New Firmware v1.2.30 for DMP-A6

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by ammar11, Nov 28, 2023.

  1. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member

    Heard that before. Nothing against Spotify, but they need to step up their game. We need more alternative in the hi-res streaming.
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  2. R Howell

    R Howell New Member

    Go to soundliaison. You can download a Compare Formats album for free.
  3. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'll have a walk there too. Not that I need, now, as some other guys already helped me out; but nevertheless, the more I know and experiment, the better. Again thanks, appreciated.
    Anyway, I do not need to compare the audio specs; I need to check the metadata capabilities of the various containers, specifically .dsf and .dff
  4. Riley

    Riley Member

    Rumors surfaced again in October, supposedly before end of year, 24 bit lossless

    Spotify spotted prepping a $19.99/mo ‘Superpremium’ service with lossless audio, AI playlists and more
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  5. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member

    Got me thinking again, how can Apple Music only has one tier with one flat fee of $3.60 (in my country) for all it's library including hi-res?

    When I had both, I compared their sound quality (not blind, simple AB but at least level-matched) using the same songs with the same specs, there's no real difference between Tidal and Apple Music (in fact I love the sound from Apple Music more).

    I finally decided to unsubscribed to Tidal, not saying their fees are overpriced but compared to Apple I can save a lot.

    Would love to try Qobuz but they're not available in my country.
  6. Riley

    Riley Member

    It's much more expensive other places, it's $10.99 USD here in the USA. It may depend on the economics of your country, costs to Apple of licensing agreements with labels for your part of the world, but ultimately Apple is betting that you end up buying some of their other subscription services, family plans, devices once you are part of their ecosystem and enjoy it!
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  7. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member

    Yeah maybe the licensing costs less here. I’ve been in their ecosystem since 2007 lol. I don’t have any other subscription from them so far.
  8. Riley

    Riley Member

    I emailed Zidoo support tonight and the person that repliced stated that Eversolo are still working through Apple's certification process for Airplay 2 and continue submitting revisions to "Apple officials" but don't have a timeline for approval. They also mentioned they are working through the certification/approval process for Spotify/Spotify Connect for the DMP-A8.
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  9. Arcticpollen

    Arcticpollen Active Member

    Spotify connect seems fine to me - the DMP-A6 shows up as an available device in the Spotify client on my phone and works a treat. Am listening while typing this.
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  10. fofocho

    fofocho Active Member

    Why would you stream Spotify over bluetooth or airplay if you have Spotify Connect?
  11. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    The OP was saying he couldn't use / wasn't happy with Spotify Connect.
  12. Jjb067

    Jjb067 Active Member

    The issue I think is that the specs for the new A8 did not mention Spotify Connect at all, so the comment from Zidoo saying they are completing certification on this at the moment put that worry to bed. It will be on the A8 soon just like the A6.
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  13. Alan Rutlidge

    Alan Rutlidge Well-Known Member

    I noticed that the latest firmware update has seen the return of the dancing coloured dots on the bottom of the screen on the remote device in cast mode.
    This is on an Android tablet.

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  14. kc001

    kc001 Active Member

    Did you update the app on your tablet?
  15. Jjb067

    Jjb067 Active Member

    I saw this as well. Coming out of the control app and in again solved the problem for me.
  16. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    I haven’t seen it on the iPhone / iPad app for a long time.

    However, I did notice that upgrading my old iPhone Xs to a 15 made the cast mode work much better on the iPhone. Maybe the faster processor made a difference?
  17. fofocho

    fofocho Active Member

    Low Power consumption mode on iPhone makes the cast feature very laggish, for example VU meters have a lag of 3-4 secs between the screen of the A6 and the screen of the iPhone. Without it, is super fluid, no lag
  18. Riley

    Riley Member

    It's working fine, my post was mostly in regards to Eversolo not showing Spotify or Spotify Connect on the product pages for the new DMP-A8 and also the DMP-A6. Just like with Airplay 2, features seem to get updated or removed from their product pages when there is pending certification or approval process issues. I realize the majority of users of these devices are primarily using high res sources, but Spotify is still the most popular streaming service out there and are still rumored to be offering a lossless listening tier in the future. Seems odd to not include it as an available service on the device.
  19. maddib

    maddib Member

    So... looks like I may have some good news on DSD(64) 5.x playback issue via roon. I have a managed switch connecting the A6 and my roon server. And I tried turning on and off "flow control" for the A6 and roon server port in different combinations. And it looks like the issue disappeared after I turned on "flow control" for the port the A6 is attached to. Port for the roon server is off.
    Found a similar hint in a rather old roon thread from 2017...
    I tried numerous times to trigger the issue, but it currently didn't come back. I'll test some more over the weekend. There's hope :)
    Any feedback appreciated
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  20. Alan Rutlidge

    Alan Rutlidge Well-Known Member

    No, I forgot to. :oops: Happy to report after updating the app on my tablet the issue is now resolved. Thanks for prompting me. Most appreciated. :)
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