X9s - Wrapper Tutorial for external Player used with KODI 16.1

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Lony, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Moe123

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    What kind of clown are you? If you have no idea to deal with it then buy a fire TV stick and if you respect with everything is too stupid so a wrapper to install then take zdmc that is made for as people as for you
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  2. Tukker

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    I guess you are in business with Péter Sárközi .
    Pls write in english so everyone can understand, and remove that misleading video from YouTube.
  3. Lony

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    You have understand Moe123, why did you write so many bullshit and why remove the Video from Youtube , Because of a single person who does not understand the implementation. xmister and Android-mediaplayer.de together have to realize the solution.

    The Solution with XBMC/KODIWrapper an KODI 16/17.x work perfect, all users from our board work with this. Look at this video and if you have questions then ask these reasonable.


    Greetings to xmister for the great work

    i hope you understand me, why not your english is not better :p:D:D

    Regards Lony
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  4. XtrordinarY

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    Uhmm just chill, what he's telling is the truth and it just works! I've used this method myself, and I think I'm going to use this method again for KODI 17.x because updates for KODI are just faster then ZDMC.

    volgens mij ben je nederlander of niet?
  5. What is the name of the Zidoo video player for example MX Player pro is "com.mxtech.videoplayer.pro". I can not see the zidoo video player using the XBMC Wrapper.
  6. XtrordinarY

    XtrordinarY New Member

    It's video player if I'm correct but don't know the exact filename.
  7. its "com.android.gallery3d"
  8. SaEt9000

    SaEt9000 New Member


    I can confirm, that I needed 5 minutes - after using the root tool, installing the wrapper and watching Lony's video (in fast mode :)) to bring the wrapper running in conjunction with kodi 17.3, spmc, FTMC... on my new zidoo x9s.
    To be honest: I am really familiar with the usage of the wrapper. I just used it successfully with an eweat 902 and a himedia Q10ii. And I am active since some years on android-mediaplayer.de . There we had a lot of work and improvements with the XBMC Wrapper to get it work as today. XMister - the developer - supports his tool really well.

    But: At the moment there is no other result as in ZDMC 17.1 . The external player in ZDMC is the the same as if you would use via the Wrapper the google-player as the system player. So - for every one, who is satisfied with the ZDMC solution should keep it - and good is (as moere just said ;)).

    The advantage of the wrapper solution is: you can choose the kodi-system of your choice. And you can create your own rules. I recognized for instance, that ZDMC uses for DVD-folder/iso the kodi-Player as standard. Thats not bad, but I would prefer the ZidooPlayer - because of much better performance and better quality. Of course - I could choose it every time manually - but better is it to have a clear rule.

    So - I am new here and relaxed ;)
    If someone is here who really would like to use the wrapper without blaming anyone here: show how far you are coming by your own and then ask your question - together we should be able to help.
    It works :D

    The short description in words is:
    - install root (install the tool and enable root)
    - restart the box
    - install xbmc/kodi wrapper from google play
    - start the wrapper
    - choose the "samba" page, choose "CIFS" as method and type in the username and the password of your NAS (if you have one)
    -important: your shares in kodi have to be implemented via SMB and with IP-adress only (but this was telled here several times).
    - choose as player "system"
    - choose "save" (right top corner)
    - close the wrapper
    - copy the playercorefactory.xml in every userdata-folder you want: f.i. kodi: android\data\org.kodi.... \userdata\
    - here is a good example
    (There are some examples - choose for the beginning the PCf.xml in this folder. XBMCKODIWrapper - KODI17.X-VIDEOPlayer)

    Be carefully: if you start the wrapper (configurator) again and the marker on the MAIN-page is enabled "write xml automaticly" (or something like that) - then the PCF in kodi-folder will be replaced. That means: the wrapper will be stay active but the rules are senseless then...

    The most tricky part is to activate the player from kodi at the first time:

    You start the video with "Zidoo Player" (to be sure choose "play with....") and an android menu is visible to choose your video player.
    It can be, that you see a list of optional players but you cannot see and choose Video player or google player. In this case: Don't worry. Choose in this case one of the for you visible players - mark not the option "always" but "once". And wait. Then cancel - which app ever is starting now -go back to kodi and start the video again.
    Now you will get a different player choice menu from android and now you can scroll to system player or google player. Choose it and mark now the option "always".

    Good luck :D

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  9. Tukker

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    Klopt, nou ik krijg het niet voor elkaar, vandaar de frustratie, was mijn trouwe ouwe rpi3 gewend met altijd de laatste updates en aanklikken en spelen.
    Dus ik wil graag hetzelde als bij jouw box. Laatste kodi en alles afspelen met zidoo`s externe speler, zonder gekke wrappers die je moet kopen.
    Al die zdmc`s zijn bagger, het enige wat die wel goed doen ik aanklikken en afspelen met externe speler. Als je me kunt helpen zou fijn zijn.
    Voor de rest wel chill hoor, bol.com wil hem niet meer terugnemen dus vandaar af en toe een blokje hout op het vuur voor wat geknetter. :)
  10. Blue-beast

    Blue-beast New Member


    I have a few questions for you 'Lony'.
    I read your posts about Wrapper Tutorial for external Player used with KODI, then I also checked the Android-mediaplayer.de page, but to be honest german language is not my strong side.

