo models. There must be a partner/market reason for this, most likely there were some objections against it.
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    I have used the Z2000 Pro for nearly two weeks, but I still haven't waited for the new firmware, and there are still many fatal problems for the time being.
    Hope the new firmware arrives soon.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Wow how did you manage to get the new not released yet Z2000 Pro ?
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    Can you share how many of USB 2.0 and 3.0 available on Z2000 pro? what about SATA port? thank you.
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    Chinese market
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    There are pictures on the official website
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    the photo only show 1 USB3.0 on the rear view....would like to seek your confirmation on the actual qty of USB port (2.0 & 3.0). thank you.
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    2 USB2.0 on the front panel,1 USB3.0 on the rear.
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    Specifications Z2000 Pro say:
    USB 3.0 * 2 USB 2.0 * 2 (1x SATA bay) (I think it is wrong)
    Pictures show 1x USB3 on the back only indeed. Probably 2x USB2 behind the flap.

    Specifications Z2600 Pro say:
    USB 3.0 * 1 USB 2.0 * 3 (1x SATA bay) (I think it is correct)
    Pictures show 1xUSB2 + 1xUSB3 on the back. Probably 2x USB2 behind the flap.
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    Frankly speaking, I don't see a real advantage/benefit to replace exiting Z9X for any of the new generation. They're just for those new users!!
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    We totally agree here. Speaking in car vehicle terms: It is a an update for an existing model not a new model.
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