New firmware v1.2.7 for ZIDOO X9S released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by mirror, Nov 19, 2016.

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  1. jo23

    jo23 Member

    Thank you, glad that i'm not the only one with this problem.

    Zidoo, please take a look at this problem!
  2. pttpth

    pttpth New Member

    Zidoo,i ask and no one answer,please add the option to turn ON or OFF USB sound on next firmware,right now i connect MELE Air mouse to my X9s and no sound at all,i dont see any option to turn OFF the USB audio like i can with ZIDOO X1ii,please add thank you
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  3. Stoyan Petrov

    Stoyan Petrov New Member

    Please add the option to turn ON or OFF USB sound on next firmware!!!!!
  4. laola

    laola Member

    so maybe you just want to try to switch the Zidoo box to 4k/50Hz in the settings. Thew bug is independet form the fila I am playing. The HDR material I am using is 4k/24p
  5. laola

    laola Member

    Hello, your problem is HDR requires 10bit /12bit, My Samsung JS9000 TV will only sync with the Zidoo at 3840x2160@50hz if i set to 8bit or turn deep color off, leaving it at Auto or 10bit causes loss of sync on TV.
    Shame on you Zidoo because i reported this weeks ago.
    3840x2160@60hz and 24hz is not affected.[/QUOTE]

    That's what I am saying - in 8bit mode (4k/50Hz) everything is fine. When switching to HDR mode (4k/50Hz) there is a video signal only when HDR material is played. Stopping HDR playback then leads to a black screen as long as I disable the HDR mode (either in Zidoo settings manual to 8bit or switching manual off the HD Deep Colour mode on the TV).

    Again - when I am using the 4k/60Hz settings, no issues at all. But this settings won't work for LiveTV (a lot of stuttering).
  6. jackykwan

    jackykwan New Member

    Hello, just updated to 1.2.7
    I found the problem of the ZDMC when play the TS files.

    Before 1.2.7, ZDMC can play the TS file normally and sync between video and audio. In 1.2.7, ZDMC play the same TS file, the video was faster than audio. Therefore the A/V was not synced. The video will stuck when play the TS around 2mins but no problem of the audio playing. It seems the video play faster. I tried to use the local media player to play the TS. It was OK but cannot detect the subtitles.

    I tried another player MXplayer. Same problem was found.
  7. fab0nymous

    fab0nymous New Member

    Sync Refresh Rate to 23,976 of a 2160p file is stuttering. Even when the box is set to 1080/24p. 1080p at 23,976 working as normal.

    Testet Reset, Direct Link to TV (without A/V), different Color space and depth. Nothing works smoothly in 2160p..
  8. p98

    p98 New Member

    Please add an option to turn off audio out through HDMI on next firmware and support video extension .mts. Many thanks.
  9. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    How can you suggest there is a problem with his TV when you haven't actually tried to replicate the problem yourself?
    As the poster says, you don't need to try a 4k/50hz 10 bit file, just change the settings of the player to 3840x2160p@50hz with deep color, you'll see.
  10. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

  11. wolfrick

    wolfrick Member

    I cannot replicate since at DeepColor settings i dont have 8 bit, just 10-12-auto-off. At 4K/50 (3840x2160p) with deep color off (while the TV is set to deep color), all hdr fils plays well (hdr switches on and off at the beginning and at the end of movies). With Deep Color auto/10/12bit settings i cannot switch to 4K/50 at all.
    At 4096 × 2160p/50 it happens as described (10 or 12 bit, HDR file plays well, at exit the TV looses sync).
    Anyway, whats the reason for having 4k/50hz as a must?
  12. kayama728

    kayama728 Member Beta test group

    is it possible that two channel audio movie doesn't work?
    serial tv two channel audio, no audio with zdmc and internal player
  13. nikos_a

    nikos_a Active Member

    Seems that with this f/w, the DTS-HD audio in ZDMC with no use of the external player is out of sync. Was working perfectly with 1.2.6. Seems that the out-of-sync audio was fixed in external player but was broken in ZDMC. Audio is ahead of video.
  14. Gogge

    Gogge New Member

    Can you please make it possible to scroll in Viasat app so i can be used.
    Also make the Boxer TV app to work now its just black.
  15. laola

    laola Member

    Try to watch Live TV in Europe... Without sync @50Hz will have stuttering all the time. So it is really a must have...
  16. wolfrick

    wolfrick Member

    Are you watching live tv with zdmc or some specific client? I wanna try it.
    Live tv through PVRclient (through zbmc) works really bad, so it is not an option to try it that way.
  17. laola

    laola Member

    Well - Zidoo box Kodi V17 works pretty well with DVBviewer PVR (using the internal player) - at least as long as you would have a continious signal. Same plug-in with Windows as the Kodi backend works flawless...

    Using the external player & Kodi 17 & Live TV works perfect - but you can't switch between the channels and also i.e. Videotext, EPG etc. isn't available. So this isn't an option
  18. wolfrick

    wolfrick Member

    I dont know what to say... It seems that is a kodi (zdmc) related problem (?), since i can play all my TV recordings perfect with the external player, however with zdmc it looks like a mixture of fast forward/slow motion combination, with good sound. It seems that it doesnt really matters the refresh rate (50/60). Even my firestick performs better with recordings and live tv as well. I havent tried kodi 17, maybe later.
    On pc the recordings/live tv are played well with kodi 16.

    I just set up kodi 17. At 4k/50 live streaming/recording playback works perfectly. Well just one strange thing, everybody's head looks like Trumps, somehow everything is a bit orangeish. ZDMC still unwatchable, mo mater what settings/resolution/refresh is set.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016
  19. Burick graham

    Burick graham Member

    Roooooot plz
  20. wolfrick

    wolfrick Member

    Does anybody know what is the name of the external player and where is located? I think it is needed for playercorefactory.xml.
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