New firmware v1.4.6 version for ZIDOO X10 released

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  1. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    v1.4.6 for ZIDOO X10


    1,Fix the issue that flv streaming is not playable.
    2,Adjust the accuracy of IR receiver.
    3,Fix the error of playback in APE music.
    4,Fix the issue that stream get stuck in some streaming apk.
    5,Optimize the transmission of USB 3.0.
    6,Fix the issue that the sata hard-disk can't be read after the wake-up of box.
    7,Fix the unexpected displaying of loading infomation when stream Iqiyi videos.
    8,Fix the issue that the box can't be wake up when USB 3.0 is connected with a usb stick.
    9,Fix CEC failure after wake up the box.
    10,Fix display failure when HDMI IN comes with 1080i video source.
    11,Optimize the system stability.
    12,Fix the problem in the simultaneity of audio and video in a certain App
    13,Improve the compatibility of rtsp and rtmp streaming
    14,Fix the black screen problem occasionally happens to a certain App
    15,Fix the error happens to continuous switching channels in a certain App
    16,Fix the failure to get audio tracks from online videos by system video player
    17,Fix the black screen occuring to some receivers when the Deep Color is set to Auto , Color Space is YCbCr444 and resolution is 4K@23.976 in the meantime.
    18,Fix the problem unexpected reboot during standby mode
    19,Nuplayer support Dolby and DTS passrough(Online stream)


    1,Improve the experience of operating progress bar.
    2,Fix the reading issue of BDMV titles.
    3,Optimize the shortcut keys for switch audio tracks and subtitles.
    4,Fix the issue that some subtitle can't be download.
    5,Fix the issue that some subtitle can't be displayed properly.
    6,Fix the issue some mkv files display two subtitles at the same time.
    7,Fix the malfunction of bookmark.
    8,Improve the playback of UHD bluray movie.

    1,Fix the listing information of some APE and FLAC can't be read out.
    2,Fix the failure to fetch the singer information for some songs.
    3,Display the CUE list playing
    4,Save the song played last time and it’s process.
    5,Add CUE support for WAV and DTS.

    1,Add a Auto23.976/24 for 4K switch
    2, Add a switch between Nuplayer and Dvdplayer for online videos playback

    File manager
    1,Improve some translation
    2,Fix the malfunction of classification.

    1,Fix the movie don't pause when press the OK key for the first time in the playback.

    Shortcut key
    1,Add delete key and multitasks function

    1,Fix the problem the videos won’t be played if you add a root path of NFS.

    1,Support more languages.

    Full_OTA_Package(User data won’t be wiped.):

    MD5: 642876329015AA23BFBCDEF5F8520048

    How to upgrade

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  2. boblo

    boblo Member

    Good work, @mirror! :)

    Are there any plans to increase audio bitrate for the HDMI In recording feature to 128Kbps (If I'm not wrong, currently is 96Kbps)? I know this is not a priority, but it would be nice to see this improvement in future versions. Thanks.
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  3. andys

    andys Member

    Dvd playback worse than before:(
  4. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Please don't say worse but state what is exactly broken. Only that way things can get fixed.
    Just tried one DVD myself but that one was in a folder.Not supported still; so used another player for viewing.
  5. document

    document New Member

    At Zidoo Team

    Firmware works fine - all is ok with Wrapper and Kodi 17.3 good work. Thanks
  6. hasomaso

    hasomaso New Member

    hello Zidoo team when do we get the install.img
  7. andys

    andys Member

    The problem is not just that, it does not even read old divx ... like divx5 and more..
    This on a simple media player reads them ... not to pay 229€..
  8. boblo

    boblo Member

    @andys, read THIS. It has a simple (but not comfortable) solution.
  9. andys

    andys Member

    I bought it on amazon, tomorrow I send it back
  10. boblo

    boblo Member

    @mirror (or @freeroc): Please could you tell me something about this?
    Also it would be desireable to increase video bitrate up to 15Mbps for high quality 1080p sources (altough I think it's more important to increase audio bitrate). Video capturing devices like the Avermedia C285 (Game Capture HD II) can record with 15, 18 and 20Mbps video bitrate. If the Realtek chipset supports video bitrates higher than 10Mbps and audio bitrates higher than 96Kbps, I don't see why you don't increase those bitrates. You could release the HDMI In recording app source code too (as you did with X9) and let other users develop another recording app.

    Thanks again.
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  11. pan88

    pan88 New Member

    After updating the 1.4.6. firmware, HDMI In recording works again.
  12. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    You can play old divx using mxvideoplayer or VLC
  13. andys

    andys Member

    So it's fine with hdd to tv, not need that zidoo
    himedia q10pro/egreat a10 reads everything without any problems
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  14. boblo

    boblo Member

    Anyone from staff? I can live with an answer such as: 'Yes, we have plans to improve the recording app', or 'Sorry, we don't have any plans to improve our recording app and neither we are going to release the source code'.
  15. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    If you want code search for zidoodigitalsignature on github. I know they have some demos there.
  16. varadero xl1000v

    varadero xl1000v New Member

    Could you please fix zidoo's X-10 firmware so that Tidal can be correctly supported ? This is very important .
  17. FlipMode009

    FlipMode009 Member

    This update broke DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD on things like Plex and Kodi. Now you just get static if you use their internal player, or no audio if you use the Android player (option in Plex). It works fine if you use the browse and select the file from a hard drive, but that's it!
  18. varadero xl1000v

    varadero xl1000v New Member

    Thank you very much for the answer. How can I get this upgrade to Zidoo x-10?
  19. Muhammad

    Muhammad New Member

    My X10 is on version 1.3. i have tried to do OTA upgrade - however unit states that I am on the latest version?
  20. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Download more recent OTA versions manually and apply them via the local update option. Only stable versions are pushed for real OTA updates.
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