New firmware v1.0.13 version for ZIDOO H6 Pro released

Discussion in 'H6 Pro Official Firmware Releases' started by warren_wh, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. nordz

    nordz New Member


    it's for when adding the application Mycanal French box tv please??
    It’s not working on zidoo h6 pro
  2. maxjazz1955

    maxjazz1955 New Member

    I could not play any DVD TS_VIDEO file from my external hard drive connected via USB.

    My zidoo is last updated.

    Can you help me?
  3. aspaspaspasp

    aspaspaspasp New Member

    Thank you! There are a few issues after update H6 1.0.13:
    * Google play no longer working (no search). A factory reset solves this.
    * Google play is locked to China(?) limiting available apps (missing Google Chrome, ...)
    * ZIUI is not showing certain apps in app folder (Molotov, ...)
    * Many streaming services not working (Orange-tv, France-TV, ...)

    (The above works fine on my old X6 ;) )

    Thank you in advance!
  4. Kuru Kanagalingam

    Kuru Kanagalingam New Member

    Firmware 13 is so broken not worth the update.

    Google Play store can't search
    After full Factory Reset still not able install Google Play Movies or Netflix from Google Play Store

    Thinking about Returning to Amazon as the device not fit for purpose !!!!
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  5. Cocolopez

    Cocolopez New Member

    For play store...just uninstall the updateof the app and search work again, I can download and use netflix and GP Movies from store with out a problem. Im on last fw.

    You are free to return the device if you want...but I never see a company that update and release new fw that fast as zidoo.

    Hope you get it work!
  6. Kuru Kanagalingam

    Kuru Kanagalingam New Member

    Tried and did full reset the apps still don't update to do the update. I don't like or think I have to side load is the only way to upgrade apps. As I don't trust the apks from 3rd party sites. I would expect any new firmware to come with newer google apps like play store. If you are someone relies on Google Play store please don't install 13 version firmware is my advise.

    I have for now revert back to 11 version but still getting Google Movies Play close apps issue. I will see if that works before I contact Amazon to Return the H6 Pro.
  7. warren_wh

    warren_wh Active Member Staff Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Hello, Google Movies Play close apps issue We are dealing with.
  8. Renixo

    Renixo New Member

    Bugs fw 13
    google market search is not working
    if you go from using MCE app to running kodi.. lots of unresponsive errors (launcher, kodi) ( best to quick reboot )
    bug on fw 11 using buildin browser...downloading fw from media fire, got corrupt zip file (tried 2x... then used another browser and it worked )
    bug on fw 11 Ota update says you are running latest version

    64bit CPU with 32bit os
    4 differend ways of getting "Settings" (two different developer settings )
    screensaver.. pppoe something you rarly see
    it has root.. petrus reboot.. works (no security popups ?)
    hdmi color space is set to yuv444 8 bit and not set to Auto ? ( other options : rgb888 8bit / yuv420 10bit / yuv422 )
    my paid live wallpaper doesn't work..on this launcher?

    mouse g4/unity are oke
    BT headphone oke
    usb DACs (tried all dragonfly's ) fail ( it makes a app/vids jump ahead )
    sdcard 128gb = oke (NTFS)
    usb3 to msata 120gb = oke

    apps testing
    RTL xl = oke
    npo = oke (both live as vids) ( i noticed livetv video stutter when using a small sdcard with fat32.. )
    USB audiopro with dragonfly =
    bbc = ( need to change VPN )
    ch5 =
    kodi 17.6 = currently looking good
    iytbd ( YouTube ) = looks amazing (2k) ( force vp9 = black screen )

    fun stuff
    ram used 512mb when running kodi (free ram 1.4gb.. that's nicely tweaked)
    resolution up to 4k 60 hz
    font size change option with preview
    TV HDR is set to auto ( SDR and HDR option )
    force allow apps on external
    force activies to be resizable
    disable absolute volume? BT
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  9. sfanetti

    sfanetti Member Beta test group

    kodi 17.6 = currently looking good?????
    Absolutely not!! The videos 1080p 30 fps are unwatchable (not smooth). Continuing lack of frame. Impossibile to see.
    Better on internal media player, but not perfect (less lack of frame, about 1 every 10/15 secs).
    1- new firmware will fix the videos issues (kodi and internal player), my opinion the most important thing to adjust is the video frame issue (h6 pro is created mostly for play video)
    2- whan indicatively new firmware?
    3 - My compliments for your work and for this forum
  10. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    I have just received my H6 Pro box from GearBest 3 days ago, and updated to v1.0.13 firmware.
    I can say that I have no problem to play my movies from HP Microserver runing latest Windows 10. But I have some problem with this firmware:
    - If I signing in to my Google account BEFORE firmware update, the search in Play Store really not working. So the only solution is reset the box to original firmware (with "hidden button in AV hole" method), install the firmware update first, and sign in after firmware update!
    - The frame rate info in Media Center is 23,81 for every 24p movie...
    - There is a black border on the top of the screen in every installed Android TV app (Aptoid TV, Plex, SpeedTest, YouTube for Android TV), even in videos played in YouTube for Android TV, and the picture shifted down...The bottom of the picture is cut.
    - I can reach my SMB shares, but can't my NFS shares (I'm running latest HaneWIN NFS server). From KODI the NFS access works great!
    - In YouTube for Android TV I can play videos only in 1080p on my SONY 4K TV. And the video codec is MP4, not VP9.

