New firmware v2.1.14 beta version for ZIDOO X9S released(Music 3.0 upgrade to 3.1.8)

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by zidoo, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. BREY

    BREY New Member

    on 2.1.14 Actually!
    on 2.1.14 Actually!
  2. filip kenens

    filip kenens Member

    Hello,i just want to say that playing 4k hdr 10bit is solved,just changed on tv from hdmi 4 to hdmi 1 port.
  3. filip kenens

    filip kenens Member

    Hello,i just want to say that playing 4k hdr 10bit is solved,just changed on tv from hdmi 4 to hdmi 1 port.
  4. Gedeon

    Gedeon Member

    Hi everyone.

    I'm just spent last days checking this tv box and this firmware release.

    I already knew some limitations:
    - Not native DLNA client
    - Not certified to be fully usable with Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc...

    So I acquired this box mainly due to its ability to play almost any kind of file with good quality.

    By good quality I mean, no judder, no skipped frames, exact frame rate and losless audio, no problems with colour spaces, HDR, etc... I understand not all files are created equal and there are out there a bunch of "bad files" but I'm sure most users here already know "those files" and there are things almost impossible to fix.

    So I'm partially happy, I mean I've found this combination of HW and SW really good, but sadly due to minor flaws (like 24.98 or old DivX 3 small avi files incompatibilities, some skipped frames,...) I'm thinking in going back to my HTPC. And I don't feel good, not because the money, but because this piece of HW is meant to be, mainly, a flawless player. And it's so damm near to achieve it that I just feel bad being so close to get it.

    I don't expect bells and whistles, or full DLNA, or full Netflix or an "awesome and nice" interface. I expect a good and realiable player, no more and no less. And I'm sure Zidoo team can do it. I'm sure they can get this HW to be a really competitive player against other more expensive solutions (like Intel NUCs, Shield, AppleTV,....) or basic ones (like smart TV integrated players or ultra-cheap tv boxes).

    And about the Music Player, I just think that since this boxes aim to demanding users about quality and features so I really miss a parametric equalizer, or at leas a 10 band equalizer. It can really help in some circumstances. With a few added features your Music Player can become a reference among these boxes without competition.

    The last question I have is about your plans about X9S and the other RTD1295 boxes. ¿ Do you plan to update to Android 7.1 ? ¿ Netflix support ? ¿ DLNA ? ¿ ZDMC updated to version 18 ?

    Thanks in advance !
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  5. Appie72

    Appie72 New Member

    I can confirm that x265 color range in 2.1.14 is good like in 2.0.34, nice job zidoo!
  6. JCJMC

    JCJMC Member

    Thanks Zidoo team
  7. Zidoo x9s was the same price as the Nvidia Shield when I purchased it. Around 200$. Indeed it shoukd be as good.
  8. filip kenens

    filip kenens Member

    All my movies don't show HD label,except the movies with BD and 4K,how do you fix that ?
  9. In my case the problem of stuttering in Web-Dl continues . :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  10. Gedeon

    Gedeon Member

    I've found an issue very annoying but easy to fix, I think.

    I need to define an audio delay of -0.125 seconds due to image processing but it doesn't trigger when I resume or restart a playback. I have to enter in the option and change it to make it work again, even when it's well defined.

    Thanks !
  11. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Question here for people familiar with Music 3.0 player. Can you navigate the musice using directories structure?
    I added one folder Music with various artists as sub-folders and albums within those. Music Player scanned the music files and generated sami recognized database. I can browse by artist (very limited), Albums (limited and all albums sorted alphabetically) and music all together. My music is already organized in folders. Is there a way to navigate scanned folders?

    Looks like ZDMC (Kodi) is winning here in the music departament. From browsing to scanning to on screen lyrics :)
  12. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    When I shut the TV off playing music Zidoo loses connection on HDMI. Turning TV back on gives me "No signal" message. Is there a way to keep Zidoo HDMI active or bring it back on without going through power or sleep functions?
  13. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    Lots of problems with Music Player 3.0. It is a pity they moved from beta Music Player 2.0 to alpha Music Player 3.0 before fixing the pending 2.0 problems. I would have preferred a stable version 2.0 before the introduction of the new fancy but hardly working scrapers for database and lyrics with version 3.0. Had the illusion fixes would come quick but they don't.

