Zidoo Z9X & Incomplete support for streaming services: Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ ?

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  1. Health !

    After ordering the Z9X, I found out that despite L1 and HDCP 2.2, it doesn't fully support major streaming services like Netflix and others?
    I can't find any information on my question anywhere, so I'd like to ask it here.

    This is why I ask:

    Netflix , Prime Video and Dysney + work with 4K @ 2160 , HDR10 +, Dolby Vision resolution ?

    * Second question
    OS is Android for phones or Android TV ? If only the Android version phone, does that mean that apps optimized for touchscreen will be installed that need to be controlled by the mouse instead of the ATV app optimized for the remote?

    Otherwise, this is not the device for me. I don't own any Dolby Vision or HDR10 + movies, and I don't know where to get them. VS & HDR + I only use in streaming services, so I ask). I still have 12 hours to stop sending.

    Thanks for all the answers.
    I wish you a good rest of the day :)
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  2. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    Sounds like you need a Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro if you have a need for full app versions yet no real local content.
  3. wowow

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    If you look at the Z9X Forum in detail, you can see it.

    Popular Streaming Video/Audio services

    4K supporting APP's for Netflix and Youtube are bundled but others need to be installed manually. Prime Video works in HD too but is not bundled and needs to be downloaded. All APP's are restricted to stereo at the moment. Most others are reported just to work in 720P and a few in SD. Be sure to set DHCP at version 2.2 before trying this as it will be required for HD

    Youtube 4K (2160p) / stereo With "Smart Youtube TV"
    Google Play Movies Full HD (1080p) / stereo
    Netflix Full HD (1080p) / stereo (Netflix 4K en Android)
    HBO HD (720p) / stereo, needs mouse (HBO en Android)
    Disney+ HD (720p) / stereo includes Dolby Digital Plus (Disney+ en Android)
    Amazon Prime Video SD (480p) / stereo, needs mouse (Prime Video en Android) etc
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  4. Nvidia Shield PRO (2019 /199$) also allows you to play & using local content files + SMB v3 support (client & server), Plex server, the only difference is perhaps applications where the wall offers a more sophisticated Home Theater and a SATA port.

    On streamnig VS, HDR10 + I'm currently using FireStick 4K for 49$. ZIDOO Z9X was supposed to be a replacement for FireStick 4K + SATA + 2x USB port, but as I can see, the upgrade from FireStick to Z9X will not be for me.
    As I mentioned, I don't own any local Dolby Vision or HDR10 + movies.

    Of course thank you for your response.
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  5. I was watching.

    But I just found "maybe, support is being prepared, getting ready, I think Zidoo is working on something" etc. Or it was the contributions of people who use 1080p TV.
    Some users use HD as an abbreviation for FHD, while HD = 720p (So I don't know if he means 720 or 1080p). I did not find anything specific.

    *Amazon Prime on 4K TV "55" in 480p or PV in 720 is not for me. However, for users who mainly use only local files, it will be very interesting, although I don't know where people get content movies and series with Dolby Vision or HDR10 + support.

    It's a pity, I'm not very happy.
    I got the answer I wanted to know, thank you :)
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  6. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    Hi, I didn’t say Nvidia shield doesnt support local files, it is more suited to some one who wants Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos playback from Streaming devices than the Z9S where local or nas playback is definitely its target market.
    I own both.
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  7. Thank you.
    Since you own "Nvidia Shield", would you say in your opinion whether the local movies look or are better optimized for playback on the Z9X than on Nvidia Shield?

    Have you tried any streaming 4K@2160p on Netflix or Prime video?
    In another thread I saw that I support Prime Video & Disney + and FHD 1080p and someone claims again that only 720 or 480, don't you know what's true about that ?
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  8. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    I Can't speak for anybody but:
    1) Buy a UHD Blu-ray.
    2) Get MakeMKV.
    3) Get a Blu-ray XL drive supported by MakeMKV.
    4) Rip. Dolby Vision is retained. HDR10+ is retained.
    5) Store.
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  9. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    I have a 2019 Shield Pro but don't have the Zidoo yet. It is on order. With the same content, they should be same. The TV is the processor in my set up and my devices pass-through or pass on audio and video processing to the respective TV and receiver.
  10. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    To the OP:

    The Zodoo Z9X, in my opinion, isn't for the type of user you are. You would be much better served by the Shield.

    For people like myself, I can get more utility from the Z9X than the Shield. Two of my TVs are both 4K UHD and 3D. Two are 3D HD. One is 4K UHD only. The Shield can't do 3D MVC. I buy physical copies of what I like and store on a media server. There literally is little to no value to a Zidoo if you have no content outside of the cloud or streaming.
  11. kfpanda

    kfpanda Member

    so this means netflix app doesnt support dv now? will this be changed/fixed later?
  12. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    Not now. I say its unlikely to ever get certified by Netflix for DV. As said before, if you need DV on Netflix, buy a device likely to offer it now. Buying and hoping has bitten owners of it predecessors for atleast 4 years and counting. Don't make the same mistake.
  13. Thanks.

    Thank you, MakeMKV looks interesting..
    Blu-ray XL drive can also be used on Shield (like your PRO 2019), for example in KODI?
    (Basically, I'm just looking for a device that will work as it should. It's a pity Shield is whit out support AppleTv +).

