X9s - Wrapper Tutorial for external Player used with KODI 16.1

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Lony, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. litlgi74

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    When I first choose a movie to play, I am able to use the "play using..." feature. The default is videoplayer followed by xbmcwrapper. When I choose the wrapper... kodi then scans the list of files.... but then plays the movie using Kodi's internal player...

    Hopefully this can be fixed as well.

  2. Lony

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    Xmister has the new Version released. BDMV Support with Chapter :):)

    Nice Work from Peter.

    Regards Lony
  3. litlgi74

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    The external player is no longer working with FW 1.4.12... I get the external player window and the please wait message.... then nothing.
  4. Lony

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    No, it works perfect with Firmware 1.4.12 and all KODI Versions. Check your settings, or make a reset on your App Funktion.

    Regards Lony
  5. XtrordinarY

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    Think you have to root your device again. As soon as there is an update the Zidoo is locked again and you have to root your device afterwards.
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  6. litlgi74

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    Thanks.... that was it!
  7. litlgi74

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    Ok Friends...

    I have been frustrated with the new Home Theater app and it's scrapping abilities... So I guess I'm back to Kodi...

    I've recreated my library with just NFS shares... and everything populated and scrapes properly. But files will not play.

    I am trying to use XBMCWrapper... Everything works fine with SMB... but no much with NFS... I keep getting this popup
    Here are my settings in the wrapper...
    Am I missing something?

    PS... It seems that the "play using" option automatically defaults to XBMCWrapper... I've uninstalled both the wrapper and Kodi... Reset my preferences but somehow XBMCWrapper is the default... The option to "always" choose the video player first seem to be available.

    I am FW 2.0.15 and I've made sure to root... So I'm not sure what might be happening. The Home Theater 2.0 App works with my NFS Shares... So....

  8. litlgi74

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    XBMCWrapper is no longer in the play store.

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