New fw for X9S v2.1.36

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by leonkoum, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    yes for what i`ve heard, if we already use 2.1.xx above and want to downgrade it just gonna cause bricked
    but strange, you still can use your device even it bricked
    so maybe i think its not bricked yet
    have you try just to upgrade it with USB or OTA?

    yes Z9X is star now but i still think HTPC still a powerfull than any media player but have a legally issue and consume more power
  2. Stefano C

    Stefano C Member

    Yes, I tried many times to upgrade with usb/ota without success, it's always locked.
    I tried the Plex/Plex media server solution and I think it's very interesting: I tried with my desktop (plex media server)+LG tv (plex app) and it worked levels were good in this way and it could play hdr with no problem... I haven't tried Dolby Vision yet...reading on forums I've seen with a nas or a mini pc not so much powerfull you can do plex for good (somebody says even a Celeron cpu is enough)...Z9x or this mini pc+plex solution is the one I would choise
  3. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    too bad :(
    i rather choose Z9X if only i use it for movie player only
    but for plex i prefer use direct storage than networking storage thats why i never using plex :(
  4. Stefano C

    Stefano C Member

    I understand...have you ever tried however? I haven't decided yet...actually even with black level problems so I have to switch black level when I play avc I think I'll stay with x9s until it will work or until it will be full dolby vision support on media players
  5. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i do not have dolby vision display, all i got here only HDR10 :(
    but what i heard Z9X never gonna can using DV content in .iso format coz legality reason
    so users must remux that .iso using makemkv if you want to watch DV content, or in short they only support DV single layer content
    i upgrade my X9S to Z9X just because i hope Z9X can do HDR10 contents much better than my old X9S and from what i see, its true
  6. Stefano C

    Stefano C Member

    "i upgrade my X9S to Z9X just because i hope Z9X can do HDR10 contents much better than my old X9S and from what i see, its true" yes, I suppose it either, this would be the main reason for me to upgrade zidoo with z9x, but I still hope there will be a "simple" fix to have dolby vision in zidoo's hard/impossible I think, but I'll wait again a little before buying
  7. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i dont think theres gonna be any box can play DV contents from .iso file cause it the same thing you legally the piracy :( unless the Dolby family give it for free
  8. DolbyVision

    DolbyVision New Member

    Seems to me in v2.1.42 HDMI Range: Auto outputs in Full. You need to set it to limited 16-235 for correct black levels.
  9. Franconian

    Franconian Active Member

    This is correct, I had this issue in every firmware over the last years.
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  10. burton

    burton Member

    Hi everoyne
    I have the 2.1.28 firmware and the seamless branching is still there, especially if my maranzt receiver is conneceted i get a pause while sound continues and then a fast foorward occurs for 3 sec of movie.I am sure this is due to seamless branching because it happens on the transition from file to file.if the receiver is not connected thes ituation is way better and not worth mentioning.
    has the problem been resolved in future versions, does anyone lese has the same experience?It is very annoying!
    This does not happen with all seamless tiltes but with some.....
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  11. yrxe

    yrxe New Member

    Hi, need help with home theater app. I used HT 4 which came with 2.1.42 release. Later during this year there seemed to be issues with trailer API. Hence I decided to try HT install that is shared for the latest zidoo devices. It fixed trailer playback issues, however I cannot play any video through home theater :(
    Maybe someone can share download link to latest version of home theater which works with this device?
  12. Franconian

    Franconian Active Member

    You need to install a modified APK of HT from McBluna. This allows to use the latest version on and old device:

    The latest regular release should be 4.0.25 for the X9S/Android 6:
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  13. משה לביא

    משה לביא New Member

    what is the latest update for the x9s?
  14. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Latest firmware is .42 and you can get it right from Zidoo website.

    The most stable and trouble free player was in .28 according to general consent.

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