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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    New X20 thread :)
  2. dorszes

    dorszes Member

    Can't w8 for first tests of X20!

    Just wondering if it could be comparable to shield...

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    To the shield ?
    Ive had two shields and for movie playback it did not do it for me via Pic Quality wise
    Struggled to work if i was not connected to the net .
    Crashed often because of the aforementioned .
    And being a games machine also just did not do it for me .
    the X20 Pro is made for Movie Playback / Storage and Audio playback device.

    So id say far superior in that department .
  4. dorszes

    dorszes Member

    Well... I seen shield in action during fun with Kodi and I need to admit - it's really fast.
    Even searchig for sources (debrid) is much quicker than X9S so that's why I'd like to compare x20 to shield.
    But if U say u've been struggled I will think diffrent way then :)

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Agree Shield is fast has a powerful cpu etc inside
    But found Picture did not do it for me .
    ( My own opinion )
    and game side was not interested
    And wanted something that did not depend on the net to work properly .

    X20 Pro is a diff beast and made for professionals for Movies and high end Audio etc
  6. dorszes

    dorszes Member

    I wish i had live in China at http://www.zidoo.vn/ can see that x20 is buyable in Asia...

    Regarding shield i do understand that this is gaming machine with possibility of playing stuff from kodi.

    I love how fast shield with kod is...but as u Said... x20 is worthy to wait for it.

    Of course all is about price ;)
  7. moreaki

    moreaki New Member

    The site is in Vietnam, and I doubt you'd want to buy the Asian version, as they normally include different specs in hardware.
  8. dorszes

    dorszes Member

    Never heard about differences between Asian and Europe hardware.
    So my excitement is gone now :)
  9. hdmkv

    hdmkv Active Member Beta test group

    So is Shield, along w/gaming secondarily. Wouldn't say gaming is the main selling point as gamers are better off w/XBOX One S/X or PS4. I have both Shield and Zidoo X9S, and Shield is more powerful (snappy) and 4K HDR playback quality is similar between the two. What Zidoo has that Shield doesn't is 3D MVC support. What Shield has Zidoo doesn't is premium apps (Netflix, Amazon, etc.).

    With X20 (expecting a review unit), assuming Zidoo sends me the Pro version, I see the selling point as best-in-class audio playback w/the ESS 9038 DAC chip in it. SACD/DVD-A rips, FLAC, Apple lossless. Video performance-wise, it looks like both X20's will be no different than X8/X9S/X10 (which granted are already excellent players).
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    No doubt the X20 Pro will be great with the Audio department etc
    They may grab a few sales but cant see it selling well if its for the Audio enthusiasts etc

    They would be better off tweaking the x10 or X11 with board revamp , Oled Display front and cater for the Movie enthusiast not Audio and add Netflix support in 4k , Hdr10 + etc
    Go for ultimate picture Quality .
    Id order one if they kept the box the same .

    and yes the shield flies i have two but im just intersted in Movie Playback so speed wont help to much in that department as such .

    Id say more sales for the Movie people not so much for the Audio enthusiasts
    So cant see to many X20 sold but will see .
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  11. litlgi74

    litlgi74 Member

    Just like it's twin, the Dune Pro 4k Ultra... I'd be willing to wager the X20 never happens!
  12. DavidWu5

    DavidWu5 Member

    Take a look what will show when you playing X20 Pro

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  13. hifikid80

    hifikid80 Member

    much better home screen :D. any idea when is the new firmware coming to x10?
  14. dorszes

    dorszes Member

    Well if You don't like to home screen u can install any android launcher if u want :D

    But! You're right. HS looks good on it.
  15. hifikid80

    hifikid80 Member

    i tried different launchers.. most of them are crap..can not use remote . settled with default , one of my biggest complain about x10 is also a home screen but it is changed now. hope backgrounds are user selectable
  16. dorszes

    dorszes Member

    To be honest I have no idea how looks firmware on X10... but Im assuming that is same with x9s.
    If it is.. You can select Your own background... but personally i do prefer the older layout of HS.
  17. hifikid80

    hifikid80 Member

    oh is the new firmware already available on the x9s? is it beta?
  18. dorszes

    dorszes Member

    Got the latest 2.0.15 so the whole HS is black and white...
  19. hifikid80

    hifikid80 Member

    have the 2.0.15 but home screen looks like old one, screen full of those big tiles.
  20. dorszes

    dorszes Member

    Interesting... Don't have an access to my zidoo now so can't check if there is any way to setup the layout.

    Will let u know after work when home.

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