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    I know that Dune doesn't communicate with their customers directly. But they seem to know what they are doing and come up with the new firmware quite often.

    BTW, I'm still have faith in Zidoo though. If they spend too much time between firmwares, at least they should say something.
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    Take a look what will show when you playing X20?
    Awesome! I finally get the CHICKEN yesterday after my unremitting effort...hahaha
    Too cool! I recorded the gaming and I plan to burn that mp4 video to DVD.
    I need to keep it
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    Check this out
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    In your opinion, when will the App (YouTube - Netflix, etc.) be installed?
    1.jpg 2.jpg
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    Hello,sir. I am not sure about that but some restrictions might stop Kodi to do that kind of things with pre-installed.:confused:
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