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    i don't know what to tell ya. I guess maybe I got a dud? The multichannel sound that eventually did come out was soooo flat though and not at all like the big theatrical sound I'm used to getting. The video output was a little dimmer on the zidoo files too. I don't have my tv set to "best buy display mode" (i.e. vivid) or anything but when I tested it on Jaws the opening scene where Chrissy swims out only to be eaten was like trying to watch a dark scene on an LED versus the OLED panel I was using. The other movie I tested this on was Ready Player One (obviously a more visually striking film) and the colors were a little duller there too. It wasn't unwatchable or anything like that and I didn't get buffering (although that rarely happens with my Shield either so it's not like that's really an issue for me) but it really didn't make any sense to keep this thing around and thus i packed it up and returned it to Amazon yesterday.

    I think another red flag for me was the fact that "Reset" hole was actually nothing...I don't like it when companies make products with deceptive labels and finding out there's nothing really behind that pinhole reset button made me think this is just kinda a cheapo company.

    I may try them again later on down the road if I see a firmware update pushed out and they acknowledge that it fixes the problems I had - that or I might try out one of their more expensive products with the discrete audio and video power sources (well, if Amazon ever sells them that is because I want to know i get a hassle-free return like I did with this).
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    have it also. all my mkv files works great. also if there is a bluray menu in it. but if i selected bdmv blurays. in the bluray menu. and selected the song in the music bluray menu. it dont play it. no sound also. hopefully this will be fixed
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    Is there a list of compatible torrent client that actually work with this box? Tried the popular ones but keep getting errors
  4. Kenneth's

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    New owner here. I did some research before buying this 9xpro and just about everyone said it will play everything you through at it..(I guess they're using the term loosely)except my multichannel flac files...Bruce Soord..Anathema for example (plays stereo only). I have not tried my iso or dsff files yet.
    Any work around..in the very near future?
    If not a return is almost inevitable

    HDMI to Marantz

    Update: I loaded the latest firmware. My flac files are spot on.
    Only work through now is ISO files. Very choppy on sacd multi channel, stereo is fine.
    Other ISO rips are intermittent but for the most part working
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    I don't think Zidoo would actively be supporting or allowing piracy via their products. Torrent sites are usually for this purpose. In order to stay within the boundaries of the EU, these streamer gear companies are in the business of playback of legal file backups of purchased media... for personal use only. Ex... I own the movie or music disc of the backup file that I am playing through my Zidoo.
  6. JohnG

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    We've had the Z9x Pro for a couple of weeks and overall am very pleased with the quality of the Video and Audio. Video files are sourced from a Synology NAS. This is my 4th Zidoo box, going back to the "6" series. Very subjectively, Video looks "clearer" that the same videos played on the Z9x non-Pro version. The only problem I had was an apparent frame rate issue (slight video stutter at 2 minute intervals) with Zidoo frame rate fixed at 23fps. Only one video, a 30fps, out of a dozen exhibited this problem. I changed to Auto Frame Rate Only and the problem disappeared. Unfortunately, changing to Auto Frame Rate results in a black screen (audio playing OK) for a few seconds at the start of videos. I assume the Z9x Pro is attempting to determine what the correct frame rate should be at it takes a few seconds for it to lock in (on a JVC NX7 Projector).
  7. blenky

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    Correct. Sync issue. What you can do is set a 'Frame rate pause' in settings to the approximate length of the sync. While you will still have the black screen while syncing at least the video is paused until ready! I have mine set for 3 seconds which is about right for my TV.
  8. JohnG

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    Thanks for that, I'll give it a try!
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  9. Jordanfff

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    Hi, any one else having trouble with video files that have DDplus with atmos audio. All my files that have this audio causes the zidoo to crash when I search, fast-forward, check info and I then have to re-boot
  10. cucnz

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    Have you updated box to latest .75 firmware ?
    Its not an issue ive seen anyone post about so far

    Maybe you could post a say 5 min segment of one of the files with issues (ie use say mkvtoolnix if mkv file to chop off a 5 min section )
    test to make sure the 5 min section still has the issues for you ,then drop them on say Mega.co.nz file ,and some of us can d/l and test to see if same issues
  11. Jordanfff

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    Thanks for the reply, yes on 75, will do a small clip at some point
  12. RDS - Z9X Pro

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    One small control feature I can't seem to figure out, if it's possible at all. Does the Z9X Pro remote have frame-by-frame control when a video is paused? All I can find is fast forward, chapter skip, etc, but no frame advance.
  13. blenky

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  14. Jordanfff

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    Here is a 5min clip of one of the videos I'm having trouble with the main audio track dolby plus atmos, when I hit any button on remote I lose the sound. Hope it works first time using, megahttps://mega.nz/file/ovEjSY4R#fk-Vksm_hEMvEPB84VzFg5L5pGMxACUTymhVtnua710
  15. blenky

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    Tried it and no issues. Moved between two audio tracks, brought up info. No loss of sound. Which buttons on remote do you press to lose sound?
  16. Jordanfff

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    OK thanks for that, the info button or page up button. My setup is zidoo to Hdmi input on oppo 203, then oppo video to hdfury vertex 1,oppo audio to receiver, vertex to projector. I think this maybe the problem. I did try zidoo through the Onkyo receiver, but if I had it set for dolby vision the picture was washed out. Thanks for checking
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    I just got one. I feel like a beta tester indeed. I sadly might have to send it back.
  18. anpehro

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    I feel the same about it. The Pro is no use for my MCH FLACs. Is there a possibility to get an X9S somewhere?

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