ZDMC release 20.1 (x8/x9s/x10)

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by bob, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. videobruce

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  2. videobruce

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    I have a X10 with F/W v2.1.14 that was updated from 1.4.4
    There is NO ZDMC or Kodi v17.6.1 installed. Since these came loaded w/ Kodi, is there anything special I need to do or know to re-load that software??

    In the kodi.wiki/view/Android_hardware page under Realtech 1295 this is stated;
    I now question using the Kodi software.
    After reading thru this thread, I see that Kodi can be installed, but I did see some issues as I was going to ask if I had to use the Zidoo version.

    Comments please!
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  3. 3DBuff

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    ZDMC from this thread is optimized for Zidoo boxes with Realtek chipsets. Zidoo video player is a default player and Kodi player set as secondary for some extreme cases. You can change skins and build database of media files just like Kodi.

    @videobruce, why do you want install Kodi? If you must see this thread for newer versions of Kodi:

    Unless you are looking for some newer database functionality of latest Kodi releases you probably wasting your time. Kodi player is not working well with this hardware and newer releases from the link above are particularly bad in playback (2 frames per second!).

    Stick to ZDMC.
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  4. videobruce

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    Thanks for the reply and the link.
    My logic is/was it's the universal and newest version. I will scope out that other thread.
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  5. Reelyator

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    @Bruce: i have shared my experinece with Kodi on the Zidoo in the "General - Guides and FAQ´s" Section.
  6. X8fan

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    Will we ever see another update of ZDMC update? Or is the 17.6.1 the last we'll ever see for this line?
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Correct its now Leia 18.4 at moment

    17.6.1 is old hat so to speak .

    So zdmc will be 18.. if they support it to run on Zidoo .
  8. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    actualy kodi 18 Leia is still in prerelease ( at least on android ) 17.6 is still the recommended one
  9. Franconian

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  10. Orthon

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    Looking forward to see ZDMC 18 in the future.
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  11. droiter

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    zdmc 18:)
  12. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    Me too, is Kodi 18 still on beta or final already?
  13. Franconian

    Franconian Active Member

    Its final.
  14. skate

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    Avec cette version ZDMC 17.6, je ne vois pas le menu avec les films en cours ... :(
    Et vous?
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  15. Orthon

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    KODI 18.1 is already relased to public, waiting for ZDMC now.
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  16. Tukker

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    When will zbmc 18.1 be released?
    Aeon mq8 will only run on this version.
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  17. reshi123

    reshi123 New Member

    hi.. all i am having problem installing V1.4.12 i need help..
  18. Teddyknuddel

    Teddyknuddel New Member

    Is it plan to release a new ZDMC based on Kodi 18 ?
    If yes when the deployment will be planned ?
  19. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    I have read more then one report about issues with v18. I'd wait.
  20. bennieLow

    bennieLow New Member

    Every two months. Since the series wont be release too fast and wont have too much products in the market.

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