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    gino, AFAIK, all app for italian pay/on dermand TV dont't work on rooted devices, and sometimes don't work on all but a limited list of "selected" devices.
    I think rooting X6 Pro is useless for you, if Timvision is your target. For your information, I had some free month to test Timvision, but was unable to do it becasue no one ov my android devices is in the "permitted" list.
    Don't ask me this list, I haven't it at all.
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    Polish translation for OneKeyRoot 1.1.2

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    OneKeyRoot v .1.1.4 (for X8/X9S) can be used also for X6 Pro?
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    Please make update your thread.

    The file on first are outdated.
    Contains errors in English language and Italian language is not mine but translated with some automatic translation tools (and is not Italian).

    On post 20 I posted the apk revised with English and Italian languages fixed but no one updated the file on first post.


    There was an error in the syntax of your translation.
    If you use the character ' you should write as \' or you make the text between "",
    I fixed the text and added it to the apk.
    You can test the new apk with Polish translation (you can find it on post 2).


    Please revise the first post.
    - Add Polish translation file
    - Add my apk that contain English/Italian/Greek/Polish language (I revised my post 2 with all changes)
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    Please update if you want the translation for OnKeyRoot 1.1.4 for X9s.

    If you want you can contact me on bovirus at gmail . com

    You will find the attachment for 1.1.4 Master English language (is quite similar to 1.1.2 - two new strings)


    I believe that could be usefull for all to create a sub-section with your utils.
    Is not so easy to find looking for the threads.

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    Thank you for your sharing
    I like it so much
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    any solution for the X7?

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