Workarounds: Playing Live recordings gapless and MCH SACD in PCM with Music Player 5

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    Zidoo Music Player 5 is still work in progress and some playback features are really missing.

    I use the Windows application XRECODE3 to deal with the most important playback shortcomings for me .

    It does the following for me:
    - Use it for live recordings to convert multiple tracks (in all popular formats) to a single gapless album track. With a CUE file generated it still allows me to play individual tracks and will display all song titles during album playback with Music Players supporting CUE files for FLAC and MP3.
    - Use it to convert MCH ISO or DSD / DSF tracks to MCH PCM (FLAC) tracks forwarded to my AMP via HDMI. SACD ISO's are converted directly when needed. One may choose to do so also with the Stereo tracks on MCH SACD's having a 2 channel stereo audio setup.

    Be sure to enforce 6 CH FLAC with 88.2 kHz at 24-bit as this is the maximum supported by Zidoo Music Player5. For 2CH only 176.4 at 24-bit can safely be used. This is due to CPU limits reached during playback!

    Obviously just workarounds but doable with minimal effort. The program is not costing an arm and a leg either (€ 10). An evaluation period exists, so you can freely try it. The prime interface is simple but there are many useful options.

    Fairly unique is the handling of SACD DSD with even conversion from WAVE/FLAC PCM to DSD not just the reverse. I am still surprised quality CD's actually sound slightly better on my setup after conversion playing via a quality DSD capable DAC.
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  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Updated slightly with some hints after using the program more.
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    Unfortunately there is no macOS version.

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