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New firmware v2.1.25 version for ZIDOO X10 release

Discussion in 'X10 Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, May 6, 2019.

  1. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Since v2.1.24 changes
    1. Optimized system stability.

    1.Fixed occasional no focal spot problem of User Interface

    Home Theater
    1.Added function that loading external devices automatically and automatic scanning switch .
    2. Fixed the problem that the post wall will match failed when stopped scanning manually.
    3.Added Focus looping function of left navigation list in setting interface
    4.Added Blu-ray navigation select box for match-failed movies
    5 Changed some UI of device interface
    6. Fixed the invalid automatic update of background
    7. Added function that importing previous setting after date cleared
    8.Fixed possible program exception error caused by cancel collection.
    9.Optimized searching way that the post wall will continue matching by first letter, and will show the movie with high matching degree first
    10.Fixed virtual Key Layout of searching interface.
    11.Fixed date no update when NFO matched films rematched to be TMDB films .
    12.Fixed invalidation problem of INFO key and POP key in third layout of main interface.
    13.Fixed the black line showed in the right part of the too long headline in second layout of main interface.
    14.Optimized matching accuracy of post wall
    15.Optimized interface display of main interface’ left pane .

    1.Optimized accuracy of matching .
    2.Optimized stability .
    3.Optimized SACD matching and added matching of info files.
    4.Added matching function of album.
    6.Optimized analysis of album related information.
    7. Optimized music player stability
    8. Optimized date analysis.

    Quick setting
    1. Added function of locking resolution
    2. Added 1080P23 and 4K23 resolution options
    3.Added play modes setting .

    1.Added function that when showing video information the movie will continue playing.

    Blu-Ray Navigation
    1. Optimized accuracy of Blu-Ray Navigation

    1.Added sustaining record function when HDMI output turned off.


    MD5: C74C633C7C133DF172CE4DB80707F4B4

    Upgrade method:OTA

    How to upgrade
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  2. Thank you very much for the new FW mirror.
  3. andys

    andys Member

    remains stored when the aspect ratio is changed?
    every time changing it is not good!!

    thank you
  4. andys

    andys Member

    aspect ratio is not good, new fw more problems than before ... this is for all fw zidoo!!
    change this software crap...every movie I have to change resolution...the new zidoo even so.
    and does not read all the movies as egreat and himedia.
    ma vaffanculo(translate)
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  5. Yaniv Dayan

    Yaniv Dayan New Member

    @mirror Can you tell me why the Hebrew subtitles bug that was reported by many means (forum, email etc) still hasn't resolved. This is extremely disappointing, since it's a 5 min fix...
  6. Blackbeen

    Blackbeen Member

    Still the 5-7 Second video lag at the start of mkvs. :-/
  7. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Does this fix the aspect ratio problem with certain TV series DVD's (480i) where you keep having to change from 4x3 to 16x9 with the affected recordings?
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
  8. andys

    andys Member

    yes(and bei aspect ratio fullscreen) and it's very annoying, software up to version 2.0.34 wasn't like that
  9. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Yes, it was fixed, or yes you agree it needs fixing?? I'm not talking about 2160p and/or 3d material.
  10. andys

    andys Member

    it has not been fixed, indeed it has worsened
  11. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    HT Player does remember the change for that file. If you re-play that same episode, it displays correctly, but there is no global setting.
    VLC Player plays the same file correctly and the PQ is better compared to the internal player, BUT you absolutely need a mouse to navigate the players controls, especially when scrolling thru your lists.
  12. andys

    andys Member

    previous versions were better, what is the use of new versions ... to get worse?
    not to mention the internal player that does not read everything, I am interested in the internal one ... with the TV player he reads better !!
  13. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Yes, it's called 'job security'. :p Just think, if everything was 'fixed', the coders wouldn't have a job.
    It seems many times (any) F/W updates, when something is 'fixed', it 'breaks' something else.
  14. andys

    andys Member

    yes, but we talk about other devices that have a higher cost with sw not good ..
    as hardware I have to say it's good ..
    problem of devenloper ?? incapable !!
  15. ssuper87

    ssuper87 New Member

    After upgrade to v2.1.25, this function (timing play menu) cancelled. Can i downgrade back to v2.1.22
    percent timing of v2.1.25 is not good.
    " the number key 0 to display timing play menu." is good to select the time to start again
  16. andys

    andys Member

  17. ssuper87

    ssuper87 New Member

  18. andys

    andys Member

    install after 2.1.22 OTA yes
  19. ssuper87

    ssuper87 New Member

  20. andys

    andys Member

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