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    Same lol
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    Other than some unfinished remarks regarding question 1. I am sad that nobody has answered my other questions - hoping someone can assist please
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    If you use Poster Wall you can! Click on the Movies icon at the bottom of the screen.

    Then, at the top right of the Movies screen there are two icons - Source and Settings. Click on the Source icon

    You should see (in blue) the current source of your videos. You can use "Add source" to select any other folders on the HDD which contain videos as additional sources.

    If you have a lot of videos, the cut-and-paste method might be a slow way of doing it. It's far easier to connect to a Windows computer using Samba and then uses Windows File Manager drag-and-drop?
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    Thanks @Mabon . I did say in 2. that I don't use the Poster Wall. Each to their own but my view is that with all Media Players, there's too much focus on this - a simple file manager is all that is needed, as long as you title your videos appropriately. Yes I will do the cut and paste in Windows - I'm seeing both my Zidoo and Egreat files in my network - I just wanted to know if there was a specific place within my new Zidoo's internal HDD to drop all my Egreat files AND then be able to create a shortcut somewhere for that location

    I've still not had anything on 4. and still struggling with 1. :(
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    Ok - after playing around I've found that you can allocate "Favourites" (folders or files) which will take you to their respective locations - job done!

    I'm still struggling with 1. but I have a thread going on the Harmony Forum and am hopeful that with making one of the mini-blasters dedicated somehow and a couple of other settings, my issue can be resolved. Sorted 2. and 3. but sadly nobody seems to know anything about 4. This brings into stark reality that without a detailed manual (not even a beta one on these forums) Zidoo are making it extremely hard for people to get to grips with these new Players. I fully understand these "new" players are Work In Progress and that currently, we are all quasi beta-testers. I'll work 4. out for myself but I do have a couple of other questions please: -

    5. I know the player can be switched off completely by the switch at the back of the machine. But are there 2 levels of "Standby" ? Yesterday in what I thought was standby mode (Power Button on the Front Panel Display glowing "RED") my PC was still able to see the files on the player's internal HDD. This morning, with the power button still glowing red, I was not able to see the files. So if there are 2 levels of standby, what are they please and how do you invoke them?

    6. I can find nowhere what the power consumption of the Z1000 Pro is in Standby mode. I have set sleep mode for the HDD to 10 mins but would like to know what the player's power useage is in it's various Power Modes please?

    7. Is there a way to set Subtitles to "OFF"? Getting fed up with having to switch them off every time I'm playing a film.

    Thanks in advance.
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    @rozel just to give you an idea how a Zidoo manual look like -> Z1000, UHD2000

    I guess a manual for Z1000 Pro would answer none of your questions
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    Settings--->Playback--->Default Language--->Subtitles = Off
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    I also have the Logitech Harmony and I also had to Zidoo box as a Z1000.
    But I don't use that remote with the Zidoo anyway. I prefer an air mouse to move a pointer around the screen which is easier to use than pressing menus and buttons on the Harmony. I use the Rii i25.
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    There is a huge difference between a "manual" and "setup instructions"!
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    I know, I already have it. But no mention of settings or apps.
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    May I make a suggestion, even if this might prove unpopular in some quarters. I believe quite a few "Official Beta Testers" have received their Media Players from Zidoo for free. It galls me and quite a few others that many of us have been tagged as "Quasi Beta Testers" having paid for our players and without the courtesy of being asked if this is something we would be prepared to do.

    How about therefore you Official Beta Testers banging something together for each of the 3 models?

    Here's hoping :)

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Any set up Manual would still be very basic in its form as one setting may not apply to another persons own components
    On there system .
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    Yesterday I received my Zidoo Z1000 pro mediaplayer.

    Connected de Z1000pro via hdmi to my Marantz sr7015 receiver which is connected via hdmi to my LG C8 pla Oled TV.

    Eventhough I'm aware of the DV related problems on LG Oleds, I would highly appreciate if I could receive the optimal settings for the Display settings on the z1000p.

    When I stop a movie I often get NO SIGNAL on my tv, the only way to get the picture back
    is that I switch off the Z1000p and do a restart.

    The Display settings are as follows.:

    Hdmimode AUTO

    Color Settings priority yu420 8bit


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    Use hdmimode 16-253 instead of Auto
    YU 444 10 bit
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    Sorry mate, a bit of a cop-out I'm afraid. Someone like yourself should easily be in a position to go through each setting one by one and inform what each does or what its purpose is. I think three words come to mind: - 1. cannot 2. be 3. bothered.

    So what is your job then? To get all us quasi beta testers to feed you back so you can relay this information to Zidoo? And for that you get a free Media Player or two? Sheesh! Sorry but I hope you see where I'm coming from. Tell me I'm wrong without any b...s...

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