New firmware v1.0.13 version for ZIDOO H6 Pro released

Discussion in 'H6 Pro Official Firmware Releases' started by warren_wh, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. sfanetti

    sfanetti New Member

    I tried with the file above and the result is fantastic. The video is perfect, both with USB 3 and samba share.
    This video files is 60 fps and it's perfect.
    1 - Try with this one.
    It's not smooth. Try and tell me if it is ok or not.

    Moreover I have problem with video file not 30 or 60 fps. If the file is 24,25, 23.976 or other, I have problem and the video is not fine and perfect (with internal media player).

    2 - Try also this file. This is not smooth, absolutely. Then tell me if you have the same problems. Thanks a lot. This is the biggest problem in my opinion for this tv box.

    Please FIX. it's impossible to see a not smooth video...@warren_wh
  2. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    OK, just for you! And because i like Big Buck Bunny! :)
    So, this is a proof that this video is smooth as silk here! Made a small video with my mobile, so dont expect quality (shaking a little bit, I have no OIS in my mobile), but as you can see, it's great! Same result with 4K@60fps version, for me no problem.
    SAMBA share, Zidoo Media Center:

    Can't test the second video, because your Google Drive share is protected!
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  3. sfanetti

    sfanetti New Member

    Excuse me...
    This is the second video

    But What is my problem?? I test Big buck bunny with external USB3.0. It's not possible.
    Maybe the cable HDMI?? Maybe a setting from TV??
    Try the second video please and tell me if it's PERFECTLY smooth.
    please, thank you. In this video, watch the mountains in background. It's not smooth. It's very bad...

    please tell me your setting (frame rate switch ON?other settings?).
    Thank you @pisti7204 !!
  4. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    Perfectly smooth for me again...
    What is your TV model and manufacturer? I use the original Zidoo cable, it is very good quality. Maybe try to switch off motion compensation and noise reduction if enabled (on TV). Maybe try to update your TV's firmware if not latest.
    On Zidoo the frame rate switching is on, Smart Color is Standard... In Settings Screen Resolution is 3840x2160p 60Hz and Sound pass through enabled. Noting special....

    In the final case do a hard reset on your box, how-to: And install v.1.0.13 again....
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  5. sfanetti

    sfanetti New Member

    This is my tv model.

    In settings Screen Resolution is 1920x1080 60 Hz.
    Please, you can control (...excuse me...) if I have to switch-off/on some option enabled on my TV?
    The strange thing is that some videos are OK and others are not OK (not smoothly, for example the video of the mountains above, are you sure that is completely smooth that video?).
    Thanks in advance
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  6. pisti7204

    pisti7204 New Member

    Try to switch off "Perfect Natural Motion" in your TV's Picture menu. But I have a SONY TV, I don't know Philips...
    And as I said earlier: yes, my picture is totally and completly smooth with your sample. So I think your problem is not firmware-related. Have you tried to hard reset the box? Maybe it can help...
  7. sfanetti

    sfanetti New Member

    Nothing... I tried to switch off perfect natural motion (no differenze), I change the cable (no difference), I reset the firmware (no difference).
    And also I tried with two other TVs. NO DIFFERENCE. In my opinion the problem is in the box, not in tv or other.
    3 different Tv (SONY, SAMSUNG & PHILIPS) I tested, but nothing, no difference and continuing micro lag in video played with internal player.
    please @pisti7204 try another time, It's impossible that only on my TVs there are these problem.
    The video are not PERFECTLY smooth, there are micro lag.
    Please help me. I attend the new firmware., but when? And the new firmware will resolve my problems? I hope...
    Thank to all those who will try to fix my problems
  8. firewiki

    firewiki New Member

    When will be the next release?It's been a month since the last release。
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  9. vadergr

    vadergr New Member

    I experience micro lags as well.
    Demos videos don't really count for me since the real deal are the UHD and BD rips.
    Through Media Center, auto frame rate works like a charm but occasionally, there are some "slow motion" incidents that are most likely random and not LAN/Bandwidth or bit-rate related. Just fix this and the DTS-HD issue and the H6 Pro will rival media boxes with twice the price. Image quality is top notch. It seems that minor software patches should do the trick.

    Can someone also provide feedback related to Zidoo's Netflix app? It seems that the image shown is 720p (or a very high bit-rate 480p. The down scaling to a 4K display can be misleading). Can you report your experience? Is 1080p supported?
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  10. sfanetti

    sfanetti New Member

    When next release, new firmware?

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