Practical experiences: Pictures, HQ Music, DVD, BD and UHD-BD playback

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    The review was enhanced with the promised OpenWRT testing for SMB and FTP. I am not using Aria2 or other features of OpenWRT.

    The good news is that ZIDOO SMB Server and Client work and perform very well together with W10. The bad news is that these won't interwork directly with any HiSillicon based media player (Himedia, Egreat, Dinobot etc) using OpenWRT SMB Server:

    HiSilicon SMB Server <==> W10 SMB Client
    Realtek SMB Server <==> W10 SMB Client
    W10 SMB Server <==> Realtek SMB Client
    W10 SMB Server <==> HiSillicon SMB Client
    HiSilicon SMB Server <==> Realtek SMB Client
    Realtek SMB Server <=X=> HiSillicon SMB Client
    So the SMB implementations are not 100% Windows compliant/identical somewhere! :)

    Also tested optical drive attachment: CD-ROM playback!
    For the test I ripped my LG Blu-Ray Burner from my PC temporarily, which next was connected using an External SATA cable to my X9S in the past. USB3 Optical drive was reported not to work always by others then.

    - Was immediately found at boot as a new CD-ROM device. Media Center has a special menu for it when selected. The status of the drive is also shown: Nodisk, open, mounting, CD/DVD/BD with the Volume label of the inserted disc once active.
    - Using the menu button there is an Eject option which correctly opens the drive when selected. One needs to go back to the root of the disc first before this option shows up.
    - First popped in a few of my "DTS Blu-RAY Music Demo Discs". These were recognized and also the BD-menu worked, but playback showed lots of freezes. Probably due to buffering problems? I know these discs ask a lot of the player as these run at very high bit-rates at 60 Hz Video frame-rate with 96 KHz Master HD for the Audio. Maybe this can be improved? I am available for further tests.
    - Next tried a few normal Video BD's which did not give these problems. Once running there is no difference between optical, HDD or network based playback except for loading times of BD-Menus which can take a lot of time.
    - It played also Audio-DVD next to standard Video-DVD.
    - Since FW 2.3.3 also Audio CD's are recognized and play using DAE (Digital Audio Extraction)
    Did not try any Audio-CD with CD-Text on it (song title display).
    - Data files on either CD, DVD or BD are found and all media formats supported by the player will also play from optical discs.

    Overall verdict "very nice" as Optical Drives really seem to work as a first impression and even with an adequate user interface too. :cool:
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    Updated the review to FW 2.2.82 as this is an official OTA version (not a Beta) with relevant improvements and unfortunately also some new/old problems.
    HT2 problems signalled by me earlier seem to be solved. As I don't watch TV series did not review that element.

    More details added for the nasty Seamless Branching problem as even the partial improvements made before are gone again with this FW.
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    Updated to FW 2.2.95 as that is again a real improvement. The partial improvements to seamless branching are back again,, but the problem is not solved yet.
    The USB3 problem with random disconnects is mentioned to be solved and coming with the next FW.
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