Zidoo Z9X & Incomplete support for streaming services: Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ ?

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  1. Zidoo also leaves generational bugs behind that never get fixed too. Thier developers are fast and attentive to some degree but they often can't get certain things right ever. There are many examples of that.

    A mild example is their music player. They been at that for quite a while and it still struggles to read tags in a basic mp3 properly. I have cars, Blu-ray players, TVs, receivers, computers software, other apps on other TV boxes, and other apps on the zidoo which seems to do this easy. Yet, it still perplexes Zidoo's developers over several attempts over several models. I don't put the faith you have in their skills. They can do big things at times but are incapable of simple things at the same time.

    They locked a thread full of generation bugs for one reason or another for the X8/X9/X10. They seem to do good work sometimes, mediocre work at other times.
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