New firmware v2.1.25 version for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, May 5, 2019.

  1. NeilMc1983

    NeilMc1983 New Member

    Telling the truth mate, absolutely zero reason to lie or spread false negatives towards the Zidoo.

    I absolutely loved the box, had zero issues with it for the last 2 years, unfortunately not every firmware is a hit and for me this latest update has completely ruined my experience every time I use the box now.

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  2. dzsur

    dzsur New Member

    Unfortunately, the error remained in the openwrt version the same

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  3. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    Working fine with my unit!
  4. NeilMc1983

    NeilMc1983 New Member

    Sarco, do you know if there's an option to change the look of the menu back to the original style? Like the image attached? Thanks in advance maxresdefault.jpg
  5. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    No, and it is true the old look and feel better...
  6. NeilMc1983

    NeilMc1983 New Member

    What do you think the chances Zidoo will revert back to the old look or give us the option of Changing it?

    Or how do we contact them and pass on the feedback?
  7. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    That interface is minimalist and suit for the last backlight remote, but I don't know if X9S is ship with that remote now, my unit is almost 3 years old and came with a primitive one. Personally I use logitech universal remote 650 and logitech k400 Plus keyboard and use media key like fast forward and chapter next instead of on screen icon. Would be nice to have a switch in menu to use minimal or full on screen access.
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  8. NeilMc1983

    NeilMc1983 New Member

    ok think I'll treat myself to a new zidoo backlit remote from AliExpress :)
  9. Miguel Freitas

    Miguel Freitas New Member

    How can we use operwrt for transfering files to hdd connected to X9S?
  10. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    like usual, if some error appear after updating, try factory reset first and if the error persist then shout out loud to the man who make the update :(
    coz most of users dont have the error after updating include you, so only your friend have something usually trouble
    just like my experience before, i update from usb cos my internet is slow :(
    like my report before, after 60minutes the installing update stuck, i dont hestitate to power it off coz usually to install 500mb files just took only 5-10minutes so i guest it should be some bad behaviour and i`m sure the installing already complete just cannot trigger the rebooting:p
    my X9S and PC are connecting to the same router and using samba to do it
    you can go to explorer in Media Center and pick SMB then scan it
    but first you should enable your PC sharing
    or you can make a network access from your PC to the external storage at X9S but not the internal storage, i prefer this one coz the speed is higher
    just click Add a Network Location then browse, you gonna find your external storage at X9S
    nfs1.png smb2.png
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  11. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    My 3 cents on this topic before we drift into old interface.
    First of all the new and the old player interface is still present on latest firmware v.2.1.28.

    The new slim interface with decoder info popup window is the default player interface when you use OK key (center of the arrows, old simple remote). Using single tap left or right arrow during playback shows time line.

    Arrow down will show bigger fast forward buttons for air mouse or people that like to see.

    OK button brings up the decoder info.

    I did order new large remote with back-light when they got to the market. I ended up not using it. The backlight and small buttons are not visible with lights out. There are too many buttons to learn all functions. I memorized few buttons on the old control and I used it with lights out to do anything I want.

    The old interface is still on the player when lunched from BD Menu. Those are the bulky fast forward arrows with header at the top showing filename and basic info. There is no way to switch between interfaces. Using BD Menu player puts you into BD navigation functions rather than player functions. Advanced player controls are not available and audio offset is impossible to adjust on the fly.

    IMG_1673.JPG IMG_1670.JPG
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  12. NeilMc1983

    NeilMc1983 New Member

    Thank you for clearing that up.

    My box jumped from firmware .25 to .28 so this is the first time I've seen the new interface.

    I'll try and flash an old firmware because I use the interface a lot and it's just looks so bad right now and has totally ruined my experience every time I use my Zidoo now.

    That's for the replies guys
  13. ysthbl

    ysthbl Member

    I haven’t receive the update till now, what should I do.
  14. pcristi

    pcristi Member

    Download from Zidoo server ZIDOO X9S-v2.1.28 then apply from usb.
    MD5: 798f3e48f70749f3ec71e83e5326b1be
  15. Why doesn't your 'friend' post for themselves! A 2nd or 3rd hand account is of little value to us and of no value to your 'friend'
  16. Got the OTA update (the first time OTA has ever worked for me after 2 or 3 years.

    The Musicplayer 5 works better as far as less crashes and transitions between tracks but it's still hopeless are far as reading tagged music files and building a library using that data. On that matter, it's no better than version 2. It can see the information in the tag, display embedded album art, and read some tag info. What is will not do is build the library with the information it just read or parse tags properly. It still has the same translation issue with "Musics" listed where 'Songs' should be. A slash in an album name still screws up Artist and Album names in the software. It finds all the songs in the wrongly used "Musics" tab but the tabs for "Artists" show no artists and the "Album" tab show no albums. There are no tabs for Genre or Year.

    I wish their developers would look at MediaMonkey, ProPlayer, Window Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, Kodi, Amazon Music, Oppo UDP-203, Marantz and Denon receivers, Samsung TVs, LG TVs, etc for inspiration on how to make a music player. There are plenty more examples of better interfaces than they have implemented. Read the tags and use that to build the library data out! Read the tags properly! I shouldn't have 8,500 songs with zero artists and albums.

    My cars can read the same tags and build out the library. My phones can read the same tags and build out the library data, My Samsung and Oppo UHD players can read same tags and build out the library data. My LG and Samsung TVs can read the tags properly and build a library, My Samsung blu-ray players can read the tags and build out the library, My Sony and Marantz receivers can read the tags and build out the library. My computers can read the tags and build out the music library. Pretty much everything in the house and parked outside can properly handle these music files except the X9s and X8 devices.

    The lyrics it finds on the internet are rubbish. The files are already tagged with lyrics and it can't read those.

    The Musicplayer is hopelessly wrecked.
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  17. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    the subtitle offset for .srt set default to 140 :(
  18. JBA6

    JBA6 Member

    Thanks to Random_Vibration for your report on Music 5.0 and sad to see they still haven't fixed such a basic fault which I have been complaining about on these forums since Music 3.0 was first released.

    Music 2.0 was at least usable but Music 3.0 put an end to that. This was the main reason I decided to give up and sell my X9S, switching to an A95X Max instead which both works fine with all my video files and using the regular Kodi 18.2 works very well with my music files too. If you want a really excellent Now Playing screen including synchronised lyrics (which works perfectly if you have LRC sidecar files as I do for some of my ripped albums) then I highly recomment Kodi 18.2 with the Aeon MQ 8 skin. Set it to switch to full-screen mode when playing music, you won't be disappointed. Unless that is you are not prepared to accept the 48KHz bitrate in which case I'd recommend the NVIDIA Shield running Kodi 18.2 which supports Hi Res audio up to 32 bit/ 192KHz via HDMI.

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  19. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal Member

    For a few months now i can't get smb to work,when i scan smb it does not find my pc and i shared a few maps,in the beginning when i bought zidoo x9s there was no problem,on my samsung tv i see all my maps and it works perfect,maybe someone can help me ?
  20. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    maybe u should enable SMB1.0 in windows10 if u using it

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