X9s - Wrapper Tutorial for external Player used with KODI 16.1

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Lony, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. XtrordinarY

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    Is there a way to get rid of the "press ok after playback external player" message?
  2. Blue-beast

    Blue-beast New Member


    when did the rooting, the movies started to work in kodi with external player :) ... I guess I missed the info when reading all the different instructions, that the device must be rooted so the wrapper can work.
    I do have the same question as 'Xtrordinary' with "press ok after playback external player" message?
    Also when adding a source (nas) to kodi, it must be done with IP number and not with nas name.

    I must say that from nas, the movies work, but from local disc or usb doesn't... what should be added to the playercorefactory file so that the movies would also work?
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  3. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    Down the new Version and the instruction for KODI is for SMB or NFS is ever --> It is important to create a new network source manually. With IP address and the correct user and password. The data stored here must be identical with the data from the XBMCWrapper.are to be avoided.!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Blue-beast

    Blue-beast New Member


    'Lony'... sorry for the late report. I didn't really understand what you mean, but I tried to add sources manually with IP address and then the videos worked.
    I must say that I'm very impressed with wrapper.
    Thanks for all the help.
  5. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    Thanks for Feedback, please give Feedback to xmister at the Google Store, thats help for other things. In Moment we tested NFS Support ;-)

    Regards Lony
  6. Lony

    Lony Active Member

  7. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    With the Last Version SMB and NFS work flawless !

    New Feature is, XBMC/KODIWrapper support BDMV Folder.

    Regards Lony
  8. litlgi74

    litlgi74 Member

    Hello all...

    I'm new to the X9S but not necessarily to media players...

    But I am having some difficulty getting kodi to use the external player by default for all media types on my server.

    ... I've tried using ZDMC 17.1... but it crashes quite a bit.

    Here's what I have going... I'm using an X9S (rooted) with FW 1.4.8, Kodi 17.3, and XBMC Wrapper

    I can get most of my media to play via the wrapper/video player but it requires the use of "play using..." feature of Kodi... The only files that play automatically in the wrapper are my 3D iso files.

    My BDMV folders will play automatically via the wrapper... but only after using the "play using..." feature... on each individual movie... I have thousands... so that really is not something I want or am willing to do... Also when using the "play using..." feature... xbmcwrapper is (default) for my 3D isos.. but videoplayer is (default) for all of my folder structure media. This is really frustrating because I chose the option to play BDMV Folders in the wrapper app settings as well as all video files in XBMC... but that doesn't seem to do anything either.

    I did choose Videoplayer and the "always" button after the "play using..." feature when I was initially asked what player I wanted to use inside Kodi... but this only seems to work with my 3D isos.

    Inside the wrapper app... the only player to select is "Choose by system"... Is there no way to choose the Zidooplayer inside the XBMC wrapper app or to modify the PCF to only choose the Zidooplayer for every media file type?

    Also... when playing isos and BDMV folders with the wrapper/videoplayer... chapters are no longer available... but they are present when using the standalone video player for all files oit side of Kodi.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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  9. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    First at all, the nativ Videoplayer (GoogleVideoPlayer for Zidoo it is the ZidooPlayer) is a SystemPlayer, not a Software Player like MXPlayer or another Player. When you press in the Setting "Choose Player" there is no nativ Player avaible. That is correct.

    Which Protocoll did you use, SMB CIFS or NFS Mount ??
    Which PCF did you used, the regular from the Wrapper or a modified Version
    Did you make a App Reset
    Did you get a selection at the first start from a video or Movie
    Did you selection the "VideoPlayer" or GoogleVideoPlayer
    When you start the Wrapper App, the only thing what you do is, setting SMB or NFS
    The permissions must be set correctly on your NAS or PC

    I used XBMC/KODIWrapper with Firmware 1.4.6. and i have no Problems.

    Thanks Lony
  10. litlgi74

    litlgi74 Member

    That part I did know.

    I used CIFS... I used the PCF from the wrapper itself... I reset all app preferences... I chose Videoplayer... I set up the SMB USER/PASS exactly as I did in Kodi.

    It's strange... like I said in my OP... my 3D isos work perfectly with the wrapper... but not my BDMV folders... the "play using..." must be used for those... and each one must be done separately for the wrapper to work. Otherwise... videoplayer and not xbmc wrapper is the (default) player.

    Should I be using a modified PCF... when I look at the XML FILE that is in the userdata folder of Kodi... the player for every file type is XBMCWRAPPER.

    Thanks for getting back with me.
  11. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    Ok you used SMB with CIFS, why not NFS with mount, is faster.
    Please copy the Playercorefactory in your Userdata Folder and make a APP reset.
    Please do not set in the Wrapper App the pont, "Overwrite the XML" and make a save in Wrapper App.
    Boot your Zidoo X9s and start KODI 17.X

    Tested it and give feedback.

    Regards Lony

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  12. litlgi74

    litlgi74 Member


    Just to be clear... you want me to paste your PCF file overwriting my PCF file in the userdata folder of Kodi.... Do a system app reset... Open XBMC Wrapper, and set up my preferences (except for the Overwrite of the xml)... Save. Reboot. Start Kodi.

    You're right about NFS bring faster... I will give it a try.... I had to wait a bit for my dune players to regain access to the NFS shares... which irritated my wife and kids... so I went back to SMB.

    For now... I'd just like to get this darned zidoo to work properly without crashing... once my Dunes were configured properly, they worked flawlessly... but no 4k with hdmi 2.0... yet.
  13. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    Sorry i don`t understand your Zidoo System, i and all others users out of my froum have in Combination with Wrapper and KODI 17.3 no issues or crashes. Many Problems comes from other Addons or Skins.
    And Dune is not a comparsion, this Box comes without Android.

    Regards Lony
  14. litlgi74

    litlgi74 Member

    I don't understand it either... I have no addons or skins installed on my Zidoo... and the only app I have installed is the xbmc wrapper... Hopefully with your help and the guidance of the developer... I can get these issues ironed out.

    Thanks again for your help... I'll try the PCF XML when I get home and report back

    PS. I wonder if it has something to do with the new zidoo FW 1.4.8...especially with lack if chaptees when playing through xbmcwrapper... time will tell.
  15. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    i check this today afternoon, when i install the new Firmware 1.4.8.
  16. litlgi74

    litlgi74 Member

    Your PCF did the trick.... Thank you.

    Now to get chapters to work.. any ideas on a fix? Chapters are visible and functional I the stand alone player... not in the wrapper.
  17. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    Ok, the new Version has a Bug Fix for the generated Playercorefactory, the next step is to fix the Chapter Issue. I have talk to xmister (Peter S.) and he is very hard working to fix the mistakes.

    Regards Lony
  18. litlgi74

    litlgi74 Member

    Wow... Great! Glad it's not just me. Let me know when there is an update...

    There is no way to eliminate the external player pop up window is there?

    Thanks Again
  19. litlgi74

    litlgi74 Member

    Does XBMC Wrapper work with third party addons? I can't seem to make it work.
  20. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    Which Addon, maybe you must edit the Playercorefactory with an new Syntax.


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