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  1. leonkoum

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    Change DNS servers in your rooter settings
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    In HT 4.0 how do I rename a whole misnamed TV show at once rather than one episode at a time? I removed it from my library but when I get the proper result for the show I can only rename one episode. They all say “ignore” after them. I’d like to rename them all at once to the correct show.
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    This may affect the internet speed negatively? Any suggestion on which DNS IP I should use?
  4. leonkoum

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    No, use google ( or or those from cloudflare ( or for ipv4 or else. Personally I am happy with those from cloudflare
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    That won't help if the ISP has banned the domain.
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    Its not anymore .org
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    Lately, I have the following strange problem with Zidoo Z10 Pro: When I am in Home Theater 4.0 and make simple things like browsing through the movies, see wall posters etc, it suddenly stops and returns me to the initial menu page of the Zidoo. I enter again in HT and after a few seconds it does it again.

    I made a firmware update but when I am in Home Theater 4.0 and browsing, it continues to suddenly stop and return to main screen.

    When I enter again, the ribbon in the top is empty, i.e. it does not show me the thubnails of the latest movies I was watching

    It is very annoying. Any ideas why this is happening?
  8. OlivierQC

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    Hello kergaz,

    I have the same kind of problem with the BDmenu and the return to the main GUI Cancer page and it's random.

    This kind of irritant is part of the package when you choose a Zidoo device.

    Some will tell you that they have no problem and that Zidoo is the best, others will say that Zidoo has improved the stability of the software with the new FW, etc....

    You have to accept/make compromises when using a Zidoo device, that's what I do.

    You surely have someone who can advise you or give you a solution on this forum about your concern

    See you soon
  9. kergaz

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    The problem is that I have it for 1 year now and it used to work fine up to now, never had an issue with HT menus...
  10. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

  11. kergaz

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    I did a factory reset and it was fixed.
  12. OlivierQC

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  13. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    What's New

    Hello to those who read me and appreciate my opinions, it's been several weeks since I gave my feelings/opinions on the daily use of my Zidoo device and in the meantime there have been several FW, Zidoo seems to be unleashed at this time.

    What follows is my feeling based on the way I use this device.


    Personally I have not seen anything significant...overall and with my way of using the Zidoo have been treading water.


    Zidoo adds little features here and there to make it look good, and it works when you read the posts of some people on this forum.

    But if we look closer there was nothing major, and some old irritants are not solved, the stability whatever some say on this forum has not improved, I made again the bad experience this morning.

    When I browse this forum and use their latest FW, I have the feeling that Zidoo has almost reached its limits for this generation of devices


    So is it still a good choice to buy a Zidoo for those who want to use a Multimedia box with a local network ?

    I would say YES... with some compromises depending on your usage habits.

    As already said several times these last years Zidoo is one of the brands which offers the best ratio ''Satisfaction VS Price'', Of course there are always unresolved problems/irritants as well as new problems with each new FW but which are finally not so redhibitory to use.


    The world is not perfect and neither is Zidoo

    I won't make the list of problems, you just have to read the messages on this forum to have an idea of the current problems and to make the decision to buy one or not.

    But I can say with certainty that if you use mostly MKV video files in FullHD/UHD you will not be disappointed by the Zidoo boxes... in addition to offering one of the best if not the best ''movie poster management system'' called ''Posterwall'' on the market (this is only my opinion).


    Note :

    Zidoo says on their website that the NEO S supports ALL BDmenu, I'm waiting to see the first user feedback to see if they are telling the truth or if they are lying to the consumers who check out their website.

    I'm getting feedback from people who bought Zidoo devices for BDmenu support and regret their purchase...but it's too late for them.

    See you soon
  14. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

  15. Nice Monkey

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    Which brand media player to select?
    Dune is an above average stable and universal media player doing everything pretty well. The best all-around media player I found thus far and I have seen plenty of them but:

    If you want perfect BD Menu playback/processing from ISO/Folder get yourself an OPPO. There are no current alternatives to that. A Dune is getting close functionally but not (always) very smooth.

    If you want perfect MCH Music playback including DTS-CD, SACD, BD Pure Audio and DVD-Audio get yourself an OPPO. No full alternatives here but Dune gets the closest missing native DSD for SACD and DVD-Audio MLP support.

    If you want many advanced player features in general and specifically for Music Library & Movie Wall then get yourself a Zidoo (or maybe a Zappiti?)

    If you want perfect streaming services get a Powered by Android TV, NVIDIA Shield TV or a Fire TV stick. This restriction is not a media player shortcoming but enforced by the respective video streaming providers stripping high end features as they like per brand/platform. The Android APP compatibility in itself is excellent with both Dune (Android TV) and Zidoo (Android Leanback).

    You might end up with more than one choice finally as I did myself!
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  16. Markswift2003

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    Exactly - Horses for courses.

    I've given up even looking at posts moaning about Netflix, YouTube, BD Menu etc. I do understand why people expect that sort of thing but it does become tiresome repeating yourself over and over and over...
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  17. maxhim

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    I agree with the STREAM part. But!

    "Support BD/BD3D/UHD full Blu-ray navigation and complex MPLS structure Blu-ray seamless branching playback."

    This quote is from From the official site! No exceptions written, only just that fact. So that's the bottom line all BD menus should work well. But no. Don't get me wrong, I love my Z9X. But what you writing about the BD menu does not hold up here!
  18. Nice Monkey

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    Still remains a fact of live as is stated by me here. :(

    But I also agree with you that is claimed to work by Zidoo so it is on my problem list (even marked red).
    A modest observation there is that the BD Menu problems are already there for 3 generations of players (My X9S was as good at it as my Z9X now is). :eek:
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  19. OlivierQC

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    Don't worry I'll take care of it Mark :)
  20. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with you and that's why I pointed it out with one of my GIFs about the NEO S and its description about the BDmenu support with the word ''ALL''.

    It is necessary to know as I already said it has several times here or elsewhere that people contacted me to say to me that it had bought their Zidoo while being based on what is written on their Web site and that they felt betrayed not to say other thing...

    And I will add that the price of the multimedia boxes represents a certain not forget that we are not all rich here but the people make pleasure because it is their passion/hobby.

    We all know that the BDmenu support is not perfect and it's not a deal breaker either because Zidoo devices have a lot of quality, but I would be satisfied if Zidoo would correct the page about the BDmenu support of their device so that potential buyers would not be misled...

    This is my opinion...

    Instead of reading this...

    Blu-ray Menu
    Zidoo devices supports all BD or UHD Blu-ray menu and complex MPLS structure Blu-ray seamless branching playback

    It could be this or something similar

    Blu-ray Menu
    Zidoo devices supports most BD or UHD Blu-ray menu and complex MPLS structure Blu-ray seamless branching playback

    See you soon


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