Occasional jerky/choppy playback

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619BPD)' started by Markswift2003, Dec 24, 2023.

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    OK so how much ram do you have in your NAS as this is used for caching the file ?
  3. Visconti12

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    My is DS423+ with 6 MB ram, max for these series. Anyway RAM doesn't help but just for installed apps. The extra SSD cache will help a lot but it's really expensive.
  4. sandyj

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    Ram does help its used for file caching on all file servers and PCs and its there for a reason it you watch the resource monitor during playback you can see it filling up its not just for applications. My system has zero issues rewinding, pausing and fast forwarding playing multiple files at the same time with different systems all from the NAS.
    Two Ethernet cables plugged into the nas at the same time does not necessary improve the performance of the network and in some cases can have the opposite effect and will also depend on the performance of the drives used.

    Yes SSD cache can be expensive when done right you need server type SSDs and preferably NVMe drives standard consumer SSDs can cause rebooting and drive resets when using the caching system if its under high load they are not designed for this type of application. I would say the SSD cache is more useful when doing other operations on the NAS at the same time as using the Zidoo as I also store a large amount of files on the NAS.

    Is your Ram compression turned on ?
    Did you put the additional Ram in after your NAS was installed as that does not size the swap file correctly to match the Ram and may cause incorrect paging ?
  5. Visconti12

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    Some of your comments agree and some disagree. My experience:
    RAM memory noticeable when running apps. It'll help in multiple access. Ram compression is off in despite there's a controversy on this regard. Actually it's better to increase RAM to the maximum capacity.
    Doble Ethernet cable speed up the whole system performance a lot. You've to create a bond and benefit of complete duplex 2000 mbps.
    SSD cache will/may help but can't assure since I don't use it, just what Synology says. Obviously NAS are created to store large number of files.
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  6. lbos

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    I can now report that my VC-1 playback issues (looking like half frame-rate video upon resume) has been fixed with a recovery back to v.1.0.52. For me this problem appears to have been caused by the beta firmware. VC-1 playback is now working fine for me.
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  7. darqman

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    I'm using an internal drive and still see it on occasion.
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  8. gymnos

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    This issue is related also with Z2600 and UHD5000?

  9. cucnz

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    All models i beleive thou not everyone actually gets it

    ie ,i never see it and im doing full iso/complete 4k movies almost everyday ,on top of 2-4 hrs of 1080p 2160p tv epis

    And only thing i do different Still ,is i set video to 24fps ,not 23fps as recomended ( yes it does mean more pauses at start while things get sorted ,maybe thats why i get no issues)

    Only 2 things effect my Z9X Pro atm ..the occassional loss of the Set EDID (usually loses vs10 for all) and the still not working MCH audio playback in 5.1 channels
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  10. Duke Sweden

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    Greetings from the newest member of the Stutter Club. I just finished watching "American Assassin" and it almost gave me an epileptic fit. I just got the Z9X working today, there's a ton of bugs that I won't get into here. Hooked up to an Emotiva MR1, and from there to a Samsung Q80c 98" 4K tv. Some movies play smoothly but I've only watched them for 5 minutes while doing sound checks (like I said, I just got the zidoo set up and running today). Some movies will actually stutter and freeze seconds into it, during those Intro sections (Paramount Pictures presents, for example). Then the same movie will play flawlessly the next time I play it. "Bumblebee" practically blew up my system when I demo'd it this morning, then tonight after "American Assassin" I did another quick demo and it played fine. Anyway that's my story. I can't believe this problem has gone on this long especially since the Z9x non-pro did not have this problem at all, according to what I've read here.
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  11. Duke Sweden

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    How do you set the video framerate? I haven't seen that in Settings anywhere.
  12. cucnz

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    have you done all the suggested settings from sticky thread on first page of the pro model section ?

    quick settings
    Display / Resolution / select 3840x2160p@24hz /then turn on lock resolution
    Samsung tv so unsure on exact settings re VS10 DV etc for me its VS10 DV for all

    but like i asked at top ,have you followed the recommended settings from
    also are you on latest .75 firmware ?
  13. Duke Sweden

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    Yes, everything is set to those suggested settings.
    Samsung doesn't support DV so I set it to HDR10 only.
    That doesn't tell me how to set the framerate specifically to 24fps.
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  14. Duke Sweden

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    Well tonight I watched Dungeons and Dragons from beginning to end with no glitches or stutters at all. I found that once I start the movie, not to pause or exit or anything, just let it play. I'll have to test this theory out tomorrow on American Assassin, which, as I said, almost gave me an epileptic fit last night. So it should make for an excellent test for my theory.
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  15. cbnbmore

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    It almost seems wise at this point if you have an older earlier generation player to stick with that for now until Zidoo decides they are going to support these new chipsets better. It seems like a total crap shoot right now if one is going to get satisfactory performance at this point. Firmware updates are far and few and definitely not at the rate needed to provide good support.
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  16. Duke Sweden

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    I just bought it last week. And I keep forgetting to mention it's a Z9x Pro so I don't think it's an earlier generation player. btw I did test "American Assassin" and for the 5 minutes I watched it, it played flawlessly.
  17. cucnz

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    Mark did a summary of update timespans for this model and last one
    up till .75 update this range was actually ahead for updates on the earlier model over same time span

    we know .80 alpha has been out nearly a month now , so something should be coming soon
  18. Martin Farinha

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    Well I have 5 days left on my return window (UHD5000) and I'm not sure what to do. The juddering I get on vc1 encoded blu rays is driving me crazy, can't think what else to try. It's not all the time but it is all the time on certain vc1 disc based rips. Blade runner and Dune(1984) are rock solid but Rio bravo, Gone with the wind, 2001 and The searchers suffers from Parkinson's something fierce.
    Could I losslessly transcode from vc1 to h264?
  19. cucnz

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    could you run the bluray discs thru Makemkv and just use the mkv remux
    It is what the zidoos engine is optimized for
  20. Faceman2k24

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    For early Blurays where VC-1 was common, makeMKV will still result in a VC-1 encoded file, however the box does have hardware decode support for it so it may just need to be in the right container to work properly.

    I have a handful of VC-1 Blurays but I re-encoded my rips of them to H264 years ago due to VC-1 having poor support on a lot of modern hardware, some of those blurays were even Interlaced which further added to my desire to re-encode them.

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