All you need to know about RTD1619BPD and RTD1619DR based players

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  1. crutzulee

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    Thanks so much for your reply! I had posed the question about the 3.0 hub here and on other forums and was beginning to think that I was the only one using multiple drives this way LOL...Am I correct in assuming you are setup this way?

    For my use case, I only watch TV in my living room on an NVIDIA SHIELD/ KODI setup with it's own HUB and library. In my HT, I only watch movies on a separate SHIELD/KODI library attached directly to a 3.0 8 port hub so HT4.0's limitation of not differentiating movies and tv will not be a problem.

    I was originally going to go the ZDMC route that you mentioned because, as I understand it, it benefits from the Z10 engine, and delivers the same quality picture as the internal player. Of course, I'm looking to gain an upgrade from the SHIELD in this regard. Although, from what I understand, I will have to keep the SHIELD in my stack for the rare occasions that I use NETFLIX/PRIME streaming apps. Has anyone tried using the NETFLIX KODI addon?

    Of course, the goal is to migrate over to HT4.0 as it is actively being supported by an obviously dedicated team.
  2. Phil181

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    I don't use a hub personally, as my Z1000 Pro has an internal HDD and two USB side ports (and two USB front ports), so I've not bothered using a hub. Some here sucessfully use an external USB HDD docking station, with no issues.

    ZDMC uses the Zidoo player for all 4K and HD files (with the Zidoo player settings, including Dolby VS10 engine and passthrough audio), and will use the Kodi player when required for SD material (some DVD rips etc). The player can be manually selected from the remote.

    As many have advised previously, whilst Zidoo may be fully compliant, due to streaming provider imposed limitations, it is not recommended for this.
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  3. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Updated with specific attention for the various Neo model series.
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  4. mirak

    mirak Member

    Can we expect from you, some day, a Neo Alpha test ? :)
  5. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Good question. :p
  6. Jchan252004

    Jchan252004 New Member

    Any big improvement if I go to upgrade my media player from Dune Hd Pro 4K to Zidoo Z9X?
  7. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Hell yes!!!

    Not even considering Dolby Vision handling and VS10, you'll say goodbye to all the frame rate issues that dogged the Pro 4K and never got fixed...
  8. Jchan252004

    Jchan252004 New Member

    Pls advise what is the different between Dune HD Real Vision and Zidoo Z9X due to I haven’t tried Zidoo media player so far? Thx
  9. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Off topic here: Just read my review on Futeko.
    If you are a HT4 fan and like many Video Player and Music Player functions then not an alternative. But if you are a full BD ISO with Menu fan it is an alternative. Use it when needed for exactly that at the moment.
  10. Jchan252004

    Jchan252004 New Member

    Thanks for your advise! Nice Monkey
  11. Cranks

    Cranks Member

    How do I get this to work?? I only want to use the controller app so this would be a great feature to apply...

    'WOL (Wake On LAN) also was verified to work correctly. Using Zidoo Controller I can now switch my Z9X not only off but also power it back on, put it to sleep or even restart it again. No real need for a standard remote if you don't want to use both.
    Click on history then the player should be shown with the associated IP-Address. Clicking that player pop-up a new window should appear with "Clear this device" (all models) and "boot" using WOL for RTD1619 models only.'
  12. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    The short instruction is actually in the text above.. Here the long version:
    1) First get the Zidoo Controller APP to work. Then it must be in the device list.
    2) Next fire up the APP whe the player is in standby. It will do a long time-out "Unknown Error" will show.
    3) Now go to the "Connect History" where it will show your Zidoo model(s) marked red. Select it and next press "boot".
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  13. Cranks

    Cranks Member

    Thanks...tried that but I couldn't get it to work so I guess for now I'll leave the Z9X on 24/7. There shouldn't be an issue with this should there??
  14. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    You are getting to the menu with the "boot "option and it next does not start? They are both on the same local network?
  15. Ozzyoz

    Ozzyoz Member

    Markswith2003 ..... it would be nice to have separate brightness and contrast adjustment, for both SDR and HDR .
    What do you think ?
  16. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    If I'm honest, no...

    Brightness (more correctly called Black Level) and Contrast (White Level) define the black and white points in the video and if the display is calibrated correctly there should never be any need to adjust in the source.

    The most basic of calibrations can be carried out by anyone using a Pluge test which shows black and just above black and Brightness (on the display) is adjusted so you can just see the above black signal. Next would be a white level test which shows white and just below white and contrast is set so below white is just visible (after that it gets more complicated with gamma, CMS etc).

    Assuming that the levels in the source are correct, and with the Zidoo they, technically those settings really have no place on a source device.

    Bottom line, leave the values at default on the Zidoo and adjust at the display.

    Sorry - you did ask ;)
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  17. Cranks

    Cranks Member

    Yep, both on the same network and I do get the 'boot' option but no luck!
  18. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    The Zidoo being wired? WiFi obviously is not started yet and will not be working. Added this detail to the WOL text.
    WOL is Wake On LAN and is an Ethernet exclusive feature.
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  19. Cranks

    Cranks Member

    Zidoo is on wifi and is working without issues...I am going to leave it powered on for now. Thanks for your help!
  20. Cranks

    Cranks Member

    I've been creating Collections and putting all related videos in their appropriate Collection and it has been working mostly.
    However, recently I created two new Collections but they are not appearing under Collections. I have set Auto Scan Devices to on and have gone to sources and retried scanning but they do not appear. The files in these new folders appear in 'All' and 'Movies' but not in Collection in the Poster Wall. All files are accessible from my Win11 laptop and in the NAS folders.
    What could be the problem??

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