New firmware v2.1.14 beta version for ZIDOO X9S released(Music 3.0 upgrade to 3.1.8)

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by zidoo, Sep 26, 2018.

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    No, I understand the need to verify

    But the Vertex and Lumagen Radiance both report 23.976 from the Apple TV as well as physical UHD disc players. The Zidoo and zappiti are 23.98 or 23.981
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    If the issue is really limited to playing 23.976fps at 23.98Hz screen refresh (scans) we should see one single double frame (repeated) of the same image in the sequence without skipped frame. I think there is more to it with Zidoo. I see it as pause and skip at the beginning of a new scene on HD and 4k but not on 3D MVC.

    I'm trying to find some time to record the screen at high speed and capture couple of those skips. I need to set the phone on the tripod in front of the TV and watch it by myself with the phone recording at the same time.
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    Doesn't Zidoo X9S have the NuPlayer option too? But I don't understand what it does.

    Btw, do you know if RMVB files work on this fw?. It stopped working a couple of FWs ago.
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    Nuplayer is used (default setting) for streaming services (watching video residing on an Internet resource).
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    Please translate "Duala" into dutch.
    So dutch subtitles are selected automatic.
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    What is duala?
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    I have seen that too. No idea how that problem was created?
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    Double Frame

    I did quite a bit of testing yesterday trying to capture single skipped frame issue. I set my TV to 24fps following film cadence without any frame interpolation or processing. Judder from 24fps hides and makes it harder to spot frame sequence issues. It looks like motion processor is adding frames to smooth out the judder but it also exposes and amplifies any frame cadence irregularity. I typically use medium setting for motion interpolation on my OLED TV with 24fps film and I see this blip in motion quite often.

    I tried different sections of movies to capture something noticeable. At the end I got 2 pretty good samples. I think the issue is cycling every 4 to 5 minutes similar to stutter issue but it is a lot harder to spot since it is one single frame paused for 2 frame cycles out of 24 per second. All frames are in sequence and none is skipped. Just repeated frame looking like the screen paused for fraction of a second. Impossible to see on a static scene. This micro stutter does look like 23.976 fps played at marginally faster speed 23.98. On the other hand why would video processor correct itself if it is displaying 23.976fps at the top left corner of the screen at the beginning of the movie? Wouldn't the movie just finish earlier by couple of seconds if the internal clock is off without pausing frames and adjusting the time position?

    Samples were recorded at 120fps with 1/4 playback speed at 30fps. Youtube playback speed can also be adjusted in the browser.
    Watch the man in the background as he is passing corner of the fireplace. The entire scene pauses for one additional frame cycle.

    Panning camera over the table in the middle of the sweep repeated frame.
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  10. Hi guys, i need some help. If i attach my NAS to different router/different IP, all my posters changed to default. Any solution for this?
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    I really appreciate you taking the time to test and prove there is an issue. This issue is my single biggest problem with the Zidoo so I hope it can be fixed and is not an issue inherent to all the realtek chips. Has Zidoo ever acknowledged this is a problem or every commented on this issue?
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    done updating my firmware. very very nice. thanks for this.
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    Zidoo won't remember the subtitle settings with intern subs like height... Please fix it
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    There is an option under Settings > System > Developer options:
    "Enable low performance mode
    reserve less buffer for playback"
    This is the same as Settings > Device > Display

    I tried this function on and tested couple of movies. Stutter is still there. Can't tell about the frequency but it appears early in the movies first 5 min and I'm assuming it will continue at similar frequency. Maybe it effects some other movies but I wouldn't put too much hope into it.
  18. @zidoo and @mirror I really don't know when you guys going to find a solution for the TrueHD downmix and now the new Z9s box is out. Hopefully this can be fixed on next firmware.
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    I know... I was too optimistic.
    Now i am trying tot get the zappity movie player running on the zidoo box.
    Hell of a job, no succes yet.
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    on 2.1.14 Actually!
    on 2.1.14 Actually!

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