New firmware v2.3.10 version for ZIDOO Z10 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z10' started by pavlin67, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Placebo

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  2. danton3

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    And wouldn't Total Commander suddenly change names from lowercase to uppercase?
  3. Placebo

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    Why should I have to go to the trouble of installing a third party app and wasting time manually editing each file name to be consistent simply because the firmware has a bug? I download far too many TV shows to manually edit the file name of every one, I looked into a batch file I could rum to rename them so that the first letter of each word is capitalised but couldn't find anything, only option is to change them to be 100% uppercase or 100% lowercase which aesthetically I'm not a fan of!
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  4. danton3

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    Stupid what you write. Zidoo map in TC, mark all names with lowercase letters ctrl + m, click it. Even 100,000 names at once in 3 seconds.
  5. Placebo

    Placebo New Member

    I can do that with a batch file, no 3rd party app needed, but I don't want that. They should fix their bug.

    Thanks for calling me stupid, appreciate that.
  6. danton3

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    One solution I guess but having to do this every day I download new TV shows would be a pain, hence they need to fix their crappy bug already!
  8. Placebo

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    To je me lito ;) One of the few phrases I remember. Thanks for the pic but can't read the blurry text. Don't worry about it my problem not yours :)
  9. catorcio

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    with this Firmware (for the second time) while I am seeing movies in MKV, on hdd connected to usb3 the Z10 crashes, I have to restart it and then it's fine.
  10. danton3

    danton3 New Member

    So I figured out what to do with the malfunctioning SPDIF and Cinch sound in 2.3.10. I had to downgrade to 1.7.8 and then to 2.3.10. And the internal 16TB HDD still works well, as in 2.2.96.
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  11. Dimasi

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    It seems I have a lot of stutter with this fw .
    This happens when is upscalling the 1080 videos and I have in the quick setting the display in Auto

    When I choose 1080 then less or gone stutter ..Why ?
  12. Silton

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    I have the same problem. Sound drop when play my music collection (flac) and mkv concert (lpcm) via coax cable and ext. DAC. With hdmi cable its OK.

    My conf:
    Zidoo X20 Pro (v.2.3.10)
    RME Adi 2 DAC
    Audioquest coax digital cable
    Marantz power amp 7025 etc..
  13. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    There is a specific SPDIF fix in the v2.3.30 (v2.3.17 changelist). That one does not work?

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