Music Player 5.0 (firmware 2.3.3) – testing, findings, improvements expected

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    Only blah and everyone go steep. No concrete infos, nothing ...
    I would also like to have such customers.
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    It is great news that zidoo is working on the music player update. Unfortunately at these times when we must stay at home we have more time to test our devices. If it is of any use to the developers of the application, I will present my results in the music player test.

    The tests I have done have been with the zidoo x9s, with firmware 2.1.36 and with a hard drive with external power, 2 terabites and in some tests with an sd card in the slot of the x9s.

    I have a lot of albums and songs stored in a directory, called music, around 11000 songs and more than 700 albums.
    The scan has been interrupted on some occasions and the program has been closed, I do not know if it is due to too much information or other reasons.

    Once the scanning of the 11000 songs has been achieved after several attempts I place myself in the album menu, with this menu in the thumbnail view if we press the arrow to the right the program always closes both with the remote control and from the smartphone application. Except when using a mouse connected to the x9s.

    It does not happen with the other menus, although the last time I did the scan it also happened with the songs menu in thumbnail mode, as soon as you press the arrow to the right the program closes. After reducing the number of songs to 9000 it has not happened again, except in the album menu that always happens.

    In my case, with 9000 songs and around 700 albums, around 500 artists have detected me. Of the 500 artists it has only detected the artist's photo in about 6 artists. And in the other artists it appears in white with the star in the background. In most cases it detects far fewer songs by an artist than it actually has. For example from Queen that I have approximately 250 songs only recognizes 65, that is one of the few artists that recognizes a background photo.

    If for example you know that an artist has not detected it when doing the scanner, you can position yourself in a song by that artist, press ok and keep it. Then the menu comes out and you choose REMATCH, and immediately you get an option to choose that artist, which automatically increases one more artists. It is rare because if the artist has in his database why he does not recognize it in the scan.

    If in the menu that appears when you press ok, you choose to see artist in the menu that is displayed, you can choose the images menu and add them from a folder, you can choose several and once this is done, a presentation will be made at the background of the screen when they are played songs by that artist (as long as they're associated with that artist). Visually it is very beautiful. What I have done is download the fanart images of most of the artists and save them in a folder all together and go one by one associating them to the artists, it is a bit tedious but the result is very good. The problem is that if you randomly play songs, the background image doesn't always work. I would like this to be done automatically in the new version.

    About 10 percent of the songs detected in the scan have a wrong common cd art, which is the same in all of them and which I cannot locate by name and which must be corrupting the database. It is very annoying to see that a large number of songs show this cd art that in my case corresponds to an artist called -86 Flatliner ... feat ..., I have looked for it by all means to erase it and that it does not corrupt the library but I can't find it.

    It is clear that one of the great errors of the program is not recognizing the special characters which influences in an important way the detection of artists, songs, albums and lyrics. I live in Spain and many artists and songs have a special character called an accent. If the name of the song or the artist or the album has this character, it does not recognize it. But as an example, let's see what happens to Michael Bublé.
    As you can see, Bublé has this special character. If we position ourselves in a song of his and press ok and choose rematch we will see in relation to the name of the artist some strange symbols at the end of the word, if we edit and write Buble without that character now the program recognizes the artist and the lyrics of the song . When you try to rematch a song letter and it takes a long time to find it, the program closes.
    The same happens with the special characters of the English language such as:
    Don't Try So Hard, the program will only recognize Try so hard.

    When this happens, many songs do not detect the lyrics correctly since when editing and seeing the alternatives, of the 20 options of lyrics that we can choose, none has the option in the name of choosing the words that carry the special character.

    Regarding the wishes that I ask for the new version, I would like to give less importance to the menu that appears on the left with folders, artist, albums, etc., I think it should be smaller in order that more thumbnails could be shown to Right, since currently most of us have large television screens and only 10 miniatures on screen, I think they are few. I would like it to be like in the home theater 2 application when a large number of movie posters are shown,

    Of course I would also like it to show some setting options for both scrappers and thumbnails. Also I would like that in addition to the original lyrics of the song the translated language could be shown, that is to say, to be able to choose the language to which the song is translated. In addition to being able to remove or put it.
    Sorry for my language, I have done everything thanks to the google translator
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    Hi, thx for this tip:) But when I do this for all songs in the album, Artist is added to "Artists" tab, but Album dissapears from Album tab...
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    It is not necessary to do it with all the artist's songs, if all the songs have the same artist name, the image will automatically be associated to all the songs as soon as you associate one.
    I'm going to try it and I will tell you. See if the album changes its name.
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    When I play any song in MP 5.0 that starts from the very beginning of the track (no silence at the beginning), Zidoo looses a very small part at the beginning ot the song (ca. 1/4 sec.).
    Do you have the same?
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    Yes, but if I rematch only few songs from album, these songs dissapear from this album and in Artists tab artist appears only with this songs :) Strange, we have to wait for new MP:)
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    We all have. This is caused by the PCM stream being started with playback. The AMP needs to detect the format of the stream and next kicks in with the correct output (may even involve relays 2CH <=> MCH on some). More advanced Music Player APPs offer gapless playback (reducing that problem to the first track) and may (optionally) keep the PCM stream active with idles.

