Poster wall slow loading ?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20' started by Johnwoto, Oct 18, 2021.

  1. Markswift2003

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    It’s great the new box doesn’t have the same problem but it’s a real mystery as to what was happening with the Z9S…;
  2. Johnwoto

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    Will let you know how I get on - Going to scan all my TV stuff in tonight since its updated to HT v4.
  3. Johnwoto

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    Had my Z1000pro for a few weeks now – I set the poster wall settings the same as you have mentioned previously – when loading the wall in for the first time moving slowly down to populate the wall – I also loaded all the TV stuff (3000 Files) had no crashes which is great – When the unit has been turned off for a day or so when going into the Poster Wall a lot of the posters have not populated until you move down the wall to Repopulate – I thought it could be an issue with the NAS so loaded about 100 films onto a HDD and put that into the Z1000pro to test – I get the same results on the HDD - This Only happens when the unit has been turned off then the poster wall doesn’t load in immediately

    Going back to the Z9S – I updated the poster wall to v4. and that seems to have stopped the crashing when all the TV stuff got scanned in
  4. Brad Scott

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    I've been having the same Poster Wall crashing problems on an X20Pro running 3.80. I have 7 sources across 2 NAS's with about 5000 UHD,3D,Blu-ray and DVD. I've cleared and reloaded. Currently the posters are stored on the local NAS's I'll clear and delete sources, delete the .Hometheater files and set the custom folder to local storage on the box.
  5. Brad Scott

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    Looks like my X20 Pro on v2.3.80 has the same issues as @Johnwoto , I cleared the library , deleted all the .Hometheater files and used the setting recommended by @Markswift2003 (whose help was much appreciated)

    I started getting crashes at about 1000 movies. I also noticed several other issues:
    1) After the library clear and fresh load Trailers no longer worked and you could not drill down on IMDB (ie for actor information)
    2) Source loads would hang and crash back to the splash screen, when I returned to the source screen, the source would indicate it was still scanning (menu popup), but it never finished and had to be canceled.
    3) The Posterwall web interface behaved different than the HDMI out. It was less sensitive to crashing but when it did movies would go to 0 and it required a Zidoo reboot (the HDMI almost never required a Zidoo reboot when it crashed)

    I've ordered a UHD3000 but am looking to restore the X20 Pro on an older version, either v2.3.35 ,which I have a copy of , or v2.3.60 which I would need to find.

    EDIT It looks like they just released v2.3.88 for the X20 Pro, it has 51 Home Theater fixes some look like they may address the crashing issue. I may try this first
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  6. Johnwoto

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    since updating the Z9s to v2.3.88 haven't been getting any crashes when TV stuff scanned in but the poster wall is slow at loading - I have now removed the TV stuff and the poster wall loads slightly faster but not instant it's so frustrating - This also happens with my Z1000pro - I find its when the players have been turned off for a while then go back to the wall it has to reload in - I'm sure when I got my first Zidoo the poster wall loaded in faster
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  7. Brad Scott

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    Thanks, I'll try the v2.3.88 update first on a clean DB.
  8. Johnwoto

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    Mine wasn't on a clean DB when scanning the TV Stuff in - I just added the source after the update to test
  9. Brad Scott

    Brad Scott New Member

    Update v2.3.88 seems to have addressed the major crashing issue and the posters are loading much faster. I did a fresh load on a clean DB with about 5000 movies (4K,3D,Bluray,DVD) loaded. I get an occasional crash when editing a movie or collection after a major load but that settles down given time.
  10. Teejoo

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    I have the Z1000pro and can't scroll through the posterwall without the posters reloading each time. I already posted it in the official Zidoo Facebook page, but no solution yet and I was pointed to this topic. It doesn't really mater what settings I use where the posters are stored.

    If I scroll the posterwall on my Apple TV app it runs perfect without loading the posters each time. That's how it should be. Is this even possible with the Zidoo?

    I'm on V6.4.20.
  11. Johnwoto

    Johnwoto Member

    Hi - it was me that posted on the facebook page - I have had this problem for a long time now - I have got it to load a bit faster without having my TV source loaded but that's not ideal - I have tried every setting spent a full day testing - I get that loading on the internal HDD where I have my 4k rips as I thought it could be something to do with my Qnap NAS - not sure why it does this - I will post a video of my poster wall on here over the weekend to show you what its like
  12. Teejoo

    Teejoo New Member

    I only use one source: my Unraid server. Everything is connected wired and I get almost full gigabit speed from it.

    It's a shame this essential part of a mediaplayer doesn't work properly. As you have seen my video on FB from the infuse app on my Apple TV is runs perfect and keeps the posters loaded no matter what speed you scoll.

    Hopefully Zidoo manages to fix this because the rest of the player is very nice.
  13. Johnwoto

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  14. Teejoo

    Teejoo New Member

    This is indeed how it looks with my player (Z1000Pro), although I don't even have to wait a day. It differs from time to time even after first loading them the first time. Some parts go fast, others don't.
    Also have a feeling choosing the first option save to device only is the fastest. Also disabling the dynamic background helps, but it really is a showstopper for me. The reason I backed up my collection is because I wanted to be able to scroll through my collection because this is more easy then looking at 1300+ physical discs.

    If this isn't fixed very soon I am going te return the unit and keep playing the physical discs instead of the back ups.

    What are your settings?

    BTW, I couldn't quote your post because of the links. How dit you post them?

    Edit: noticed this is the X20 topic, added I use the Z1000 Pro)
  15. Johnwoto

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    I have had this problem quite a while now it originally started with my X20 thats why its on the X20 topic but I don't think the problem has been like that all the time - I got the X20 nearly 5 years ago and was very happy with it so purchased a Z9S for the bedroom - since then I purchased 2 more Z9S and just recently got my Z1000pro 6 months ago to replace the X20 - It is a shame that the player does this - it seems better when I don't load all my TV stuff which has about 3000 files - I do like the player and what it does - I have had other media players in the past and I like the Zidoo the best - This problem isn't a deal breaker for me as I don't scroll through the wall everytime I use it - I have my widgets at the top of the screen then I have recently added underneath so all my new rips would show there

    The links in the post are just copied from streamable and pasted in to the chat

    Here are my settings

    Poster Folder.png Preferences_1.png Preferences_2.png

    I have tried all the settings were the poster wall saves to - custom was the best
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  16. Teejoo

    Teejoo New Member

    I just hope they are gonna fix this soon because it's such an essential part of a media player. In 2022 these things should work fluid..
  17. Johnwoto

    Johnwoto Member

    I agree - I have put up with it for so long I have forgotten how it should look - I do like the Zidoo players and the look of the poster wall - seen a couple of other poster walls but I didn’t think they looked as nice as HT4

    What other player would you go for if you decide to get rid of the Zidoo ?
  18. Teejoo

    Teejoo New Member

    I'm going to test the Zappity Reference to see if that's better. I already tested the Dune before I had the Zidoo, but the picture quality was noticable less compared to the original. So let's find out if the Zappiti is the same as the Dune.

    It's a pity the ATV doesn't support bitstream out. Otherwise the Infuse app would rule if they are going support menu's too.
  19. Johnwoto

    Johnwoto Member

    I would be interested in what you have to say about the Zappiti picture quality and how the poster wall looks also the interaction of it compared with the Zidoo

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