    I like the fact that they can install applications (Kodi, NOVA video for ARMx64) and that it is possible to use Shield as a Plex Server with Hardware Acceleration on Nvidia Shield. About against ZIDOO, Plex server + SMB works in the background even when the Shield is in sleep / off.

    At ZIDOO I am most interested in Home THEATER. It's a pity that it no longer supports OpenWRT for which I bought the previous ZIDOO Z9S.
    (In addition to Dolby Vision, I would also welcome HDR10 + support for streaming services.
    According to the information I found, only Netflix + HDR works in 4K. Without DV or HDR + for PV.)

    Do you know any alternative for Shield? Replacement for Home Theater.
    AI Upscaling also looks interesting. I would be quite interested in your opinion and you will receive the ZIDOO Z9X :)

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  14. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    This isn't Lord Of The Rings. There isn't one box that rules them all. There is no box like the Shield that offers the proper function and abilities that a Shield has but isn't a Shield. Good luck in finding the perfect box. I tried for years and haven't found it yet. I'm not trying to be flippant. I'm just saying I've already gone down that road and made some hard decisions.

    I'm a realist who has alot of owned physical content. For me, the Zidoo boxes are best for that purpose. I have a X8 and X9s. I have a Z9x on order. They will be excellent for the purpose I have designated them for. For that purpose, I prefer Zidoo over my Shield Pro running Plex. I don't need to run a BD player thru a Shield because at each TV location, I have a UHD/3D BD (Oppo and Samsung) or 3D BD player (Samsung) comparable to that particular TV's abilities. It is rare when they need to spin a disk these days. A new disk goes straight to digital and storage when acquired. I may watch the extras on the disk and watch the feature from a rip.

    The Shield, IMHO is the best streaming device on the market. I've deployed Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku devices for others and they may have been the best choices for those people. For me, no.

    I would suggest you split your needs off into two separate boxes or square up with one and make some compromises. I thought said your interest was to stream so I don't see the need of looking any further. Get a Shield or get a Apple TV. If you need streaming and playing your own content, the Shield is the best answer. If your interests are only in playing local content, I think a Zidoo box will serve you very well. The market is bifurcated from what I can see and has been for 4-5 years. I don't foresee anything changing anytime soon.

    In a bifurcated market, I choose one from column A and one from column B. That has been my solution for years now. If you don't want to go down the road I have chosen for myself, the Shield keeps coming up on top.
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  15. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    The two players on the Shield that I use are Plex and Kodi. Obviously, they don't function completely like HT on the Zidoo. Keep in mind, I don't use the Shield much for playing my own media. My help in this respect, would be very limited to you.
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  16. kfpanda

    kfpanda Member

    just a thought, do the new gen of smart tvs' in-built netflix app support dv? if so, then zidoo can be used to play local media
  17. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    For the most part, yes. The only problem with the built in TV apps is they tend to be supported well for about 2 years. After that, the TV manufacturer has moved on and dedicated their focus to newer hardware. TV boxes tend to be better kept up to date with updates and upgrades.

    The same can be said for built in apps for Blu-ray drives and audio receivers. They are often left behind after a couple of years.
  18. kfpanda

    kfpanda Member

    true. believe netflix is working on a new codec to reduce bandwidth usage. just an alternative (wo getting another box) given zidoos current limitation. I might be looking at upgrading my tv (currently no dv) next year.
  19. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    And what you suggest is a viable alternative.

    Since I primarily stream at one location in the house, I just keep one dedicated streaming TV box and use it there. For any rare streaming at the other TVs, I use the built in apps.

    Built in TV, Blu-ray, and AVR apps I view as last resort use only. Many people view them as their primary or only option. Whose to say I'm right and they are wrong.
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  20. I already have experience with ZIDOO products, I owned 2 models of the 1296 series. (I chose the previous ZIDOO because it also worked as a NAS) After I bought the Z1000, which I got defective, I no longer wanted to buy anything from the 1296 series.
    Before I bought a TV with support HDR10 + and Dolby Vision support, my requirements were met by HTPC (x64) with HDR and PlayReady + server / NAS, P2P support (5-12 W with 2x HDD in SATA).

    For streaming services, i use Fire Stick 4K with support for all formats from HDR10 + to Dolby Vision (Nvidia Shield, as far as I know does not support HDR10 +).
    Buying Aple TV (without USB port) from me was completely useless.

    The new ZIDOO can bring better optimization, fixes, a higher version of Android brings new possibilities, so the RTD1619 can be an interesting choice.
    I would like to be more careful before the new election, so I would rather ask before getting other things into the house. (That's why those forums exist for discussing and sharing information or experiences.)
    I liked digging in the setup, I had several devices at home at once, but today I would like only one device to replace the existing one.

    ZIDOO could meet my requirements (a choice I will think about) or Dune HD 4 II (4 GB RAM ) https://www.dune-hd.com/, http://mediaplayers.gr/dune-hd-pro-4k-ii/ . I'll just wait if you move support for Dolby Vision or a higher resolution streaming service.
    (Yes, a device that meets all the requirements not exist, and it will always be about sacrificing one function for another).

    .. Every wine needs time to mature (Zidoo is quite fast in development, everything is possible)
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