New firmware v2.3.30

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by Dan, May 22, 2020.

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    This is a great update and bodes well for new models. Fantastic work.

    I only have a few gripes left.

    Firstly the Z9S has always struggled a little with full menu support. Mostly OK but I still have a few with issues. It would be great if the development team improved that part.
    Secondly HT and the way it scrapes Movies and TV shows is a bit arbitrary whether is uses TVDB or TMDB. Need to be able to designate a source as Movie or TV to sort this out

    But my list of issues has grown very small. Keep up the great work!
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    New fw ???? Where is it found, where can it be downloaded?
    This latest update v2.3.32 ?????
    I can't find one. You can't find the box either.

  3. 3DBuff

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    What problem you are talking about for 4 years?
    As far as I'm concerned my old X9S performs better than newer Z9S. I never had branching issues or dropped audio. No USB 3.0 losing connection either. It also looks like the BD menus works a lot better on X9S. All it needs is a fresh copy of HT 3 and good to go :)
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    There are customers who always play MKV's and others that never do as they play ISO's instead. These have different requirements and problems with media players. ;)
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    When can we expect 2.3.32 for the Z10 please?
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    Not long to wait it will be coming soon . :)
  7. 3DBuff

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    I did a little more research on BD Menu issues with Z9S compared to old X9S that works fine.

    My example is based on Gods of Egypt 3D ISO but I'm sure a lot more titles has similar issue with menus that don't work.

    Here is what I noticed with X9S with v2.1.28 playing BD Menu and correct playlist.

    This is correct title from X9S using BD Menu. Please note it is showing title 305 of 425. This will be probably sequential playlist file not the number off the file name.

    This is using direct player and trying to select the same title. Please note that it is showing 403 available titles and we had 425 up above using BD Menu.

    Now the same direct player with decoder info. The selected title 305 is showing as 327 of full set 425. I could probably try lower number few times to hit 305 on decoder info box. Unless the title is showing here as 305 this is not a correct playlist. The movie is jumping all over the sequence. It has to be title 305 in order to get correct playlist. Please note that time on this scene is 04:13 with title 327. The correct time for this scene from the first picture is 5:06 using title 305.

    Now this is a 5 min into the movie using Z9S. BD Menu is crashing at the beginning of the movie right after DTS logo. Can't use BD menu to get correct playlist.
    Using direct player is not much better. It is showing only 178 titles. I need something around 300! If I select the last title 178 it will be showing 200 of 425 titles on the decoder info popup screen. It appears that Z9S is limited to 200 playlists only. If the correct playlist is higher than 200 sequential files it will crash on BD Menu.

    @mirror, can you check the limit of 200 titles on Z9S? Maybe that what is holding a lot of those menus from working correctly. Old X9S does not have that limitation. At this point I can't play this ISO movie from Z9S at all. It plays through BD Menu from X9S without any issues.
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    From the next time (before updating) I will always uninstall the Google Play Store and Gapps. thanks

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