    One more missing thing: the HDMI CEC function. Did you have plan to implement in upcoming firmware? I really miss this feature!
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  11. 720p

    720p Member Beta test group

    I will add
    -when typing fields in the Browser (like username password) the browser field is not updated until the on screen keyboard is hidden
    -Browser is slow and unresponsive (try to load for example and open your email)
    -Kodi 17.6 from Marketplace: Cannot exit application
  12. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    Yes, i have checked the browser problem, and it's true for every website demanding login...,, etc.
    But I have no problem with Kodi. Maybe try SPMC, it's a KODI v16 fork. Better than KODI 17.x for me, but only for FullHD movies. 4K problematic in both (I think it's lack of Allwinner hardware acceleration implementation, or bad API implementation in Allwinner firmware?), we must use Media Center to play 4k.
  13. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    About video "smoothness": try to stop your torrent client before starting the movie! After doing that (in my case uTorrent) I have no problem with movies at all! I can play 98 Gig "The Fifth Element" UHD movie without disruption. And until now the H6 Pro the one and only tested box which can do this from an SMB network share!
    I think this is the first box with true Gigabit LAN port....
  14. Ayokoya

    Ayokoya Member

    Yes, I have the no character echo when typing into the google search until I hit go, then the whole typing appears.
  15. sfanetti

    sfanetti Member Beta test group

    Do you try only with internal player or also with kodi? I have problem about smoothness on both, more on kodi.
    please tell me if you have these problems.
  16. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    As I said earlier only the Media Center can play movies normally, especially 4K movies! I have tried h264 and h265 videos, also with HDR (my TV supports HDR), and this is the first player which can play the 3840x2160 60p HDR videos also without problem. Frame rate switching also OK, but the frequency is wrong in this firmware (23,81 for 24p movies...)
    Related to KODI: I think the v17 is not a step forward from 16. This version is great only on very selected devices, especially on nVidia Shield TV. It was'nt smooth on my Mi Box 3 nor Beelink GT1.

    But we all have different configurations, diferent HDD-s in it, different routers - so I can speek only in my own name. The smoothness of playback is not exclusively belongs to player.

    Try to donwload this killer Sony Demo file, copy to USB3 pendrive, plug into right side USB3 port and try to play in Media Center. If its smooth, the problem is in your connection or in the source of your files.
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  17. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    The NFS problem solved: in Menu selected the Scan option, and than I added my server IP address manually, and voila, problem solved! :) Only the autoscan was the problem
  18. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    Tested the connection speed on this device (both LAN and WiFi).
    The LAN - fantastic!
    TCP/UDP Upload: 600-680 Mbps
    TCP/UDP Download: 630-990 Mbps!!! (i.e.: this is the max bandwidth of LAN - this box is true Gigabit!)

    SAMBA Upload: 220-260 Mbps
    SAMBA Download: 240-290 Mbps!!! (most important measure - i.e. for watching movies over LAN)

    WiFi 5GHz- disappointing! (theoretical maximum for device: 433 Mbps)
    TCP/UDP Upload: 110-125 Mbps
    TCP/UDP Download: 120-150 Mbps

    SAMBA Upload: 23-26 Mbps
    SAMBA Download: 26-27 Mbps!!! (most important measure - i.e. for watching movies over WiFi)

    WiFi 2,4GHz- FORGET!!!! (theoretical maximum for device: 72 Mbps)
    TCP/UDP Upload: 14 Mbps
    TCP/UDP Download: 12 Mbps

    SAMBA Upload: 2,3 Mbps
    SAMBA Download: 3 Mbps!!! (most important measure - i.e. for watching movies over WiFi)

    Server: HP Microserver with Windows 10
    WiFi/LAN Router: UPC ConnectBox (COMPAL CH7465LG - Intel PUMA architecture, 802.11ac, max. 1300 Mbps on 5GHz, Gigabit LAN)

    So... If you really want to use this small box to watch movies, FORGET the WiFi, because slow as hell. Use the really good Gigabit LAN port instead - like I do.
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  19. Ayokoya

    Ayokoya Member

    Did you test the wi-fi speed with the H6 Pro top cover facing the router? The antenna is glued to the top cover, surrounded by metal casing on all 4 sides and bottom, so you may have to flip the box upside down if your router is downstairs, or stand it on its side if router is on the same floor level. You may browse through this forum about issues and temp solution for wi-fi and bluetooth operation
  20. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    My router and box was side-by-side very close together...
    But I will use this box with LAN cable, so the poor WiFi not an issue for me, only wanted to know this parameters and shared. The WiFi is useless to transmit 4K movies unless it is minimum 802.11ac 2×2 with MIMO... And in this box the WiFi is a single antenna cheap and slow one...maybe it's enough for FullHD's. But this poor WiFi parameters can be related to firmware, because the TCP/IP speed is significantly better, than SAMBA, as you can see. Which is (SAMBA read speed) great on LAN.
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