New firmware v2.3.10 version for ZIDOO Z10 release

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  1. pavlin67

    pavlin67 Member

    MD5 Hash: 6915C10FF9D6D9CFA35A68E5F54CC945
    Upgrade method:OTA

    Changelog (Google Translate):
    1. Optimize the problem of the USB 3.0 port even if the device is lost
    2. Fix the problem that DTS track music cannot be played
    3. Fixed the issue that HIFI music will not play automatically next time
    4. Optimize online playback
    5. "Information" key, display the current HDMI output information
    6. Optimized the problem of abnormal sound after DTS music playback is paused
    7. Fix the problem of abnormal sound of Bluetooth device when HDMI output is set to source code output
    8. Fixed the issue that Dolby Atmos audio freezes in some individual film sources
    9. Optimize DLNA projection function
    File manager
    1. Fix the problem that the same share name is displayed in NFS (for Usbshare multiple external hard disk cabinets, only one can be found)
    2. Cancel the top navigation category and add the list rotation function
    3. Added CD disc insertion tips
    4. Optimize sorting function (save separately by path)
    5. Added the function of pressing "Popup" to return to the top of the list
    6. Fixed the problem that the played video does not prompt the watched icon
    7. Modify the problem that the volume label does not display more than 20 characters
    Poster wall
    1. Optimize the display of the details interface and the movie video
    2. Optimize segmented video scanning
    3. Optimize scanning to solve the problem that stopping scanning during scanning may cause unmatched videos to not match properly when continuing scanning
    4. Solve the problem that the child lock set is not displayed synchronously after the movie rating is initially set
    5. Increase the HDR corner mark (scanned videos will not be displayed)
    6. Optimize file name recognition
    7. Optimize application stability
    8. Optimize bracket processing for title recognition
    9. Added trailer filter filtering, the word 'trailer' in the file name will no longer be scanned
    10. Optimize the NFS mount method
    11. Fix the problem that the background service causes the setup wizard language to be incorrect
    12. Fixed the problem of disordered video in the folder video list interface
    13. Fixed the problem that poster information cannot be obtained based on the file path
    14. Fixed the problem that the total number of videos on the device does not change after moving the video out of the poster wall
    15. Clear device and delete device will remove related video information from database
    16. Fixed the issue that the poster does not refresh after modifying the rating of the child lock
    17. Child lock setting interface adds function description and child lock reset function
    18. Optimize the collection function
    19. Fixed the issue that playback records cannot be saved when playing NFS source
    20. NFO added sorttitle field support, only use this field for sorting in movie collection interface
    Music player
    1. Optimize folder browsing function
    2. Add CD playback function (requires external optical drive)
    3. Optimize the sorting function
    4. Optimize the calculation method of scanning progress
    5. Optimize track identification for SACD and CUE albums
    6. Improved the interface of obtaining track list, and solved the problem that the mobile phone cannot control the CUE / DSF track list of the temporary list
    7. Modify the time display format of CUE to keep the same with SACD
    8. Optimize focus control logic to solve the problem of focus flicker
    9. Modify the recording method of the playlist to solve the problem that the last song in the random play mode will be rerandom.
    10. Added screen saver function in play details interface
    11. Fixed an issue where the list interface displayed an error after the grid layout removed the list
    12. Fixed the problem of getting albums when playing music from file manager
    13. Fixed the problem that the lyrics could not be closed without playing the details interface
    14. Fixed the problem that sometimes the detailed interface picture cannot be obtained
    15. Added automatic full-screen playback switch
    16. Added music file information display to the list
    17. Solve the problem that search interface focus may be lost
    18. Fix the problem that the song is cut abnormally in the playback interface
    19. Modify singer details interface
    -Add album sub-categories, you can directly enter album details from the list
    -Add picture subclasses, you can set the default, delete and add operations for pictures
    -Add details sub-category, you can browse all the information of the singer
    20. Add "View Artist" and "View Album" functions
    21. Add song names that do not match the file name "track + number"
    22. Fixed the problem of flashing back when pressing the "Home" key in the folder song interface
    23. Fix the problem that Bluetooth remote control connection stops playing
    24. Add multi-folder scanning. The abnormality will be displayed after the scanning is completed, and the normal display will be restored after all scanning
    25. Fix the problem that the time of the song displayed on the front panel is incorrect
    26. Fix the problem that the sample rate of the playback details interface is incorrect.
    27. Fix the problem that some DTS-CDs cannot be played
    Local player
    1. The problem that the optimized bit rate is displayed incorrectly
    2. Fix the problem that the movie name is displayed incorrectly
    3. Add ZOOM function
    4. Increase the video ratio
    5. Fixed the issue that Polish subtitles are displayed in Portuguese
    6. Optimized subtitle download function
    7. Optimize the front panel USB icon display
    8. Optimize the problem that DVD cannot select chapters
    9. Optimize ASS subtitle display
    10. Fixed the problem that the srt subtitle space is not displayed completely
    11. Fixed the problem that the file name of the DVD folder was displayed abnormally during playback
    12. Optimize the setting of video scale interface display
    13. Add sequence play function
    Blu-ray navigation
    1. Added the function of subtitle track list displayed by shortcut keys
    2. Optimize subtitle download function
    3. Fixed the problem of incomplete display of srt subtitle space
    Quick settings
    1. Add ignore EDID function
    2. Add video sequence playback function
    Scheduled shutdown
    1. Modify the problem that the traditional display is abnormal
    Picture manager
    1. When optimizing the slideshow, the picture is blurred
    1. Optimize the problem that the weather is not available in some cities
    Mobile APP (need to update mobile app v.1.5.5)
    1. Add audio offset setting in the setting interface
    2. Folder browsing function has been added to the music device interface
    3. Application interface adds sorting function
    4. Fixed the problem that the same device is repeatedly added to the music device interface
    5. Fixed the issue that the CUE / DSF track list cannot be obtained from the temporary list songs
    6. Optimize the problem that the application interface icon is not displayed
    7. Optimize poster wall interface display
    8. Solve the problem that the file management is affected by the search bar, and it will return to the upper directory when rescanning SMB or NFS
    9. File manager adds list refresh function
    10. File Manager adds CD-ROM drive list

