OneKeyRoot ( root fuction)

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by HoneCharles, May 31, 2016.

  1. bovirus

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  2. nakata

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    its ok
    The new translation (naskit) has been uploaded
  3. spring

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  4. villasg

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    thanks fror greek / ελληνικα
  5. nikpas

    nikpas New Member

    I'm an italian user. the tool doesn't work! I have uploaded firmware at 1.0.38. Do you have any suggest for me?
    thank you
  6. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group


    Please don't post generic report.
    What doesn't work? Please post more specific.
    PS: I did'nt understand which relation there is with a problem that you are italian.
  7. nikpas

    nikpas New Member

    The tool to disable root permission (unroot). After its installation Premiu Play app show the same message and doesn't work!
    The relationship between italian user and tool exist because there is a specific tool called "only italia user"
  8. bovirus

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    That new version just include italian language (vs. previous version)...
  9. nikpas

    nikpas New Member

    ok...but function with premium play?
  10. nikpas

    nikpas New Member

    sorry...but it works with premium play?
  11. PacoRabanne

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    I don't think so.
    As far as I've verified, the "unroot" is not "deep" enough to satisfy Premium Play requirements.
    I've already asked Zidoo a more radical way to unroot X6 (and also to root it again after a real full unroot) using other way (flashing a artfully OTA file), but never received a response, neither a "is not feasible".
    Maybe when TWRP will be added to new FW, that include a file manager able to handle any file in any partition, you'll be able to remove any trace of files that make Premium Play thinking your device is still rooted.

    If anyone can deny what I've wrote, is welcome! Mine is only an opinion, I'm not able to check.
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  12. nikpas

    nikpas New Member

    Hi, Is there any news about the bug with italian app Premium Play?
    Thank you
  13. Harlan

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    It depends upon the individual app and the method employed to determine if the device has a working root account. Some programs might merely be looking at the build.prop file and making an assumption, based upon the fact that root access is a standard feature of all Android user-debug builds, without doing an actual root check. You can read about non-rooted builds here:
  14. Goldman

    Goldman New Member

    After rooting the box, is still able to upgrade the firmware using a flash drive?
  15. HaoSs

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  16. moreaki

    moreaki New Member

    Thanks for making this software available for us mere mortals to have a painless and swift transition towards a "rooted" device.
  17. gino

    gino New Member

    Hello, i'm italian member, i buy ziddo x6, but i cant install timvision, can you help me?
  18. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    Why did you buy X6? Support is already dead. They can't solve the basic problems, so they produce new Box models (with old bugs). And periodically add some new (useless) functions so they can call it "new firmware"... Return your device ASAP.
  19. bovirus

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  20. gino

    gino New Member

    thanks for reply, i try the program for root and root my zidoo x6 pro, but i don't install timvision. it is a program to watch TV and movies to subscribers to the telephone company TIM

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