New firmware v2.1.40 beta version for ZIDOO X20 Pro released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20 PRO' started by mirror, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. mirror

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    Since v2.1.30 Change logs:

    1. Optimize the system stability.

    2. Optimize HDR display (available MaxFALL and MaxCLL output)

    3. Optimize the bluray navigation.

    4. Fixed the probleam that some MOV format videos could not be played.

    5. Fixed the probleam that playback lagging for some hard drives.

    6. Fixed the probleam that having to power off and restart when upgrading system sometimes.

    7. Fixed the issue of audio jump for some special playlists for Bluray (seamless branching).

    8. Fixed the probleam of prompting cannot play when playing videos sometimes.

    Music Player

    1. When playing SACD, the playback interface adds information display.

    2. Optimize the usage wizard display.

    3. Optimize the problem that the order of playing songs in some irregular CUE files is incorrect.

    4. Optimize the music data matching.

    5. Added feature that pairing songs by ablum.


    1. Fixed the problem that cannot re-match on PC.

    2. Fixed the problem of not recognizing the DVD folder.

    3. Improve stability.

    Media Center

    1. Add switch to enable playing video with third-party video player.

    Image Player

    1. Optimize background music for slideshows.

    Quick Settings

    1. Added the pageup key definition Settings.

    2. Added the timing play key definition settings.

    Model:ZIDOO_X20 PRO


    Download url:

    MD5: FF448C055097C162557C9ED83E7BD6E4

    Upgrade method:OTA
  2. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    No 2.1.40 beta for the x20?
  3. zarathoestra

    zarathoestra Member

    Thanks mirror it solved my issue with the main port audio (also referring in the av forum ) with using the SAME hdmi cables . It is also more stable now so we are getting there.
    Wouldn't it be more accurate for poster information , movie and tv serie info relying on the imdb data base just like the zappiti does . They are still the upper-hand in that area and still miles ahead.
    grtz ;)
  4. Goar

    Goar New Member

    It is still not possible to capture more than 12000 songs (music files) in one folder in one scan!

    The music player app closes after that - crashes! Everything has to be started from scratch. It is just not possible to capture or scan more than 12,000 songs! But I have about 70000 songs (music files) on the hard disk.

    If you stop the scan in good time - e.g. after 8000 songs (music files) and you want to update the folder, does the scan start at zero? That does not make sense!

    VERY, VERY SAD AND DIFFICULT, that you seemingly CAN NOT solve this problem.


    Before that, there have never been any problems in this regard!
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  5. leskos

    leskos New Member

    Hi Dev team.
    Can you tell me when you will add SACD multi channel playback for Zidoo player?

    Also there is a bug in video player. Zidoo see Polish subtitles and audio track as Portugese. Can you look in to this? This bug was present in all firmware.

    There is one more thing. Zidoo can`t see 5TB portable hard drive connected to it by USB. Can you fix this ?
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  6. zarathoestra

    zarathoestra Member

    Download subs does not work actually it never worked ... says always failed ...
  7. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Could you please help us to get a Log file?We can't reproduce it.[ld]ZnVKKmVViAFMcQ==.html
  8. Goar

    Goar New Member

    Attached Files:

  9. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    You are right, got it. Will check it soon.
  10. Goar

    Goar New Member

    Great, I'm happy. My guess was a timeout to audioscrobbler (music database server) or something ?!

    Thanks a lot for the response

  11. E de Heer

    E de Heer New Member

    Still not possible when playing dvd with page up or down button to go to next number or scene
  12. amx006

    amx006 New Member

    Music player have great problem, my founding:
    1) when play DSD files, sometimes mute (no sound output) after first track finish, kill task not help and need reboot to have sound again;
    2) "pop" sound come out sometimes between each track, customer service suggested to change filter setting and not help. (tried all filters);
    3) randomly, play DSD files, after several seconds, will play in "slow motion", kill task not help and need reboot to have sound again

    use internal DAC, play DSD files from NAS
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  13. Ubylive

    Ubylive New Member

    Thank you for the constant improvements. Unfortunately still some problems from the normal video player... sometimes during the normal playing of movies the play suddenly interrupts and the screen remains frozen like we would be in pause mode, need to push the ok to unblock and restore the normal playing... this happens usually one time during a movie (I mean not always but still relatively frequently)
  14. zid2019

    zid2019 Member

    Hi!Glad to read Im not the only one who had this bug. Im just worry about this not cause any serious problem with my X20Pro.I can restart with backside switch only. So Zidoo-Tech can we expect a new fw?
  15. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal Member

    Yeah your right,for me also it never worked,english subs work but no dutch subs.
  16. Teratron

    Teratron New Member

  17. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    There is progress: No Chinese anymore and English + Spanish work for me mostly. No Dutch yet.
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  18. Tibor

    Tibor New Member


    Is it possible to get image file like was in
    to flash up 2.1.40 firmware from USB3 port?
    The downgrade is not working for me.

    Why it is need? I installed the GappsInstaller-rtk-7.1_v1.2.1.apk to get Play Store, and system became very unstable.
    Finaly I removed the Play Store and Chrome. The system is OK now,- after some Factory Reset done.
    But I lost 4K UHD Premium Content (4K 3840x2160 23Hz YCbCr444 36bit) that was before.
    Now is only 4K (3840x2160 23Hz YCbCr444 30bit) with same film.

    Are there any solution for this?

    Thanks in advance

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