New firmware v2.1.25 version for ZIDOO X9S release

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  1. lucabis

    lucabis Member

    from what I read, with this new firmware, has the problem of forced subtitles been solved?
  2. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    1. Optimize the stability of system.
    2. Optimize application stability.

    Music Player
    1. Solve occasional error message of playing the music through the file manager.
    2. Lyrics closing function is added.
    3. Add German and Polish language support.
    4. Optimize stability of application.
    5. Optimize the function of obtaining music information.
    6. Optimize the problem of automatically switching the next track.
    7. Fix the stuck problem of 64bit music players.
    8. Optimize the music basic information interface.
    9. Add album folder recognition function.
    10. Solve the abnormal songs display problem in flac album folder.
    11. Optimize the image recognition and profile text recognition of album folders.(need to clean the old data and rescan)
    12. Fix the problem that some CUE songs are not successfully matched.
    13. Optimize recognition error caused by suffix identifier of the folder.
    14. Add scroll bar for list.

    Control center
    1. Optimize stability of connection .
    2. QR code for downloading IOS and Android app.

    Poster wall
    1. Solve crash issue during the matching process.
    2. Solve the problem of recognizing ISO music as ISO video.
    3. Improve the recognition rate of files with parentheses in file names.
    4. Compatible with title of file name with "·".
    5. Optimize local image recognition.
    6. Fix inaccurate automatic update due to the incorrect judgment of the video file.
    7. Solve the problem that the restore function of mobile phone control app does not work.
    8. Add function to view folder directly in device list.
    9. Add device synchronization function.
    10. Solve jitter issue caused by long device name when scanning device.
    11. Solve abnormal folder size display on folder viewing interface.
    12. Solve losing focus problem after stop scanning in the device list interface.
    13. Fix the issue that BD cannot be deleted.
    14. Solve the problem that non-Chinese and non-English titles could not be matched.
    15. Fix the problem that the poster modification from web page cannot select image on the computer.
    16. Category browsing by movies/TV series.
    17. Optimize accented characters incorrect sort issue.
    18. Optimize the initialization speed of the sorting tool.
    19. Solve the occasional crash problem on category browsing.
    20. Turn on background dynamically by default.

    Local player
    1. Fixed player subtitles with more than 32 issues not displayed.
    2. Press the delete button on remote control to delete plug-in subtitle.
    3. Add more information interface for app control.
    4. Optimize the progress bar.
    5. Optimize play button no response problem after popping up menus.
    6. When switching to 3D mode, associated frame rate will pause time.
    7. Fix the problem that bit rate 1b/s show up coincidentally.
    8. Optimize some shortcut keys.
    9. Fix the problem that the download subtitle from mobile phone is different form media player.
    10. Add Playlist on Mobile phone App.
    11. Add more information of video display on Mobile phone app.

    Quick settings
    1. Add function that forced subtitles follow the language of audio track.

    One-click cleaning
    1. Add Polish language support.
    2. Fix the abnormal focus problem in the APK file management user interface.
  3. Appie72

    Appie72 New Member

    Did anyone managed to download v2.1.30? Download keeps failing, is there another link?
  4. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    download fine with me
    but what surprise me that 4pda forum did not have it yet :D

    gonna try it tonight

    i like the HT, it now have access to our movie folder from it source, so we can do editing and even to delete it
    IMG_20190928_201908.jpg IMG_20190928_201946.jpg IMG_20190928_201958.jpg IMG_20190928_202020.jpg IMG_20190928_202011.jpg IMG_20190928_202032.jpg
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  5. ewaldus

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    [QUOTE = "godalmighty, post: 95358, członek: 16937"] pobierz dobrze ze mną
    ale co mnie zaskakuje, że forum 4pda jeszcze go nie miało :RE

    spróbuję tego wieczorem

    lubię HT, teraz ma dostęp do naszego folderu filmowego ze źródła, dzięki czemu możemy edytować, a nawet go usunąć
    View attachment 3623
  6. Hi guys is there any way to play my video by default in ZDMC when i select a movie in Home Theater Poster Wall ?
  7. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i dont think so :(
    but why you wanna do that, coz for what i know, ZDMC (kodi) have a good scrapper than HT but HT have a better player than ZDMC default player
  8. Because HT default player wont downmix TrueHD audio into Dolby Digital AC3...
  9. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    You should work on your sound system a bit rather than compromising video quality using Kodi Player in order to solve audio conversion problem.
    Kodi or ZDMC player does not support hardware decoding properly and you end up with skipped frames, stutter and refresh rate issues.

    I was also going through audio issues with my old stereo receiver connected to the TV. Zidoo/Realtek player (from poster wall) does not allow center channel boost on stereo down mix like Kodi. Zidoo appears to be even worse compared to my TV doing the same down mix. It's like they split center channel volume at 50% between left and right. 2 speakers at 50% volume is something like 70% of the original 100% volume from center channel. It's not all that bad when using the headphones but on small stereo speakers with sub. the sound effects and music is much louder compared to dialogues.

    Trying to get it fixed from Zidoo is hopeless. It took them over 2 years to acknowledge and fix micro stutters that effected everybody on all types of 23.976 fps sources. They probably never get to adding center channel volume adjustment on stereo down mix since it would have to be done by Realtek group in player app. Player is not open source, not supported by Kodi and only Realtek has full control over this app.

    After struggle for a year I upgraded my small stereo speaker system to 5.1 and new inexpensive low profile Sony receiver 4K HDR and Atmos ready. I don't have space or desire to put large speakers and big amp for the 65in TV. I already have all that on my projector system with 150in screen. New receiver with small 5.1 cube speakers solved all my audio issues. The receiver is smart enough to map any raw audio signal to 5.1 speaker system. No more overpowering explosions and hard to hear dialogues. I also gained some other functionality like TV, Receiver and Zidoo HDMI sync., volume adjustments, input switching, Bluetooth to the phone etc.
  10. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    yes its true, kodi can downmix truehd audio but just like @3DBuff said, you will lose your video processing that native player have
    but if you have download proper content like bluray untouched, usually they profide more than one audio

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