New fw for X9S v2.1.36

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by leonkoum, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    just check it and no one mention that we got an update
    have you try it, give me a feedback if the HDR2SDR work
    coz for what i know, the HDR2SDR only work fine on 2.1.28
  2. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Member

    Turned on Zidoo, Appears 2.1.40 was officially pushed OTA.

    Does it always ask you if you want to update the same firmware you are already using. That seemed different for me this time.
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  3. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member


    1. Add support for aiff music files.
    2. Optimize the screen saver function.
    3. Fix the problem that DLNA cannot cast screen after entering the screensaver.

    Video Player
    1. Add press the information button to display poster information.
    2. Fix the problem of pressing the function key to continue playing during pause.
    3. Optimize subtitle download
    4 Optimize poster information display of player.
    5. Video information display interface, add video title.
    6. Add external subtitles, press the delete button to delete subtitles

    Image Player
    1. New feature revision.
    2. Add custom folder function.
    3. Add the function of setting the folder as a screen saver picture.
    4. Optimize the slideshow function.
    5. Fix the problem that the vertical picture is stretched in the slide show.
    6. Add the function of exclude folder.
    7. Add the function of exclusion by folder name

    Home Theater
    1. Update to version 4.0
    2. Optimize the sorting function of the navigation interface.
    3. Fix the problem that Douban cannot match
    4. Fix the problem that child lock will be ignored when playing directly.
    5. Fix the problem of incorrect data after sorting widgets.
    6. Optimize the ratio of local trailers.
    7. Optimize sorting function.
    8. Optimize the details interface.
    9. Fix the problem of incorrect TV viewing history.
    10. Fix the problem that the detailed title is too long.
    11. Fix the problem that the letter navigation and the prompt picture on the left side appear at the same time when display in list mode.
    12. Optimize TV series matching.
    13. Added trailer start time setting in detail interface

    1. Add screen saver settings
    2. Add input method selection settings.

    Media Center
    1. Optimize the playback history display.
    2. Added playback history display switch.

    Bluray Navigation
    1. Add function to display movie information when press information key.
    2. Fix the problem of not being able to navigate after entering the screensaver.

    1. Optimize the display of playback records
    2. Add the playback record display switch
    3. Fix the problem that the wallpaper of the file manager is not synchronized occasionally

    Control center
    1. Optimize connection stability

    1. Optimize webpage installation function

    1. Optimize the boot display speed
    2. Add shortcuts sorting function (press the menu key or long press the OK key)
    3. Optimize animation fluency
  4. VonMagnum

    VonMagnum Member

    So how does V2.1.42 firmware compare to the quite stable 2.1.28? I don't want to upgrade if it screws something up. (i.e. people seemed to dislike most updates after .28)
  5. Miguel Freitas

    Miguel Freitas New Member

    So far, so good. No bugs detected.
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  6. 2.1.42 has given me some problem with the home theater so far. I wish I could revert to 2.1.40. Auto play random is by default and we can't disable it. Also, some issues with home theater when matching files and never had this problem before. For some files it jams when matching and it gets me back to the zidoo home menu. Get 2.1.40 and wait for an update.
  7. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    To get back flash with this method:
    Then upgrade to desire firmware.
  8. VonMagnum

    VonMagnum Member

    Does the newer firmware/home theater versions recognize Dolby Atmos soundtracks yet (for the information screen about the movie)? It recognizes DTS:X here for the older 2.1.37 version here (shows a DTS:X icon in the information for the movie). I'm just wondering if there's a compelling reason to upgrade on the chance something newer might be screwed up.
  9. lucabis

    lucabis Member

    Hi everyone I would like a confirmation, the best firmware is the. 28? I have the .25 and with 4k the images are sometimes blurry and have halos.
  10. To me the best is. 40
  11. gepppppp

    gepppppp New Member

    Where can i downoad ht 3. 0?
  12. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    What version do you've installed and what version are you looking for?
    3.0.50 (McBluna mod for RTD1295/RTD1296*)
    4.0.7 (McBluna mod for RTD1295/RTD1296*)
    4.0.8 (McBluna mod for RTD1295/RTD1296*)
    4.0.20 (McBluna mod for RTD1295/RTD1296*)
    4.0.21 (McBluna mod for RTD1295/RTD1296*)
    4.0.31 (McBluna mod for RTD1295/RTD1296*)
    4.0.32 (latest from Zidoo for RTD1295/RTD1296)
    4.0.37 (McBluna mod for RTD1295/RTD1296*)
    4.0.38 (McBluna mod for RTD1295/RTD1296*)
    4.0.39 (McBluna mod for RTD1295/RTD1296*)
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  13. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    if you display do not support HDR then i suggest .28 is the best choice
    i used it with my fullHD SDR projector

    but since i get a new projector now that support HDR10
    now i`m using Z9X coz this one can give a very nice SDR to HDR conversion :D
  14. tosh123

    tosh123 Member

    BTW, for those with an old 4K TV: the Z9X gives also a nice HDR to SDR conversation with the DV-engine.
  15. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    yes, HDR to SDR too have a very nice outcome now
    good job from Z9X
  16. Stefano C

    Stefano C Member

    hello everyone, I have a lg oled cx tv and I have a problem with my zidoo x9s (firmware 2.1.1 blocked): when I play avc / h264 files the black level is altered and I have to set the tv to "high" otherwise the image is not displayed well. Any suggestions?
    My settings are:
    HDMI Mode: Auto
    Deep Color: Auto Color
    Space Mode: Auto
    HDMI Range: Auto

    Thanks everyone for the help.
  17. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    what firmware you using now?
    i use 2.1.42 and i just lent my X9S to my friend, by chance he using CX too
    i let you know if he has same trouble as you
    btw what content do you play?
  18. Stefano C

    Stefano C Member

    2.1.1 (the firmware is bricked)... content usually are .mkv files
  19. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    my friend reported that X9S with 2.1.42 firmware have same issue about black level :(
    he tested remux files hevc 10bit HDR10 and X9S just output to be yuv444 8bit even the deep color already set to 10bit and space mode to yuv422
    and there is banding too but as far i know it was fine when i using it with my LG 4K LCD TV

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