New fw for X9S v2.1.36

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by leonkoum, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    so i think the latest ZDMC based on kodi 18 only can work in the latest firmware, not the one i use now :(
  2. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    just flash it with image file, you can find the file and tutorial here
    and you can find other firmware available here
  3. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    btw i notice, is that X9S a 64bit machine or not?
    and why they only can install 32bit apk
  4. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i appreciate this new HT gui but i dont like the 1st row section why i cannot change it to other category
    now somehow this gui look very similar with emby, i dont mind but i prefer previous HT, its much better than this one :p
  5. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Terrible program,
    First because of the lack of a screensaver, dont use it with plasma or oled tv.
    It can permantly damage your panel. (Same for the zidooplayer, dont pause it, always stop playback so kodi can activate screensaver)
    Second the terrible scanning of tv series. 50% not reconized.
    If it does scan correct then only the selected language, no fallback to english. So many episodes without plot.
    In the new gui the genres are in selected language and in (empty) english, stupid.
    And so on and on. Terrible.

    Greetings from mister positive. :)
    Stay healthy to all!
  6. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    R u SURE 3.0 home theatre works with x9s? I've got most recent firmware and HT app.. haven't tried 3.0 yet, but it seems when the new scrapes r added to my EXISTING library created in an older HT version that they aren't compatible...

    For ex. I have a DVD of Iron Man.. then I add the Iron Man Blu-ray & rescrape with bluray.. Now they are together under One poster.. When I click on poster to view both versions CRASH!! (back to home) This also will happen after I play an EXISTING DVD that was in my library..after playing it updates the badges..If I try to go and view those movie details next time...BAM CRASH!!(to home screen)

    WTF is going on here?? I could delete my 28 SOURCES & rescrape.. but I'd LOSE the 1000s of REMATCHES I've done.. There are 11,000 in my poster wall..its a HUGE headache, but I'll do whatever I have to because the CRASHING makes it UNUSABLE... I can accept bugs, but this isn't functional this way.... any suggestions,???

    thank you.
  7. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    I have X9S with v2.1.28. HT2.0 worked and HT3 works too. My database is old as well created in the past and upgraded with new versions of HT. No issues.
    Maybe you got to memory or space limitations? There are functions in Set UP that show you memory and disk space. Check when HT is open.
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  8. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    me too, i use 2.1.28 and work fine with HT3.0, Genre look good, even they can scan for additional disc and put it in Documentary section
    and the best part is, i dont have too rescan it, just using previous data from HT2.0
    IMG_20200514_152738.jpg IMG_20200514_152750.jpg IMG_20200514_152842.jpg IMG_20200514_152854.jpg IMG_20200514_152926.jpg

    but i prefer the previous interface so i un check the Classification mode in Settings---Poster View
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  9. Love3Dwatmos

    Love3Dwatmos New Member

    Thanks for the links, I thought those were V1.1.4 links but they were the 2.1.1 I was looking for! And it is a 64bit hardware that seems to only run 32bit stuff (which is ridiculous), unless there have been updates I am unaware of.
  10. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    no, i checked it, still only 32mode in this new firmware

    but i want to know, is this X9S support bluetooth audio? coz i want to pair it with my bluetooth headphone and my X9S cannot detect any bluetooth device :(
  11. Love3Dwatmos

    Love3Dwatmos New Member

    Tried to update via usb from V2.1.1 to V2.1.28. Anyone know how many hours I should wait for the green screen to change to something else? It's been 2 hours so far. I'm beginning to miss my Rpi3.
  12. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    for me no more than 10minutes i guess, never count it
    make sure your thumbdrive format in FAT32 dan plug it in USB2.0 port
  13. Love3Dwatmos

    Love3Dwatmos New Member

    Up-graders, Beware

    Just an update to anyone who comes across this, I followed the directions exactly and still bricked my device after owning it for 2 weeks. I got it with V2.1.36, successfully downgraded to V2.1.1 and should have stopped there, but I read V2.1.28 performed better and was hoping to get rid of the micro stutter that makes many of my videos unwatchable.

