New firmware v2.2.61 version for ZIDOO X20 release

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  1. mirror

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    Since v2.2.56 changes:

    1.Optimizing ATMOS Audio track Output
    2. Fixed Mute Function invalid when HDMI IN working
    3. Fixed the problem that some files can not obtain forced subtitle
    4. Fixed the freezes problem of some audio tracks for some MKW films
    5. Optimized system stability.

    Home Theater

    1.Added function that loading external devices automatically and automatic scanning switch .
    2. Fixed the problem that the post wall will match failed when stopped scanning manually.
    3.Added Focus looping function of left navigation list in setting interface
    4.Added Blu-ray navigation select box for match-failed movies
    5 Changed some UI of device interface
    6. Fixed the invalid automatic update of background
    7. Added function that importing previous setting after date cleared

    Quick setting

    1. Added function of locking resolution
    2. Added 1080P23 and 4K23 resolution options


    1.Added function that when showing video information the movie will continue playing.

    Music Player

    1. Optimized music player stability
    2. Optimized date analysis.

    Since v2.1.40 changes:
    1.Optimized https download of transmission in openwrt
    2.Fixed random no sound occurred in extreme NFS and SMB internet environment .
    3.Fixed abnormal play of Individual source .
    4.Added chapter selection of MKV videos.
    5.Added Control 4 certificated drive. Drive download:"true"
    6.FIxed Individual TV’ (Such as Samsung KS series) splash screen problem when plays in 4K 24Hz 10bit YUV444.
    7.Fixed no dispaly of some TV when restart them after sleep mode.
    8.Optimized system stability .

    1.Fixed date display way of main interface when language setting in Chinese

    1.Optimized accuracy of matching .
    2.Optimized stability .
    3.Optimized SACD matching and added matching of info files.
    4.Added matching function of album.
    6.Optimized analysis of album related information.

    Home Theater
    1.Fixed possible program exception error caused by cancel collection.
    2.Optimized searching way that the post wall will continue matching by first letter, and will show the movie with high matching degree first
    3.Fixed virtual Key Layout of searching interface.
    4.Fixed date no update when NFO matched films rematched to be TMDB films .
    5.Fixed invalidation problem of INFO key and POP key in third layout of main interface.
    6.Fixed the black line showed in the right part of the too long headline in second layout of main interface.
    7.Optimized matching accuracy of post wall
    8.Optimized interface display of main interface’ left pane .

    Quick Setting.
    1.Added play modes setting .

    Local Player
    1. Added chapter selection of MKV videos.

    Blu-Ray Navigation
    1. Optimized accuracy of Blu-Ray Navigation

    1.Added sustaining record function when HDMI output turned off.

    1.Fixed crash problem when sending order to fast.

    Download url:

    MD5: BDAAA202A192E6FD1B6AAD327F4E3C34

    Upgrade method:OTA

    If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

    How to upgrade
  2. gymnos

    gymnos Member

    I don´t understand 'Since v2.2.56 changes', the previous version was 2.1.40 for both X20/Pro.

    Thanks Zidoo team.
  3. gymnos

    gymnos Member

    Hi mirror, a few videos played and seems very stable to me, but I have several questions:

    - DTS-HD or DTS-X audio tracks aren´t labeled properly when pressing Audio or Info button (appears just DTS 5.1)
    - How to activate Chapter selection on MKV videos

  4. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    sounds promissing!

    But AGAIN: Please provide a FULL IMAGE!!!
    NO MORE OTA!!!!!
  5. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    @mirror: Please define how a SACD Iso Database must be set up and structured to allow a correct detection/scraping of album, artist, titel, etc:
    - Folder nomenclature and structure?
    - Naming of ISO Files?
  6. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    It is a full image which is most convenient for standard updates without loosing all data and settings.
    I agree that a supplementary new emergency flash rom-image would be nice.
  7. myzidoo

    myzidoo Active Member Beta test group

    Seems also stable to me...having toyed around and found no noticeable problems. Thanks for the improvements.

    ONE THING though ...almost there with mkv chapters of a mkv file which has chapter NAMES and not only chapter NUMBERS

    It would be nice if pressing the menu button it would display the chapter list WITH the NAME of the mkv chapter and not only as it is now the chapter number "for ex: 2/12".

    The NAMES of the chapters display ALREADY NOW when
    - you press INFO while playing an MKV with NAMED CHAPTERS and then press "more" :
    - you enter the video information screen (which BTW will pause playback)
    - you scroll down you will see the chapter informations with time, language aaaannnd .....CHAPTER NAME.

