New firmvare v2.3.3 beta version for ZIDOO UHD2000

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    Zidoo Controller iOS
    Zidoo Controller Android
    Zidoo Controller 1.5.3

    Zidoo ZDMC 18.4

    Update notice: Z9S / Z10 / Z1000 / X20 / X20 PRO / UHD2000
    Version number: v2.2.9X
    Upgrade: OTA

    (From here, translation via Google Translate.)

    1.Optimize the problem of the USB 3.0 port even if the device is lost
    2.Fix the problem that DTS track music cannot be played
    3.Fixed the issue that HIFI music will not play automatically next time
    4. Optimize online playback
    5. Increase the global press "Information" key to display the current HDMI output information

    File manager
    1.Fix the problem that the same share name is displayed in NFS
    2. Cancel the top navigation category and add the list rotation function
    3. Added CD disc insertion tips
    4.Optimize sorting function (save separately by path)
    5. Added the function of pressing "Popup" to return to the top of the list
    6.Fixed the problem that the played video does not prompt the watched icon

    Poster wall
    1.Optimize the display of the details interface and the movie video
    2. Optimize segmented video scanning
    3.Optimize scanning to solve the problem that stopping scanning during scanning may cause unmatched videos to not match properly when continuing scanning
    4. Solve the problem that the child lock set is not displayed synchronously after the movie rating is initially set
    5. Increase the HDR corner mark (scanned videos will not be displayed)
    6. Optimize file name recognition
    7. Optimize application stability
    8. Optimize bracket processing for title recognition
    9.Added trailer filter filtering, the word 'trailer' in the file name will no longer be scanned
    10. Optimize the NFS mount method

    Music player
    1. Optimize folder browsing function
    2. Add CD playback function (requires external optical drive)
    3. Add support for online music playback
    4. Optimize the calculation method of scanning progress
    5. Optimize track identification for SACD and CUE albums
    6. Improved the interface of obtaining track list, and solved the problem that CUE / DSF track list cannot be obtained by the mobile phone
    7. Modify the time display format of CUE to keep the same with SACD
    8. Optimize focus control logic to solve the problem of focus flicker
    9. Modify the recording method of the playlist to solve the problem that the last song in the random play mode will replay randomly

    Local player
    1. The problem that the optimized bit rate is displayed incorrectly
    2.Fix the problem that the movie name is displayed incorrectly
    3.Add ZOOM function (equivalent zoom, stretch in any direction)
    4. Increase the video ratio
    5.Fixed the issue that Polish subtitles are displayed in Portuguese
    6. Optimized subtitle download function
    7. Optimize the front panel USB icon display
    8.Optimize the problem that the DVD cannot select the chapter
    9. Optimize ASS subtitle display

    Blu-ray navigation
    1. Added the function of subtitle track list displayed by shortcut keys
    2. Optimize subtitle download function

    Mobile APP (need to update mobile app)
    1.Add audio offset setting in the setting interface
    2.Folder browsing function has been added to the music device interface
    3. Application interface adds sorting function
    4.Fixed the problem that the same device is repeatedly added to the music device interface
    5.Fixed the issue that the CUE / DSF track list cannot be obtained from the temporary list songs
    6.Optimize the problem that the application interface icon is not displayed
    7. Optimize poster wall interface display
    8. Solve the problem that the file management is affected by the search bar, and it will return to the upper directory when rescanning SMB or NFS

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    DELUCAS Active Member

    Interesting i wonder what it brings to the table for all the Z series platform

    is there a breakdown of whats been improved on ?
  3. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    It takes a very long for Zidoo to bring out a new FW including for UHD2000. :(

    I hope it will be a big one with some long due improvements/corrections: :p
    - USB port stability
    - Seamless Branching
    - Music Player 5 enhancements and corrections
    Many smaller issues.

    I remind the meaning of "soon" in Chinese: It will come one day for sure but still may take a while.
    The Zidoo X is "coming soon" too and that is after june 2020. :D
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  4. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    Waiting also. Received the UHD 2000 two weeks ago. It had firmware 2.3.3.
    RS-232 is not working. I tried to reflash with initial image to see if i could fix the rs-232 issue to no avail. ...and now have 2.3.1 without having 2.3.3 somewhere to download.

    Fix the RS-232 please...and yep...seamless branching
  5. pcristi

    pcristi Member

  6. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Promising changelist. Only seamless branching is not on it, but USB and Music Player 5 improvements are.

    Hope it will come with more goodies for the other models soon too.

    Maybe it is time then to connect an Optical Disc Drive to my Z9S once again to see how far it got now? I am surprised the amount of effort gets put into that. Must be doing DAE now to get CD Audio playing via SATA/USB3! Obviously this is really nice with UHD2000 as it will use the SABRE DAC for CD Audio then too. Frankly that is a missed feature for Zidoo X (no SATA only USB).
    My last test showed it functionally all working except for CD-Audio but having a very sluggish response for BD Menus. USB3 Optical drive was reported not to work always by others.
    Will update this once the new FW is available and testing has been done by me.
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  7. myzidoo

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  8. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    We are developing seamless Branching music playback. And CD ripper function(Just for UHD2000 and X20 Pro).
    And the new firmware will greatly improve the scanning accuracy for music files.
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  9. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Thanks @mirror
    Sounds very good. This is what we were hoping for! :cool:

    So DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) will come only for the players with a SABRE DAC (and Zidoo X next year). I can understand that one. ;)
    Won't be able to test it then myself. :(

    Saw an inside picture of Zidoo X, looking really good with an impressive power section and a HDD bay too.
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  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    By the way we need Seamless Branching also for Music Player. We normally refer to it then as Gapless Playback but technically seen the same programming/buffering challenge: Jumping from file to file unnoticed! :D

    Understood you wrong apparently as DAE works also on my X9S using this same FW. An Audio CD inserted will be found and played according. Did not try a CD with CD-Text yet)
    Probably real ripping (=converting to WAV/PCM is meant for X20 Pro and UHD2000) as unique feature?
    Nice, I might even be tempted to connect a CD-ROM drive to my player.
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  11. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    The real challenge of seamless playback is in the switching between different sampling rates
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    DELUCAS Active Member

    Hi Mirror any chance of a Z10 2.3.3 firmware for me to test out ?
  13. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Good point! I can imagine. Normally Gapless Playback is done per album/folder and under that condition all should have the same sampling rates.
    Obviously user created playlists may contain anything. I need to check what other players do with these?

    I and I guess most of us already would be very happy with Gapless Playback for albums hence a sequence of tracks with all identical formats. A pause between different formats should be very acceptable including handling a mix of MP3 bitrates. Different PCM sample rates will go wrong anyway as (most?) amplifiers are not capable to switch gapless between different sample formats. MP3 bit rates on the other hand are invisible for amplifiers as they get 44.1 Khz decompressed PCM for all variants. Handling a mix of those, which is a lot more common, should be a lot easier.

    Missing the first few seconds on tracks is typically caused by the amplifier when the music player start/stop audio streams per track. Music Player 5.0 still does so currently, hence a problem for AMP's. It is possible to keep the stream active with idles as I have seen other music players doing so. Then the amplifier doesn't need to kick in per track anymore avoiding playback starting a fraction too late.
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  14. Tof78

    Tof78 New Member

    I can't wait to test this new firmware and his gapless playback + improved scanning

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