    I formatted a Lexar stick I used to successfully downgrade and knew to be reliable to Fat32, downloaded the V2.1.28 update from the Zidoo website, and followed the update directions from the UI. It all went according to plan, copied files etc, but then just sat at the green screen. I left it on the green screen for about an hour then, perhaps foolishly, turned it off to try again. From the point on it would just show the Zidoo screen for about 5-10 minutes, then go to green screen and sit with the word "boot" on the lcd the entire time. I have tried leaving it for 24 hours but nothing ever changes from this. Tried the Zidoo unbrick method, tried different usb sticks, newer, older, different brands, kingston, sandisk, lexar, nothing affects this thing.

    Then I went for the UART method, waited the month, got my ttl to uart, tested it out, painstakingly hooked it up, followed the directions from the great Slavansiz (post #141) and couldn't even get a prompt through Putty which I use regularly with my raspberrypi. Frustrated is an understatement. I have combed the forums and found people with the same problem but no solutions. Any suggestions would be appreciated, including recommending another device that will play 3D MVC iso's with bluray menus and Dolby Atmos tracks AND 4k content.
  14. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i have twice downgrade and flash it with v.2.1.28, run normally
    maybe other factor cause that
    why didnt you flash it again with 2.1.1 and try it upgrade it online to 2.1.28

    other device maybe you can try Dune or Zappiti or Himedia
    Dune HD Pro 4k is very identical as physical and specification
    Zappiti mini 4K HDR using the same chipset and capability especially for uhd bluray menu
    Himedia Q10pro using different chipset, have the same capability, but they dont have poster apk by their own, rely kodi for it

    but for me zidoo X9S is my favourite choice by capability and off course the price too :D
  15. tosh123

    tosh123 Member

    If you are fine with KODI so the Vero4k+ is the only solution at this time. the firmware is still Beta but should be soon in the main source tree.
    Support for BluRay menues are a little bit week in KODI.
  16. Love3Dwatmos

    Love3Dwatmos New Member

    Thanks, I have tried downgrading, upgrading, booting with different versions of firmwares using both the reset button method and non-reset button (unbricking) method, nothing works. Everything results in the same Zidoo screen for a few minutes then green screen with the word "boot" on the display the whole time. The LED always stays red and any usb sticks inserted into it never light up, regardless of which port they are in. I wish there was a way to remove the splash screen and tell exactly where in the boot process it stops, or some way to access logs, something, anything!!!

    From reading other posts it looks like Zidoo had blocked a lot of recovery methods, perhaps in an effort to force upgrading like Apple got caught doing.. Just really frustrating because I spent several days trying to find a player that met my needs and the X9S actually did. Then I spent a month trying to find one because no one sells them anymore, Amazon is out, ebay is out. Then I finally found a used one online and for a few glorious weeks all was well, but then it was yanked away from me.

    I'm looking at the vero 4k+, it looks british made and the Brits have been great supporting the Raspberry pi. The Vero people seem to be willing to let people access the boot process better then the Chinese Zidoo who seem bent on making sure their code isn't stolen. That seems ironic, but I have to hand it to them, Zidoo made some pretty fantastic code. I guess I wouldn't want to lose it either.

    Anyway, thanks for the quick response and the support. If anyone knows a Canadian that wants to sell their X9S...because the forums report the z9s doesn't yet support 3d mvc playback, despite claims.
  17. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Where did you hear that?