    For a workround:
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    Understood. Thx. :)
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    Can someone tell me how to find this image that is corrupting the music library
    This image is the one that is put as covert art in more than 10 percent of the albums and I don't know where it is to be able to erase it. When I rematch a song and select the artist and the song, in most cases the program change the correct covert art for this image.
    The author is cole swindell and appears in a compilation album that I had on my pc (I have already deleted it from my pc) with a song called 86 Flatliner (feat. Dierks Bentley)
    Can someone please tell me how to locate and delete it so that it disappears from the wrong albums?
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    Workaround is suitable when you're going to play all disc from one big file. When I try to play using CUE, MP behavious as normal separate track playing (no gapeless).
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    If you change individual FLACS from a single album to a single FLAC with a matching CUE sheet created, just that album can be played gapless with all songs indicated and selectable individually. Plays absolutely gapless as I use it for live albums.
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    Which firmware you are using now? 2.1.36?
    I remembered the right btton bug is with the FW 2.3.7, and it is basically fixed after that version.
    On the other side, I never succeeded to get the artist re-matched by long press on a song...
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    i am using 2.1.36 firmware,
    Where is the 2.3.7?
    if you press ok in a song a menu appears the if you choose rematch you see always the results that indicate the correct artist. In the same menu you can choose see artist, then you can edit and add images to background when you play a song from this artist.
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    Okay just understood you are talking about X9S, and I am talking about Z9S...
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    Zidoo's Music Player application is very bad. Is there any other application I can use instead?
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    It depends what you want from a music player and how you want to control it which, if any, alternatives you could use. I’m one of the small number of users who want to interact with the music player using my TV’s screen and to control it using the standard remote. I also want it to reliably recognise my ripped albums and songs, to have gapless playback and finally I don’t want it to resample all music files to 48KHz. The latest version of the Zidoo Music app when tested on my Z9S this week still doesn’t reliably recognise all my music files or playback album tracks without a gap between each track when there isn't supposed to be one. Either one of these problems would rule it out for my use. When I got my first Zidoo box (an X9S) and found these problems I tried a large number of alternative Android apps and didn’t find any that were satisfactory. The closest I got was to use Kodi (or ZDMC) but that resamples all music files to 48KHz. I also tried the obvious (to me) alternative Android player, the Nvidia Shield (this was the 2017 version) and found that although it played most high bitrate files at the correct sample rate it resampled all 44.1KHz tracks to 48KHz so as that’s what most of my rips are it had to go.

    So if your requirements match mine and you want to stick with your Zidoo then the best you can do in my opinion is to use Kodi which should, as long as they are tagged and named correctly, correctly recognise all your music files. It will however resample them all to 48KHz. My recommendation for the best Kodi skin to use on a Zidoo for music playback is the Confluence skin. It provides much more information on playing music tracks than the default Estuary skin and when switched to full-screen provides a clear display of either any local synced LRC lyric files or any lyrics found that can be found online (as long as the CU LRC add-on is installed). The resampling problem has meant that I no longer use my Z9S and will sell it some time in the future. I use another Android box but I have it setup to run the CoreELEC operating system which is basically Kodi running on Linux. This plays all my music at the correct sample rates, does a great job with my videos and with my favourite Transparency (Kodi) skin provides a superb on-screen display perfectly suited to music playback including synced lyric display.

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    @ JBA6
    uzun cevabın için teşekkürler.
    Üzgünüz, sanatçılar sekmesi çalışmıyor. yani bir sanatçının şarkılarını çalmak mümkün değildir.
    Bir Çalma Listesi oluşturmak imkansız!
    TV kapalıyken 15-20 dakika sonra Zidoo müzik çalarken takılır.

    Kararlı değil!

    Kodi'den de nefret ediyorum. Birçok oyuncu kullandım. Müzik dışında favorim x20Pro'ydu.

    Tavsiye ettiğiniz Kodi sürümünün bağlantısını paylaşabilir misiniz?
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    You ask where to find the software I use. You can read all about it here:

    I'm running it on an A95X Max TV box which is a discontinued but highly rated model and includes a space for an internal 2.5 inch SATA drive. I'm booting CoreELEC from a microSD card. If you really don't like Kodi then you probably won't like CoreELEC either because that's all it is. Works great for me though.

    As this is now off-topic for a Zidoo forum, if you want to know any more please send me a personal mail.

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    which device model should I choose? unfortunately there is no zidoo.

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