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  1. stani

    stani New Member

    Does anyone have one at home yet? Experiences?
  2. xskip

    xskip Active Member

  3. darky_zidoo

    darky_zidoo Active Member

    if you read a little more on here..you notice people have them
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  4. tc2007

    tc2007 Active Member

    Yes I have one. It gets the job done. I have a USB HDD attached and it plays my 4K rips nicely. That's all I use it for and expect nothing else from it for the money I paid :)
  5. Vantskruv

    Vantskruv New Member

    I have one too, it is my first Zidoo device.
    I like it, but not perfect when you want to access the bluray menus (some will work, others do not). Not sure if is a bad rip or not ... I cannot say.

    As the above poster, it plays my 4k rips with Dolby Atmos okay via NFS from my NAS.
    I whish I would have a 4k projector with HDR support.:p
    I currently have a FullHD projector with no HDR support.
  6. stani

    stani New Member

    tc2007, Vantskruv: OK, thanks.

    But I am interested in the possibility to install .apk from USB. Can you please try it? Here this.
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  7. DennisTheMenace

    DennisTheMenace Active Member

    Maybe someone is interested in that video
  8. drsah

    drsah New Member

    I have Z9X, is it worth to upgrade on pro? are any differences?
  9. Andalex

    Andalex New Member

    I got one, but I keep it on the shelf after I tried it with the latest updates and continue to use my Z9X. I am waiting for a much more advanced firmware that actually delivers the functions that are being advertised with the Z9X Pro. The Z9X is pretty darn good, I do not have any major problems with it and use it to listen to my SACD and DSF files. The Pro is unable to play multichannel audio via HDMI for music files, something I routinely use. Reading the bulletin messages, a lot of people have issues with playback too.
    I feel that whoever is buying a Z9X Pro now is becoming a beta tester, anxiously waiting for a new firmware build.
    So, for now, I don't believe you will see any dramatic improvement, maybe in a few months... Follow the bulletin, how the issues are being resolved and then decide yourself.
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  10. 9800pro

    9800pro New Member

    I have it for a few days now, here is my take on it so far.
    It has the latest firmware and is connected to the Samsung Q990B soundbar which then goes to the LG Oled TV.
    Source files are on Synology NAS through SMB share.

    - Good:
    - picture and audio quality
    - build quality
    - backlight remote
    - info display

    - Bad:
    - nothing that cannot be resolved by future updates

    - Issues for future updates:
    - 1080p@24fps files are played as 1080p@60 (based on info status on screen)
    - the run time of the video on the front display is not linear, it skips every few seconds
    - when watching DV videos, if the scene is very dark, the top and bottom black bars are very visible, almost dark green. They should be completely dark but they are brighter than the video.
    - when downloading subtitles, in my case Croatian, the player renames them to Czech, CZ instead of HR. The subtitle is Croatian, it's just renamed wrong.
    - CEC issue when shutting off the soundbar, it keeps getting ON if the Z9X Pro is ON.
    - the latest Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 with 62 chapters, my Bluray remux rip. Z9X Pro cannot skip chapters. It skips one chapter then i have to skip 1 minute and then i can skip the next chapter. Maybe its the movie, maybe something else...
    - when adding sources from SMB i have to enter SMB credentials every time, even if it is the folder from the same SMB. "remember credentials" would be a good option.
    - music player doesn't play songs from the start from SMB source. The music starts some 1-2 seconds after selecting it.
    - we could use more screensaver options, time per slide, dimming the slides and such. Just copy the settings from Kodi.
    - after a few hours of not using it there is no image going to the tv when selecting Z9X as a source. Have to reboot it. It reacts to the remote power off button so it's working, just not sending the image out.

    So far so good. Within a few or even better just one big update it could be a great little player.
    The only issues i see are software based so i remain hopeful :)
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  11. haaz

    haaz New Member

    Could you please try to install music stream service such as tidal or qobuz? Will it work with Samsung q990b?
  12. 9800pro

    9800pro New Member

    I just installed Tidal through Playstore and it works on Z9X Pro. Dont know what you mean will it work on Q990B?
    It's connected to the Q990B with HDMI cable so it works.
    If you mean to use Q990B as a Tidal Connect device then you don't need Z9X Pro, just stream from your mobile Tidal app.
    Both Spotify and Tidal work that way on Q990B.
  13. haaz

    haaz New Member

    I mean does q990b support multichannel when playing tidal? Sound is ok?
  14. 9800pro

    9800pro New Member

    I don't have Tidal Master account so i can't listen to Atmos tracks.
    But on HiFi it outputs FLAC as PCM so it probably should work.
  15. Fricke

    Fricke New Member

    It's now September 2023.
    Do you have the same problems and the Z9X Pro still on the shelf?

    I thinking of getting one. I also thinking of getting the non pro version. But in regards of the now pretty old Android 9 we dont know how long that will be supported?
  16. fnhanks

    fnhanks Member

    Yes. They haven’t shipped a new firmware. Complete radio silence. I gave up and went back to my shield. The pro is garbage at this point.
  17. Fricke

    Fricke New Member

    What about the non Pro version?
    Is that working better?
  18. fnhanks

    fnhanks Member

    There are still some bugs/issues but yes. I wish I hadn’t sold mine, as it was a far better device (software and reliability wise).
  19. Fricke

    Fricke New Member

    Sounds good then.
    What do you think about furtune support on android 9 on that one.
  20. fnhanks

    fnhanks Member

    I think support for these boxes is negligible at best, so you should buy them for what they do today and not expect anything else to come or bugs to be fixed at any point reliably/quickly.

    The original Zidoo works fine at this point, but I would mentally treat it as abandoned as I’m sure they’re only focusing on the new ones (if you can even say that much)

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