    Z9S is playing 3D MVC just fine. I have my old trusted X9S and recently borrowed Z9S from my buddy that bought brand new X9S on Ebay for around 80 USD.
    What the forum is talking about is a short pause on latest firmware that supposed to fix seamless branching issue in Z9S. It introduced this short pause when switching files in 3D MVC ISO format. I think previous firmware was working OK using direct play function. I have this latest v2.3.32 on Z9S and waiting for fix from Zidoo ;) It's not a show stopper. The pause happens when switching scenes like a new chapter not too often. I think v2.2.96 was the trusted recommended firmware for Z9S. You could try this first.
  18. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    new firmware v.2.1.40
    Fixed the problem of no channel information showing.
    Fixed an error in getting the sampling rate.
    Optimize the folder scanning function.
    Optimize album logic.
    Optimize front panel information display.
    Added songs information for CD playback.
    Fixed an issue where there was no online match.

    Media Center
    Add support for SMBv3.
    Add file filter switch.
    Fixed the issue that the SACD files in the Favorite would play as video.

    Home Theater
    Update to the new UI of HT 3.0
    Optimize title recognition, compatible with the "season x. episode xx" video.
    Optimize the focus control of the collection list when adding to the collection.
    Fixed the problem of occasional crash when scanning.
    Added "Remove collection" function for automatically categorized collection videos.
    Optimize movie add to collection function.
    TV series categories added to the left column of the homepage.
    Added trailer function in movie details screen(can be closed in settings).
    Optimized the display of the new collection of fanart.
    Fixed the problem that the movie pictures matched from Douban are not clear.
    When the movie has no poster, the local picture is still used, even if the preferred local image switch is off.
    Added poster preview function for rematch.
    Fixed the problem of occasionally crashing when entering the details screen of the movie analyzed by NFO.
    Lock icon will no longer be displayed on the main screen when child lock password protection is closed.
    Fixed the problem that movies with the same title from different years will be matched to the same movie.
    Added CLEARLOGO function in the detail screen.
    Add Pop-up key function of remote control.
    Fixed the problem that "scanning" is always displayed when adding devices.
    Fixed the problem that the change of poster language does not take effect.
    Optimized sorting function.
    Search TMDb first when intelligent search.
    Optimize the child lock function.
    Added full keyboard input to search screen.
    Added category browsing mode.
    Added custom widget function.
    Added custom classification function.
    Added the time reverse display for the recent addition of watching records.
    Fixed the issue that widget of external device is not displayed sometime.
    The main screen widget adds region selection.
    Add custom function to the type in main screen.
    Fixed the problem that the type in main screen is displayed in English individually.
    Added browsing mode for devices in main screen (file and poster browsing).
    Add switch display Settings for recommended functions in the main screen.
    Added local trailer function(movie name. trailer.mp4).
    Added alphabetical navigation function to the poster list screen(effective when sorting by poster name).
    Optimized trailer playback logic.
    Change the default layout size of the poster list screen.
    Added function to clear application data.
    Optimize application stability
    Added editing function for navigation in category screen.
    Optimize the function of editing TV series on the web.
    Optimize the accuracy of getting the movie year.
    Optimize the matching rate of videos with title in brackets.
    Fix the problem that TMDb matching rate drops due to modified Douban matching.

    Contorl Center
    Add a confirmation switch if authorization is required.
    Add sleep interface to mobile phone control.

    Optimize installation from web.
    Added support install from mobile phone.
    Mobile Phone Control

    Optimize connected device management
    Add the function of installing local applications

    Added screenshot saving function.
    Added function of installing shared app file to ZIDOO device.
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  19. Pelayo

    Pelayo Member Beta test group

    that update has been available since June !! what's going to publish that now?o_O
  20. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    thnx.. Ive been using HT3.0 for a few months now, & while not perfect, it is LIGHT YEARS ahead & better then ANYTHING I was working with in HT2.0!! woohoo!!

    I get occasional crashes.. I need to find the memory info u refer to.. Regardless, even with the crashes, with HT3.0 I at least have a FUNCTIONAL system! I commend the upgrades & look forward to more..

    Also...what would be a worthwhile UPGRADE box from here?? What hardware will give me a reason to upgrade???
    Thanx for all the great support..
    Inspirational community help here.:):D

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