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    Dolby Vision extended information from the original video stream is used

    Smoke and mirrors again - it looks like they are using the RPU but the language is deliberately obstructive in order that users draw their own incorrect conclusions regarding the enhancement layers.

    They're obviously reading what we're writing, although that original thread on the Dune has mysteriously vanished (not me I can assure you!).
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    Better get Bletchley Park on this one! :)
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    Under the dizzying array of HDR processing options

    '"HLG always": always output HLG HDR' Why would you even want this as an option?
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    I have literally absolutely no idea at all!! It's a ridiculous, unnecessary and confusing set of options.
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    the world is full of weirdos who like some weird and confusing options, even here they happen
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    I just tried the latest beta 1.05 and still have the same detection problem between my sony ht-xf9000 soundbar and my panasonic gz1500 tv. The zidoo creates a conflict and the sound bar is no longer detected by the TV! Also I thought this version would detect the rare mkv with dolby vision but it doesn't. Back to firmware 0.46 for me because even the official 0.90 creates this conflict for me. Could someone at zidoo take this issue into consideration please?
    excuse my english i'm french and i'm using a translator!
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    Does anyone know what type of power requirements the sata 3 connection needs. I want to know if I connect a 8tb sata 3 hard drive to the sata port, plus have two USB 3.0 external drives. with there own power source. Would everything work OK? Cause I think even thought the external drives have their own power supply, they still draw some power. I just don't want to spend the money on a new drive, and end up with system lag.
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    just 4 sharing :D
    i have wd my book 8tb attach to usb3.0 and wd blue 3,5" 2Tb using sata port, all work flawless and fast too
    before that i use wd blue 3,5" 2Tb to my sata port and 2x2Tb wd 3,5" with docking that using external power to usb3.0, work fine too
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    Hello guys, newbie here. I just bought my Zidoo 9x yesterday and I want to install a working netflix on my device. The problem now is I have the latest firmware version v6. 0.66 i think. and it does not have the google play and netflix installed. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance. For your help
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    Zidoo is not an Android TV and Netflix will never work properly on Zidoo. Why not ask earlier before buying?
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    Forgot to ask about it, At first, I thought it has already a pre installed netflix and googleplay. Do we still have an option to install netflix inside it? Thank you!
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    [QUOTE = "eric17, post: 146369, member: 70772"]

    Allegedly runs with zidoo 720P or in 1080p Netflix. I am sure someone will come and help you. I don't have a zidoo. I have Dune Max Vision 4k, they run Netflix with HDR in 2160P.
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    Hi I have been playing with the Z9X for a while now and just recently upgraded to firmware 6.1.03 I believe. I still have issues with forced subtitles. In either UHD folder or UHD ISO. Is there still an issue with forced subtitles on some movies? The one I'm running into problem with is The Equalizer. I was able to use DVDFAB to convert to mkv then use mkvtoolnix to change the forced flag to yes. This actually works. I don't mind doing the conversion for the odd movie that has forced subtitles. Does anybody know of a program that can scan for forced subtitles in a movie? And do you think this problem will get fixed in future firmware? Thanks
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    There is no auch program as forced subtitles can be implemented in several different ways on a BD.
    Sometimes they are correctly flagged within the BD menu so that makeMKV can see the flag and flag them automatically. However, this is rare.
    The forced subtitles can also be in a separate subtitle track. Then you can have a look at BDinfo and see the size of the subtitles. If its a significantly smaller size than the others its very likely that this is separate track for forced subtitles.

    This is a very comprehensive list of discs with forced subtitles, which even tells you if its a separate track for example:
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    Thanks for link!
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    Just a quick update to mention since the Zidoo Z9X is Roon uncertified it no longer works when it's activated after september 2020 because of Roon policy changes.
    If they don't certify the device they should scrap the Roon endpoint commercial babble from their website. any Zidoo admins care to share some info regarding?
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    I accidentally remove a folder of movies from the HT app. How can I add this folder of movies back to the HT list ? The movies are still in my external HD.

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    Did you remove the source setting?

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