    I use X9S for playing videos from nas or usb/hdd and I mostly use zdmc. I also have installed kodi, but I use zdmc because it is more customized for rtk chipset.

    I'm interested in xbmc\kodi wrapper to use it with latest kodi, but I'm not really sure what its purposes is (does it 'find' and 'activate' internal zidoo player that can be used like an external player in kodi or it uses the rtk chipset in any other way).
    I have some questions if you could be so kind to answer them for me:
    - If I install a xbmc wrapper, could I completely use rtk chipset as I would with zidooplayer.
    - Will the audio passthrough work.
    - Will the video switch work.
  11. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    Sure all work perfectly, when you install XBMC/KODIWrapper you can use the System Player, (nativ Player) izs ZidooPlayer, the same as in ZDMC. Please look in my Video, there ist the ZidopoPlayer. When the install is finished and you start the XBMC/KODIWrapper at first,
    with the correct Playercorefactory, you get an Pull Down Menu with a selection, here you must take the VideoPlayer, or GoogleVideoPlayer, thats all. When you have problems with the Install, please contact me. I use KODI 17.3 with NAS Synology and it runs under SMB.

    Regards Lony
  12. Blue-beast

    Blue-beast New Member

    Thanks 'Lony' for your quick responce.

    So if I understand you correctly:
    - I have to install kodi,
    - Download XBMC Wrapper and ‘set it up’,
    - Add playercorefactory.xml file in kodi userdata folder,
    - Now I have a choice in kodi to play videos with kodi default player or with external zidoo (custom internal) player.

    - Can I use this wrapper on any version of kodi or even ftmc fork of kodi?
    - When I first start kodi with new play… file and have the option to choose the player is it possible but if I decide to watch some video with kodi’s player I can get to choose that player with ‘play with...’ option as usual?

    My intention is to use kodi 17.3 with option of using its original player or zidoo player and playing videos from Synology Nas.
    I will try to find your video to help me with the installation, about the playercorefactory.xml file, I already found some samples in your android-mediaplayer.de forum.
    I use the same configuration as you, so I guess that everything should go without problem but if I have any problems, I hope you will be kind enough to help me.
  13. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    When you have selected the "VideoPlayer" or "GoogleVideoPlayer" at start a Video and you place "ever" all movies will start with ZidooPlayer.
    You have the possibility to solve all things in the Playercorefactory individually.

    Yes the XBMC/KODIWrapper work with all KODI Versions 16 / 17.x, In the playercorefactory can be instructed with rules, the player individually

    In Our Filebase under Zidoo ist a Playercorefactory 1.0 with many Playercorefactorys in diffent variants, when you need more help, please write your specials and i help you or post in our Forum in english, that is not a problem.

    Regards Lony
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  14. XtrordinarY

    XtrordinarY New Member

    Hey Lony,

    Is it still necessary to root the device before doing all this? I remember it was, back when I was using the wrapper with KODI 16.x.
  15. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    No, only XBMC/KODIWrapper need root ;-) no root, no movie will start.

    Regards Lony
  16. Blue-beast

    Blue-beast New Member

    Hi 'Lony'.

    I could not get the wrapper to work.

    I did exactly as you did in your video:
    - I had kodi 17.3 allready instaled,
    - I installed XBMC Wrapper from google store and ‘set it up’ as you did,
    - I coppied the playercorefactory.xml file in kodi userdata folder (XBMC/KODIWrapper - KODI17.X-VIDEOPlayer – version from the samples folder),
    - I configured the samba in kodi,
    - I set up all, exactly as you did (of course with may IP/username/password), but I can't get movies to play.

    When I start the movies, I get a kodi message of activating an external player and it looks that something is going to happen (it show the play button and the time), but nothing happens… I'm still seeing the title of the movie and 'kodi explorer'.
    I never even get a chance to choose a player as you did in the video tutorial.
    I can sense that I'm very close, but I don't know how to solve this.

    Do I have to root anything, as you are saying in your last post?
    Do I need to 'root' or activate a XBMC in any way?
  17. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    Did you root your X9s with Onekeyroot ???? This is required !

    At a first Start with XBMC/KODIWrapper did you get the PullDown Menu with the selction ??

    Regards Lony
  18. Blue-beast

    Blue-beast New Member

    No, I didn't root the x9s. I found on your de forum Onekeyroot.app...

    Can I just install the app from usb attached to x9s and thatis it?
    When the device is rooted, can I unroot it back or to get it in original state I have to flash it again?

    At first start I din't get PullDown Menu with the selection... probably because the device is not rooted?

    Sorry for troubling you so much, but I'm learning along the process ;)
  19. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    Sorry you must root the X9s with onekeyroot, this APK is from Zidoo, so no danger ;-)
  20. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    And the same APK can do unroot. At least seem so put Zidoo device as they was before rooting.

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