    Need to wait I am afraid.
  14. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    To BUFF & others:
    I know this may not be the best answer for those with stuttering issues on WEBdl files, but please give this a shot and maybe your aggravation will be slightly alleviated?? It's worked for me! ;) I have NO stuttering now in webdl files AFTER doing THIS...

    1) just remux the file into a .m2ts with TSMUXERGUI program..(takes 30 seconds)
    2) Leave all settings default except maybe set the intended frame rate before muxing... AND (in ZDMC) I always set the refresh rate to sync with tv only at START, opposed to adjusting during entire playtime..(that setting I think is only in ZDMC, but set it anyway bcuz you don't want the tv refresh rate to be constantly changing when you play a file that has FRAME RATES all over the place! (5fps - 70fps, ive seen).

    wish you best of luck! LMK thnx
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  15. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    @Tony77 , couple of issues with this approach.

    First - remuxing the file into .m2ts without recoding stream just changing container from .mkv to .m2ts may not change anything. The issues with stutter are related to mp4 compression with low bitrate of 4.5 Mbps or lower for video stream not container type or filename extension. If you recode the stream into similar or different codec you will significantly reduce quality on already heavily compressed HD stream.

    Second issue - suggested to set the refresh rate to sync with TV at START. This setting as you pointed out is in ZDMC and Kodi only. It applies to Kodi software player only and it is not related to Zidoo hardware native player found in HT 2.0 and media browser or as default player in ZDMC. The adjustments for Zidoo player are in quick settings (or full settings) in Zidoo main interface.
    I had quick summary on both players here.
    You stated that FRAME RATES are all over the place 5 to 70fps. Wow - you have some serious continuous stutter problem. I suggest you better look at it unless you are watching on very small and old LCD TV. Most of us bought Zidoo for our large screen 4K HDR TV's.
    You should never see any variations in frame rate at any setting unless you are using Kodi (ZDMC) player which stutters and drops frames all the time with this Zidoo box and it is absolutely useless. The frame rate is build into the video stream and most of the time 23.976fps. Your TV or projector display should follow it closely without any skipped frames never mind variations of 5 to 70!
    We are getting all up in arms here over 4 to 6 micro stutters during the entire BD movie article here and you talking 5 to 70 frame rate?
    This is higher end player to play media files not some cheap IPTV box.
  16. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    A (possibly pointless) positive report from me:
    Tested direct DVD playing though an external USB BD burner.
    Good! Is detected as a CDROM device by Media Center, and a DVD is seen as playable.
    Played as a full DVD (with menu, handled fine) succesfully!
    Thanks so much for this upgrade, I asked for this a long time ago!
    On the other hand, DVD resolution is so low that watching a standard DVD is not nice (on my current TV).
    X9S of course can't make it plays better!
    I haven't (yet) any BD disk to test, but at least this "new feature" is a nice (by this time unexpected) upgrade!
    Thanks again!

    Indeed, I still have issues on correct HDMI output settings on my TV.
    Setting all to Auto give always too dark videos, and almost all SD or HD videos are played as 2160p.

    DELUCAS Active Member

    Not watched a dvd in years now and id imagine its like watching vhs quality as such .
    Hdmi range normaly helps with darkness output .
  18. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    Quality DVD-9's don't look too bad on my 55 inch TV or even using my projector at 200 inch!
    Source quality is extremely important when up-scaling.
  19. burton

    burton Member

    Have you ever tested interlaced or 2:3 pulldown movies?Zidoo plays them at 20 fps or 30,30 fps which ofcourse is wrong.I am asking you because you like me still watch old sources like dvds.
    Those files are of course not bluray but from dvds and other sources with lower picture quality.
  20. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    I am pretty sure they are played with 50 PAL and 59.98 NTSC with the most recent FW.

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