All you need to know about RTD1619BPD and RTD1619DR based players

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Nice Monkey, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. cima86

    cima86 New Member

    I just got the Z9X and I love it. Is there any reason for me to upgrade to the Z1000 or UHD3000? Do they run faster/more smoothly or anything like that?
  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    No they all share the same SOC (motherboard) and produce the same picture. They have a better e.g. chassis, PSU, more ports and UHD3000 a HiFi stereo DAC panel.
  3. domix1962

    domix1962 New Member

    Hi, have you tried with different usb hubs or did it work with the first one you entered?
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  4. TifKag

    TifKag Active Member

    Only English please .
  5. lightsout

    lightsout Member

    Is the 3000 actually for sale anywhere?
  6. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    In Europe they are on stock on several places. Only Neo X could be End Of Sale?
  7. Hdkeith

    Hdkeith New Member

    I need some help clearing up DSD compatibility. I have read a few threads a few times and what to make sure I understand the differences between the Z1000 Pro vs. UHD3000. I have a lot of SACD rips and DSD downloads., many are multi-channel. I play them through my Oppo 203, but that is a hassle. I also have nVidia Shield I use with Kodi, but am sick of Kodi issues. I am looking at these 2 Zidoo players and have some questions about the DAC and DSD. If I want to play the DSD files off my NAS through the Zidoo to my AVR. It looks like the only thing the Zidoo will do is convert it to PCM and send it out HDMI. If I have the UHD3000 does it use the DAC to do that or the DAC is only used to route out the Analog outs? Will the UHD3000 provide any benefit (especially for DSD) if I am only sending audio via HDMI?

    Second question. Will either Zidoo play multi-channel FLAC files? As I convert all my DSD to FLAC as well?

  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Since the last FW update all Zidoo models finally will play MCH SACD/DSD via DSD => PCM conversions directly. No need to convert those to FLAC anymore. MCH FLAC plays just fine too on all models.

    Neo Players and UHD3000 will play DSD native without any conversion via the DAC and next output via Analog RCA/XLR ports. They all have excellent DAC's with my judged order: Neo S, UHD3000, Neo Alpha and Neo X at the top of the range. Unless you have a very good/expensive AMP these will be (considerable) better.

    Only Neo Alpha and Neo X have an improved motherboard using more precise clocking and will produce improved sound via HDMI. This is clearly audible. Even better than using that OPPO. Have all of these players myself except the Neo S.

    Hardly use my OPPO anymore with DVD-Audio being the exception. Occasionally convert those to MCH FLAC but that ia a real hazzle. I you have a single good APP for that please enlighten me,
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  9. mirak

    mirak Member

    Not the case for the Neo S ?
  10. Hdkeith

    Hdkeith New Member

    OK, got my Z1000 Pro set up. Says it is at the latest firmware. Plays my 2 channel DSD files as PCM fine, but none of my multichannel DSD files will play at all, says unsupported file format. Does not matter if it was a SACD rip or purchased from NativeDSD.

    What am I doing wrong?
  11. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    @Hdkeith are you playing via the Media Player or the Music Player? - you need to play using the latter and check your Zidoo's Sound Settings
  12. Hdkeith

    Hdkeith New Member

    I am on 6.3.60 firmware. I am using the Music Player. MCH FLAC works great, just my MCH DSD file says invalid format. 2CH DSD plays fine. I have set HDMI audio to RAW, tried Auto made no difference. Have USB and SPIF off. Have tried most combinations, but all MCH DSD just show as I support format.

    Some initial observations;

    - Remote is huge and a bit cheaply made.
    - I wish there was a Amy to tell it to only use embedded metadata, I spent a lot of time over the years making sure metadata was correct.
    - not sure why every movie has subtitles on and I have to turn them off, one would think that would not be the case. I still need to play more.
  13. Hdkeith

    Hdkeith New Member

    So far this is a great unit and I can see my Oppo 203 being retired. It would support Native DSD decoding this would be killer device. If I can get my multichannel DSD working I am golden. Worst case I will convert them to MCH FLAC.

    Dumb question. When the unit convert DSD or MCH FLAC is the DAC being used? In other words would the UHD3000 do a better job of these conversions, other this is strictly an in flight CPU conversion?

    I am disappointed I did not discover Zidoo before as my Shields bd Kodi have been giving me fits for ages.
  14. Phil181

    Phil181 Active Member

    Firstly, upgrade to 6.4.20 firmware - if you tick allow beta in the Settings, it should update over OTA.
    This firmware includes the latest Music Player 7, so that should fix most of your music issues.
    As far are subtitles go, you need to change Settings and turn them off (there are two places) :)
  15. Hdkeith

    Hdkeith New Member

    thanks, I will give that a try.
  16. Hdkeith

    Hdkeith New Member

    That worked, thanks! Awesome device. Wish it supported embedded media and I would be all set. Blows the doors off Shield with Kodi.
  17. Phil181

    Phil181 Active Member

    Not sure what you mean by "embedded media" but you can certainly install most Android apps, if there is one that meets your needs.
  18. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    You said your Z1000 Pro was using the latest firmware lol. Glad you got sorted
  19. Hdkeith

    Hdkeith New Member

    Sorry meant embedded metadata I have painfully made sure every one of my media files has art and descriptions in them. I have it set to but I think Emby’s created .no files are non-standard as I have seen issue with other apps. I believe Kodi had a setting to use embedded metadata. Also on the wish list would be support for Emby as my database since all my Shields have Kodi and point to Emby.

    I need to play some more and see what I can work out. So far loving the device; I can see my Oppo 203 going away.
  20. Phil181

    Phil181 Active Member

    I assume you are talking about .nfo files? If you have a lot of Kodi experience (like I did), then also install ZDMC which is a fork of Kodi 19.4 that uses the Zidoo internal player.
    You may be surprised :)

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