    Displaying chapter NAMES is very helpful for concert mkv where the chapters have been renamed with MKVtoolnix as in most cases one chapter = one song. It's way quicker than go through the full menu.
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  8. gymnos

    gymnos Member

    Some requests for the next firmware:

    - DTS-HD and DTS-X audio tracks aren´t labeled properly when pressing Audio or Info button (it shows just DTS 5.1 or 7.1)
    - Gapless playback for Music Player 3.0
    - Stutter with 29.97fps files
    - Crackling issue from speakers with DTS movies

  9. Luigi

    Luigi New Member

    Hi all, during playback flac or HD music in general there are many "click" (the audio jump... sorry for my english, I hope to make you understand).
    I had this problem also with all the previous release of the software.
    The HDD is formatted by Mac as Journaled.
    Thank you for help!
  10. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    Feedback on MP 3.0 in FW 2.2.61 for x20:

    - The App crashed directly after starting the initial SACD Iso Database import (After Reboot the source is displayed with zero entries but refreshing works at least)

    - Only 2 Artists are displayed (should be 27)

    - Occassionan distortion/background noise during playback. Not reproduceable

    - 5.1 Tracks are only played as 2.0

    Still a long way to go before this banana software is worth calling a Music Player.
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  11. Zwanzig

    Zwanzig Member

    Gentlemen from ZIDOO:
    - !!!!!!!!!!!!! IT CAN NOT CHOOSE A POLISH LANGUAGE IN THE AUDIO AND SUBTITLE MENU !!!!!!!!!!!! (MKV files) (not repaired by 4 new firmware - it only worked on the factory firmware - it was over YEAR).
    - forced subtitles in MKV files still do not work
    - ZDMC does not forward AVI files to the Zidoo player by default
  12. skelton

    skelton Member

    Thanks zidoo team for this update! :) just installed it and will be trying it out more in the next couple of days but at first glance, everything runs fine here. Nice to see that you keep working on regular updates.
  13. sussexmat

    sussexmat New Member

    Sorry, but this update is even worse for DVD ISO Navigation than it was before. Very few of mine work at all and lock up in the Top Menu or go to a totally different Scene from what was selected. Back to my 6 year old Linux based Dune, which has no problem with any of my 300 DVD and BD ISO's.
    Wish I could find a way of disabling the Lyrics in the Music Player. Apart from being distracting to me, a lot of the time, it's showing the wrong song. But at least it's not in Chinese anymore.

    Also, I've found Forced Subtitles for MKV don't always work either. Again, the Linux based Dune displays Forced Subtitles for MKV (also with named Tracks Display from the MKV) and DVD/BD ISO Subs correctly.
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
  14. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    I agree with the flaws, but the other side of the coin is that in fact it is the currently best integrated Music Player for any Android Media player I have seen. :p

    There are a very few better music players for Android Smart phones (external USB DAC) working also on media players when it comes to SACD playback. ;)
    Even Dune bundles their € 1.500,- HD Ultra 4K with a Smart-Phone APP being HiByMusic to enable SACD/DSD via Internal USB.

    The good news is Zidoo is clearly investing right now in HD Audio next to Video, this seen the new Zidoo UHD2000 model announced yesterday. The new model is specifically geared at the SACD audio lover. So problems in that area will be solved for sure. This next to being capable to support other Music Player APP's.
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  15. ferrox

    ferrox New Member

    I have just updated to latest firmware and after resetting to factory before and after installation, I re-install my other apps. However, after successfully re-installed Viki and ES file manager, my X20 Pro can not be booted up. The Zidoo logo keeps showing and after a while, the screen turns half white and half green and goes back to Zidoo logo again. I need to know how to hard refresh or hard restart this unit. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  16. Johnwoto

    Johnwoto Member

    This is how i flash mine down, check the PDF out

    Attached Files:

  17. ferrox

    ferrox New Member

    Thanks..I have successfully flashed and re-installed the newest firmware and now I still need the Google Play Services APK that is compatible with my X20 Pro. :(
  18. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  19. ferrox

    ferrox New Member

    @Nice Monkey do you have a link for me to download? I have tried latest APK and it causes the whole unit froze so I have to flash it and re-install again and again. :(
  20. steve m

    steve m New Member

    Hi Guys,
    Any one else have audio sync issues with this update ?? , come across 3 movie so far that have had sync issues

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