New fw for X9S v2.1.36

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by leonkoum, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    my 2Tb hdd attach to X9S using sata port
    when i transfer a big files like bluray untouched from my pc, it always say that i dont have enough space in my hdd, instead they still have plenty space about 300Gb
    but if i get that file using file browser in X9S, it can do but the transfer rate only can reach 40mBps :(
  2. ysthbl

    ysthbl Member

    what is the best firmware so far ?
  3. korayus

    korayus New Member

    I have similar problem with NAS device and problem is about windows. If you map your network hdd and If your internal HDD dont have enough space, it thinks network device free space is same as your internal hdd. I know its strange :) copy your files from pc but dont via MAP drive, use network places and find zidoo from there and copy.
  4. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    For X9S general consent is v2.1.28
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  5. ysthbl

    ysthbl Member

    I have not use the device since a long time and I am so happy because of that the firmware wich installed in the device is v2.1.28.

    but I have a problem with kodi 18.6 . it keeps closing everytime I launch it .

    anyone knows what is the problem with kodi 18.6 ?
  6. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    actually one of my hdd was broken :(
    after i replace it and everything work fine now but i'll keep it in my mind what you suggest and thanks for advice
    and btw in my PC i use network place not map network drive, so ithink it just oen of my hdd brok that make it difficult to access
    agree...coz i'm using fullHD projector now not my 4k hdr tv, and all my 4k hdr contents look fine without getting wash out
    i dont know why in latest firmware the HDR2SDR did not worked:(
    why not using ZDMC, i think there's gonna be a reason why they still developing their kodi fork

    unlucky me, i want to use ZDMC based on kodi 18.4 but failed to install the apk
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  7. tosh123

    tosh123 Member

    The last good working ZDMC was 17.6.1. Zidoo is a good device for using Home Theatre f.e. with ISOs, but for KODI there are better/other devices. I don't like the wrapper thing, and the ZDMCs since 18.x are bad supportet.
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  8. Franconian

    Franconian Member

  9. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    What could possibility be the advantage of getting this Kodi Wrapper and paying for it over ZDMC even older reliable version 17.6.1?
  10. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    That wrapper is a complete wasted of your money, do not use and pay for it !!
    Use zdmc 17.6 , activate external player . Thats the way.
    After that choose a nice skin for your poster and fanart views.
    I only use ht 2.0 for 3D iso, because from within zdmc i can not
    play the bluray menu.
  11. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    yes, for me HT is the reason why i bought this device :D never use kodi since
  12. ysthbl

    ysthbl Member

    I have installed the latest version of ZDMC but I have faced many problem with the Add On , it would not work :(
  13. Franconian

    Franconian Member

    If you want the latest Kodi Version (and don't want to use ZDMC and Kodi parallel) there is no way around it. For example several skins, addons (like video streaming plattforms that use Widevine DRM) need version 18.x, 19 is in the works. Sure, if that is not relevant, there is no need to move from ZDMC 17.6.1.

    What a bold statement. Just because you don't use it/need it, doesn't mean that it is a waste of money. See above. Its only a few bucks and its working fine.
  14. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Zidoo doesn’t work well with streaming platforms or any IPTV, Netflix, Amazon prime etc. It will stutter all the time if you don’t use Zidoo hardware player.
    Zidoo is high end player for your own media collection.
  15. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    What a bold statement. Just because you don't use it/need it, doesn't mean that it is a waste of money. See above. Its only a few bucks and its working fine.[/QUOTE]

    Its useless to run Kodi 18,19,20,21 ect on zidoo machine with bad working wrapper.
    Just for wanting to use a fancy skins or other non working addons, probably too heavy for zidoo anyway, is pointless.

    If some guys want to make some money for ripping people off with a wrapper for zidoo player be my guest.
    But do not advise it here for the noobs .
    The only thing this realtek chip is good for is local media played on zidooplayer.
    We had to wait for good 23.976 playback until 21.28 firmware.
    Dont mess things up with other firmware or bs wrappers you all.

    Enjoy your movies and stay healthy !
  16. Floha

    Floha New Member

    Actually I also prefer using XBMC and the wrapper.
    There are many advantages over ZDMC when you use up to date plugins and need up to date versions that are not months or years behind.
    The only disadvantage is that it costs some money, but thats well worth the app.

    "bad working wrapper"?
    Ive never once had a problem with it ... why should I? It uses the internal box player...
    Too heavy for Zidoo? This box runs 4k with as good as every codec up to Atmos sound perfectly if you set it up correctly.

    The only bug for some people at the moment is the sound stuttering sometimes in firmwares > .28 and that has nothing to do with ZDMC , XBMC , Wrapper or whatever because it happens in the internal box player.
    If this works again (like it already does in .28 and below) the Z9S is one of the best boxes you can get.
  17. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    What are those up to date plugins? Maybe we all can benefit out of those with Zidoo.
  18. Floha

    Floha New Member

    I use some newer plugins to control and view my movie collection to handy and tablet for example. Some other to check the TV program in my country or sometimes check file information with an overlay.
    Not to mention skins or just the changelogs, features and fixes over the last X versions. Or simply updates.

    Just check under add-ons for all thats possible.
    ZDMCs core 17.6 is from late 2017 if im not wrong and just not supported anymore by most of the solutions.

    Dont get me wrong!
    ZDMC works fine and will also support all video and audio updates because its also using the internal player.
    Its easy to use and runs out of the box most of the time.
    Its great if you just want to watch movies and dont miss anything and if it works for you stay with it.
    Just as other people prefer the Zidoo Cinema Solution

    But if you want to have a customizable system that works with newer content, skins, addons and plugins its just to old.
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  19. Floha

    Floha New Member

    And to get back to the topic of the .36 Firmware:
    Please fix the audio stutter bug that happens since .28 ...

    Theres also a post in the Zidoo X9s parent folder if you need more info.
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  20. Love3Dwatmos

    Love3Dwatmos New Member

    I'm sure this is somewhere on here but I just can't find it. Exactly how do you rollback the x9s firmware. I just bought one of these, no idea what original firmware was, but am on 2.1.30, would like to get back to 2.1.25 since that seems to be the least buggy according to consensus. Hoping that will stop the micro stuttering I have with some files (ones that play fine on my shield).

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