New firmware v1.0.40 for ZIDOO X6 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by HoneCharles, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. iliade

    iliade New Member

    Hi , i want downgrade me too for the same iptv buffering problem what is the procedure to downgrade to previous firmware? thank
  2. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

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  3. iliade

    iliade New Member

  4. Syaoran

    Syaoran New Member

    Have you tried the ethernet connection directly to your modem, just to rule everything else out? D-Link routers can be very picky with cable types. If plugging it directly into the modem works fine, then try using the router but only plugging the X6 Pro into it via ethernet and see if that works. If that works, then the type of cables you are using with the router is the issue. I had that once with Cat 5e, I think, back in the days of my DIR-855, which still works.
  5. Truckersmurf

    Truckersmurf New Member

    I might back up everything I installed on device to usb the factory restore. Try that. Cause before I plugged everything in then the system ask me to update whatever version I was on to the 1.0.39 version from the Internet, at that time I had not even hooked on to my wifi yet
  6. Shahidur

    Shahidur New Member

    Weather apps dose not work .thanks
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  7. Luis matos

    Luis matos New Member

    Please, someone Who can test the ZDMC iptv pvr stalker Client continuous buffering problem in the New update firmware v. 1.0.40
  8. Văn Đông

    Văn Đông New Member

    Weather - Failure to obtain weather data!
  9. Syaoran

    Syaoran New Member

    Most IPTV issues are with the hosting server. You can try and optimize Kodi all you want with buffers and such but buffering during peak times is pretty much a given, at least from my personal experience.
  10. Luis matos

    Luis matos New Member

    ZIDOO ZDMC has buffering problems in 1.0.39 update with the iptv pvr stalker, the Official Kodi app in play store work fine with the iptv pvr stalker also SPMC it not a hosting server problem.
  11. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    If you go in zdmc and disable RK codec. is the problem still there ?
  12. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

    I tried them all, the only solution for now, is to install older firmware versions (I have the 1.0.27) and use SPMC with disabled hardware acceleration.
    The firmware versions from 1.0.38 onwards have significant IPTV buffer problems.
    Someone has tested how does this firmware version IPTV?
  13. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    just PM me the steps to set up the specific IPTV and i will test it for you.
  14. Luis matos

    Luis matos New Member

    Confirmed, Zidoo ZDMC in the update firmware v1.0.40 has the continuous buffering problem in the IPTV PVR STALKER if you enable the RK codec. I disable the RK CODEC and it work fine. PLEASE, check the RK codec to fix the continuous buffering problem in the iptv pvr stalker client.
  15. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

    Have any of you tried it with addon type sportsdevil or similar?
  16. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    i tried just now. and i must say. most pice of crap addon i ever installed. anyway. when i found a stream that actually worked from the 10000 list of streams. they played fine most of the time. i did find some that buffer. and some that just play bad. and i'm still to find a HD one.

    usually those addons you find in the " full loaded " boxes for 30 $ and free shipping. and made kodi drop support for most of the android boxes... pure cancer for the user and for my eyes :)) this is not zidoo related, i had the same experience on windows when i tried kodi first time.

    i seriously suggest you drop trying to make them work. install mombdo for android ( not the addon ), is best experience i had so far whit this type of stream services
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  17. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    Having poblem and ask solution for kodi/zdmc is legitimate because zidoo advertised it work, but for addon? I even read somewhere in this forum when kodi 17 Krypton will be available? What? Krypton just start alpha program not even rc. Addon not in official depot are not support, and those in official depot are maintained by theire owner. I went to ipstalker site and most of there package are not compatible with kodi or android. I said that before and repeat it, if you want kodi box go with the one in kodi site but you will have same problem with addon. In krypton confluence skin is not compatible if you install it kodi will bug and return to the new skin (see the point). Koying drop support for rocketchip because patch or update must be in system and the result is messing everywhere around, when fixing one thing it interfere with others.

    That only my point of view, I know zidoo will do the best to solves most of problem, but when problem are from addon post in addon forum.
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  18. Braubursch

    Braubursch New Member

    Functioning ISO 3D movies with you?
  19. Xavi

    Xavi New Member

    Hi, I have zidoo X6pro few weeks ago with the firmware 1.0.39 everything was ok except the audio sync passthrought 5.1, but since yesterday I've updated to version 1.0.40 in ZDMC not work the back button, not I can go back in the menus from the remote control is impossible.
  20. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    thats strange. back works for me. you can try the android remote app from zidoo as a temporary fix
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