    How to upgrade

    If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

    New ZDMC 18.4
    New Gapps 1.2.4
    Zidoo Controller iOS
    Zidoo Controller Android
    Zidoo Controller 1.5.5

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  2. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    the ZOOM function of the local player is unnecessary lengthens the image, it is disappointing.
  3. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    Nice, going to try out now....
  4. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    First impression is positive, the problem with the usb3 ports seems to be solved.
  5. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    image quality seems to have deteriorated.
  6. Vismantas Bagdonas

    Vismantas Bagdonas New Member

    1)music player 5.0 crashing at scaning folder for music. totaly unusable program ! cannot play anything:mad:
    2) coax spdif problem still not fixed.:(
    3) looks like picture quality is lower, worse colors ... (but this may be my imagination):eek:
  7. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    After a few tests i can say that the usb3 ports work correct. I can not confirm that the picture quality is lower than before and the coax problem has never been a problem to me.

    Now a new ZDMC and i am happy again.
  8. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    Local player, deteriorated MKV 1080p is not heard.
  9. catorcio

    catorcio Member

  10. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    is it possible to go back to the previous version? 2.2.92 was better for me
  11. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Flash Full Image 1.7.8. , then direct flash 2.2.92BETA, install GApps, Root, ZDMC

    Have you done this also with the new 2.3.10? I have no problems with the new version.
  12. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Member

    No problems with the new version! No changes in the sound or video quality! Very good as usual!

    Edit: Got back to the previous firmware as the HT 2.0 has several problems, such as, the mentioned here by other users and also doesnt work properly with 2 files with the same name, but different kinds (ISO and MKV: it plays wrongly the selected file)
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
  13. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    It seems to me that the image is too bright and faded
  14. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    No problems with sound or picture quality on 4K remuxes so far on mine...
    Miguel Ramos likes this.
  15. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Not really. Prove your settings.
  16. arcazal

    arcazal New Member

    I have also noticed the poorer image quality. Firmware 2.3.10 Zidoo Z1000
  17. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    I'm not the only one who noticed it.
  18. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member


    It looks like you are not the only one who did the update the wrong way. How have you installed the new version? Gapps removed and new installed? You made a factory reset? I know several owner who installed the right way and have no problems like you.
  19. catorcio

    catorcio Member

    I uninstalled and installed ZDMC, New Gapps 1.2.4 is not installed, I did not restore the factory settings, because the factory settings have not changed them and I should reinstall all the apps.
  20. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    After watching a couple films last night, I did notice one small problem with this firmware.
    When bringing up the video infomation osd i.e. the screen the that shows video file bit rates etc. The movie would pause as expected, but once you resume play the video would somtime continue without any sound, and it would require a small rewind or fast forward to bring the sound back.
    I use the shortcut of 15sec fast forward/rewind on my remote as a work around to bring the sound back as a quick work around.

    Hope Zidoo Tech would look into this small but annoying issue.


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